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Vmagazin- Blog, NewsPaper, Magazine WordPress Topics of access keys Mmagazine is a high quality, adaptable and high performance WordPress theme for newspapers, magazines and blogs. The VMagazine, a theme created with the latest WordPress technologies, is created with great care for detail and unbelievable functions. It is a fully adaptable design that provides an easy-to-use graphical environment and optimal versatility.

The theme includes 6 beautiful demo files that you can download with just one click. You can even design your own layout with the prefabricated module according to your wishes. The VMagazine is extremely user-friendly and light in design and configuration, with full details added to the document.

VMwareagazine is compliance with the General Privacy Policy (GDPR). Design does not save credentials when used alone. Demo with one click - VMagazine has six pre-configured and well-programmed demo programs in use for you. The only thing you have to do is go to the topic's homepage and with one click upload one of the six available demo files.

Extremely Adaptable Homepage - The homepage of your website can be easily adapted in the simplest way, with the easy customisation possibilities of the VMagazine and the Pagebuilder plugin that works alongside the theme. Twenty-two appealing Widget with more than 50 unique magazine module designs - The twenty-two Widget that come with VMagazine include a wide variety of popular shared Widget, layoutsuilder, advertising loader, and various types of slider.

This widget has strong configurability features and a number of different mapping choices. You can also select from over 50 unique magazine design tools to help reduce the amount of hassle and hassle associated with creating websites. VMagazine allows you to select between 4 different head designs for your website. Whilst you select between the four different headings, you can toy with the headline choices for the top panel, logon area and navigational area.

Five different magazine wide page titles layout - you have the freedom to display the wide page header of your homepage in five different ways. VMagazine with Ajax Live Query makes your queries more engaging and user-friendly. Integrated Megamenu - Use the pre-defined mega-menus to turn your normal ones into an engaging and easy-to-use menue with great styling.

Compatible with WooCommerce - VMagazine is indeed designed specifically for blog/magazine/newspaper sites, but due to its interoperability with wooCommerce, you can use the theme readily to build an e-commerce site or platforms. Completely reactive - VMagazine continuously adapts its lay-out to the machine in which it is shown.

VMagazine is set up in mobile phones, tables, computer and other devices so that it appears in its best state. Preparation - Have your website with VMagazine translate into any preferred target country. Ready - RTL VMagazine is fully compliant with all right to wrong lanugages. Cannot be cross-browsered - Your website will work equally in all webmasters you use with cross-browser VMagazine interoperability.

Complimentary Email Maintenance & Updating - Get a life-time update with VMagazine after your buy, and also free 6 month maintenance coverage. All steps in the website development with the VMagazine are adequately described in the topic manual. Premium theme developper assistance - Get the highest level of assistance from VMagazine's theme team.

Embroidery headers - Make your website more engaging and your headers more visual by using the embroidery headers available in the VMagazine. Prloader Choice - Select from the large number of prloader symbols and get the freedom to activate or deactivate the prloader. Newsletter ticker - Use the 2 newsletter tipper layout to view the latest and trendiest messages and motivate people.

Blocked and plains blocks designs - In the Customizing options you can select whether you want to show each item of the homepage in a punched or plains blocks theme. Create more than one blogs - Free your choice of the most suitable one for your blogs from the various available blogs.

Advance post reviews system - Check your reviews with the integrated Advance Post reviews system. Select whether you want to check your contributions using either the percent check, the point rating or the stars rating. Dropout Picture Options - View the dropout picture insertion options. Caseback picture fills the blanks when you miss the insertion of the presented picture into a blogs posting.

Select your favorite color from the infinite color choices. #2 Footstep Layouts - Select between two different ways to determine how you want to view your footstep. Extended Type Choice - With VMagazine, you can take advantage of Google Font Accessibility and customise the typeface of your home page, paragraph and all your headlines.

Built-in mail sharing - Split your contributions wherever you want without having to add an extra plug-in. Animate scrolling - You can select whether to activate or deactivate the scrolling of the motion. File Archive/Post/Page Page Sitebar Layouts - Select the prefered sitebar layouts for each file, article and page. Select whether you want to use the right side bar, the right side bar or even a full width side bar without contents.

Similar Contribution - At the end of each contribution, all contributions of similar category are shown with this special VMagazine features. Three different line mail designs - Select the one that's best for you from three different line mail designs. Further demonstrations are in preparation - In addition to the six demonstrations, a large number of demonstrations will be added in the next few weeks.

VMware Magazine Group is a Facebook group founded with the goal of making it easier for VMagazine Theme creators, VMagazine Theme contributors, and anyone interested in learning more about the topic to interact. The group will answer all of the WordPress community's questions about VMagazine while at the same time providing a better insight into the topic.

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