Themeforest Mobile Template

Mobile Themeforest Template

Apeca Mobile | The ultimate mobile template with activated feature Do not hesitate to ask for new functions and we can do it! The Appeca uses an incredibly efficient and easy-to-use menus and provides ALL mobile menus in a unique design. We' ve created some great pages for those who want to make this template a topic. We are the premier mobile writer on the marketplaces with over 25.

We will always respond to your question in less than 12hrs, we will always fix any errors that occur and we will always keep our articles up to date to ensure that they work properly without ever delet them! - which features do you need? November 1 - 27: November 1 - 25: PSD files for logo and infinite background page including.

FAQ:Do you offer assistance? Genuine assistance? Please contact us via our contact us and we will offer practical assistance for all the functions contained in this article. We will also be happy to respond to your queries on the weekend or on public holiday. Adjustment service is billed at freelancer rates and is not part of the Envato package according to the Envato usage conditions.

It' s about how to fill in the template and use the functions provided. This article is a WordPress topic? This element, as the name suggests, is a location template. In order to use it in WordPress, you must have converted it to a topic. Does this article make a PhoneGap / Cordova / Mobile finished application?

This element, as the name suggests, is a location template. In the event that the software you create is downloaded to any memory storage as a commercial software product or as an integrated commercial software product, you must acquire an additional licence in accordance with Envato's General Conditions.

Otherwise, a DMCA is sent to the memory where your applications are stored. This product I bought by mistake because I thought it was already an Apple WordPress or WordPress themed. There is no refund for such mispurchases. The FAQ section has been set up specifically to help you find answers to these frequently asked question.

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