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Multi-purpose HTML5 Strix template from Nunforest The Strix is a multi-purpose HTML5 artwork and is retinalized. It' great, professionally and simple to use artwork. They can use it for, shop, photo studio, freelancer, construction, building, learnign, education, hosting, portfolio submission, personal, restaurant, medicine, property, creative agency, company, interior, e-commerce, portable applications etc.. Please note: Pictures will only be used for the trial versions and will be substituted by wildcards in the downloaded-versions.

Once you have purchased Strix Template, we can email it to you. When you buy our templates, you get 24/7 expert technical assistance. When you buy an HTML copy, we can also ship you a PSD Pack.

What was the reason for removing "Boo - Multipurpose WordPress Theme" from ThemeForest?

We' ve got a big website on this topic for an organisation that has cost us month's work, and now the watch is ticks away until we have to modify the topic due to missing fixes - the same for the Advanced Event Calendar used in the same projekt.

Although I don't know why the subject was taken away, this uncertainty about the objects sold here is leading to different outcomes. I' ll never again use a "small" topic from Themeforest for something serious and will look elsewhere or adapt for larger scale work. We' ve sold tens of millions of items and it' s not so often that things are taken off.

It' really a matter of choice - shoppers take the risks that objects are not sponsored or will always be alive, BUT they are paying less than $100 for something that was individually constructed, which would be a thousand if not ten thousand of dollars. It is also important to keep in mind that user-defined build updates are also required, which usually costs more than the design from here.

Anyway, I am also conscious of the fact that writers can delete their articles without prior warning, but a decent "phase-out" or even a message if you sell 4-5K + licences just out of disrespect to your customers would be fine. is not the amount of cash being spent on the subject.

Our main issue is that we have to move a website with more than 100 pages and more than 1,000 rows of custom CSS + Javascript to a new design. That' s harm because we decided not to buy the largest issue on the open that' s supposed to remain here, at least more than the little one.

ThemeRella family, from the very first days, Themerella had the mission to "create value by designing the best WordPress topics on the shelves. We have also already stated how crucial the issue is for our readers as they cannot get the article, unfortunately we get all generics. Sincerely yours, ThemeRella family.

The Boo is a really beautiful subject to work with, and we want to buy more licences (2 already). Perhaps a copyright problem with a repository or something that is not so obvious to the "naked eye". It' s been almost two and a half week since the subject went off-line. You sell "living products" that can vanish at any time and without prior warning.

This way, we can go to our clients and tell them about this "joke" now, while spending 100 literal ours or even thousand of $$$$ on changing to another topic. In order to be fair, Themerella said they're going to carry on, so that's ++++ of them and will also be supporting them, but what they're saying to me is the following:

Can' believe I get it. Talking off-line with Themerella, they said their bank accounts had been deleted due to a "misunderstanding". I am pleased that I received the topic directly from them... and I am satisfied with their previous work. I' m backing Themerella all the way. I' ve seen several Facebook and Twitter postings that have complained about exactly this problem related to Themerella.

Hopefully things will be clarified, but if not, I sincerely pray that Themerella will begin to sell their topics directly... I would be the first to buy another one of them. ThemerellaTeam continues with what you are doing... you have some of the best topics out there and me and others are willing to buy more....

Why I mention the "Top 10" at all is because, in theory, their selling "means they can't be taken away so easily" - it would be a wastage. Hey, I just took out a design I had three licences for. It is understandable that topics are deleted for various purposes, but we should be informed why.

My case is that the topic is available for downloading from the developer website. However, how can shoppers know that the subject is secure to use now? We as purchasers merit to know why a purchased item has now disappeared from our warehouse. A lot of right owners are selling topics for about the same as themeforest and with some you get really stunning items with limitless licenses that you can use on as many websites as you want.

However, no matters which themes/side builder we try out, for most of our project we still come home to the theme forest. What should make consumers reassure about shopping in the market place in the future if the market place itself does not know in the least why the seller is no longer permitted to resell his articles on the market place?

Perhaps I am the only one here, but there are some genuine concerns if no reasons are given...because as @ThemeCompare said " do shoppers know that the topic is secure to use now? Themerella are just as disappointed as we are because they lose revenue and decide to sell the topics on their own website instead.

Should we believe that @Themerella is telling a lie, and not because @ThemerellaTeam comes from "restricted countries"? The epitome of defamation, to say something like that when it's not real, because now it makes Themerella look like a liar.

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