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The WP Mega Menu Pro - Reactive Mega Menu Plugin for WordPress from AccessKeys User Guide The WP Mega Menu Pro is a premium WordPress plug-in that lets you simply plug in one or more groups of widgets. If you have chosen more than one group of types for the Mega Menu, you can associate a particular collection with a particular group. It is a built-in Mega Menu Building plug-in with functions for displaying the menu as a flyout or Mega Menu Style with alignment as a vertically or horizontally oriented menu style.

14 beautiful skin designs in stock, and you can customise your menu toolbar with several customisation choices and make your own customised template. Configuration of menu-driven adjustments on the administration page. Extended menu items (Horizontal/Vertical tab) with triggers and various animations. Common Settings: Make Mega Menu Settings: - You can always find us if you have questions, issues or precious proposals for a plug-in or us.

  • Not fixed on data, but we ensure that you will receive new plugins and function enhancements on a regularly base. Problem fixed: The problem with the user-defined design that was not stored has been corrected. The CKeditor and CKFinder plug-in files removed to minimise the plug-in resize and substitute it with the standard WP post editors (wp editors) for additional top and bottom contents in the mega menu area.

Feature added: 8 new transition effect selections available for Mega Menu/Flyout plot style. Instrumented in the frontend, tabs Symbol settings, Symbol clicker for a simple graphical environment. Problem fixed: Problem related to the wallpaper and the elevation of the JS problem tabs found and solved. Problem fixed: Meeting problem solved and removed. The usual WPMM PRO widget adjustment option for the widget buttons added in the Topic Preferences > Mega Menu Preferences > Widget Preferences section.

Problem fixed: Problem found WP query conflicting on page headings found track and corrected. Problem fixed: Solved copy short code to retrieve HTML tags problem. Problem fixed: Front end Vertical Tabbed Display CSS problem solved. Select Mapping Activation and Adjust Mapping Colour for the wallpaper in the Mega Menu under Displays > Menus > WP Mega Menu Pro Popup Form > Other Settings Tabs.

The problem has been fixed: Topic fixed problem with display of mega-menu contents when hovering with slides and fades in case of conflicting CSS. Easy to fix. Featured fixed: User -defined preferences, problem with the location of picture right and picture right using css fixed. Problem fixed: User-defined styling preferences for certain menu item customized style sheets not functional problem was solved.

Problem fixed: The Deactivate Menu Splitter item has been added to the Topic Preferences when creating/editing user-defined topic styles. Problem solved: Solved problem with user-defined design in the CSS. Problem solved: Corrected setting of horizontal/vertical columns with tabs for backend problems. Problem solved: Solved problem with menu name annotation. Show posts by category" and added a day for all presented images shown with Mega Menu Widget screens.

Problem solved: Fixed conflicting style sheets with Woocommerce products sales button problem. Add new user-defined function for horizontally and vertically fitting option with tabs in user-defined themes preferences. Refining and solving problems: and resolve the problem related to colour selection and the problem displayed on the Edit page "Custom Subject Settings Edit Page".

Solved: Fixed problems with the third menu point's subparts that display the next second menu point's subparts. Refining and solving problems: The problem with the reactive cell phone has been solved. Solved: Fixed a problem with the group approach and added sub-menu points that are shown autmatically in the Group pane wide area of the back-end menu elements.

Solved and modified: Modified arbitrary text associated with a multi text domainname. Refining and solving problems: Fixed the problem with the highly reactive mobile for mega menu about viewing and refining contents in major encode file. We' ve added a function to set up a custom, highly reactive Breakpoint in pixels for the pre-available preset under Mega Menu General Settings > Advanced Settings.

Refinement of CSS/JS: We have done some refinement work on our Java script files, the responsive script files and the mother plug-in files. Problem resolved: i) We solved the problem with several grouping settings in the section behind the program and in the front end view columns. ii) We solved the problem with sliding effect in Mega Menu.

Map a menu to a particular menu item, which means you can easily map a different menu to a particular menu item on the screen while the phone is in use, by creating the menu page on the Select WP Mega Menu Pro Settings sub-menu. Refine CSS/JS: Some of the refinement code on front-end and reactive JavaScript files.

Problem fixed: Solved problem with menu name annotation. Custom pop-up search mask field added to custom themes preferences. Problem solved on the iPad with some refined JS and css code. Problem fixed: Solved problem related to JS and CSS with problems with over effect. Deselect the Descriptions item for the backend menu.

View menu for all user Options in Role and Constraint Setting. Topics Works with the plugin: WP Mega Menu Pro works best with any WordPress topic. It is even more noteworthy when it is used with favorite topics like VMagazine and AccessPress Parallax. Review this: WPAll Klub - A full WordPress resource group.

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