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Port - Reactive Magento Theme by MeigeeTeam Matches with: { Magento OS 1. X.X ]: The full function of your Magento Stores on all portable units is ensured. Are you tired of building the necessary pads and pages to configure and run the shop? A pop-up window with the theme allows you to display any contents when you load your shop.

Its design is fully compliant with the magento translations enhancements, which allow you to have your shop translated into any language.

Enables you to manage the look and feel of your product on a Google results page. Improve the power of your Magento by using fonts instead of pictures. Only the administrator can substitute fonts for symbols. Select your favorite from the available symbols lists. The only thing you need is to load a few pictures so that the slide bar works.

They can use pictures for your product in each desired size. It is possible to apply "sale", "new", "only X" tags to your product. They can also view the sales percent, modify the order of tags, and modify their look. The topic is fully compliant with the advanced features of the aheadWorks blogs. It' easy to enter your site and extra information about your shop that will be shown on the contact page.

In case you have trouble working with our topic, you can always get help via our ticketing system. On the homepage, you can view new/sold items or presented categories as sliders, grids, brickwork grids or lists and select which items of a particular item are displayed. This allows you to show your website such as a text field on your homepage or to place it in any desired statical text field over your Magento shop.

You can use this wideget to easily show your brand on the homepage. Brand logos can be shown as a scroll bar or scroll bar. Easily modify any location in your shop's side bar. Enables you to specify which items of the commodity bar appear on a categorie page.

Customize the layouts of the products pages in the administration area to match your shop theme. The non-standard function became the standard in this topic. You can view the picture of the trademark of a product by clicking on one of the two positions: Productsidebar, Productsdetails col. Navigate to the next or next item within a categorie without exiting the products page.

When you don't like conventional tabbed pages, you can easily convert them to vertically arranged tabbed pages, view them as an accordion, or just show them as a basic listing. As we are writers of theme only, we do not offer 3rd-Party extension related software supports, even though the module comes with theme. No problems are fixed that are due to customizations, 3rd-party enhancements, previously added themes.

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