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How do you feel about Themeforest? The best excerpts and script of this weeks have come, all selected by our quality people! The best excerpts and script of this weeks have come, all selected by our top class people! Our newest development teams check the latest development tools, snapshots and plug-ins individually. PHP scripting to bootstrap skinning, you'll always find high-quality asset creation by top professional people.

Calender in PHP, WordPress plug-ins, stylesheet animation and effect..... No matter what kind of script and plug-in you need, you will find many in our library. Do you know your plug-ins? Do you need help with the installation of a WordPress plug-in? Maybe you'd like to unravel the mysteries of Bootstrap.

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Joomla 3 template for sport, toy, flowers ad furnitureshop. Wefit Vina - Joomla 3 Template for Health Clubs, Sport Clubs, Gyms and Trainers. The Vina Galio - Mega Store Joomla 3 template supported by the VirtueMart 3 part. Income-Up - Neat and contemporary multipurpose Joomla template for all types of businesses.

Saleamat - A Joomla Template company, Joomla is a versatile and exclusive multi-purpose company with e-commerce-functions. The HappyStore - Multipurpose Joomla 3 template supported by the VirtueMart 3 part. Oval Vina - Responsible Joomla 3 One Page Template with Joomla's original and contemporary look. OrenMode - Premium Virtuemart 3 template with contemporary and appealing styling.

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Soooooo, i had to do this since themeforest used to be the best there was, i advised them to input from folks and lately i believe that they have been selling their souls, i use Visual Composers to solely build web pages for folks because it will save a lot of times and generally help to make pages look better than i could with my knowing of what i could look for, i paid a lot of cash for visual composers and i was lucky to be able to build a number of pages and i then happily hand them over to all the lucky VC lucky customers and i was lucky to have them all.

Thus I have an e-mail from envato informing me that I have used the license more than once and take it down immediately, they tell me that the conditions are very clear and they are fair at the moment, but I don't recall that they told me that in the past, although I may be wrong, they were certainly not as clear as they are now.

It is not my concern this fact I cannot use the products more than one it is the cost of using it more than once. In general, once I have passed the page to the users, they would generally not contact it so safely that the products are used only once, so it becomes useless to have to foot the bill every one.

I' d say this site used to be astonishing, but I'm now at the point where I say I'd never ever go near them, they were threatening to take back all my issues I bought (which means I lost every penny of money I spend on them), which is not brief, so I'd say to everyone, be very cautious about what you do with this site, it could be a very rough drive, well, it certainly was with me anyway.

Our experience on the platform Themeforest / envato was not so well. This is because we had a situation with a vendor, more precisely with the assistance of that vendor. So, we evaluate this submission and post a detailled evaluation, but the vendor has removed the evaluation (3 times). Thus we typed the Thames Forest case report, but they only typed standard unrelated e-mails and showed them "Rating or review Removal Policy".

Sorry, a system where a ratings is deleted because "I don't know" and the customer service only pays attention to their winnings or the winnings of their partner! Anyway, I question that themeforest verifies the written communication of creator. I' ve purchased scripts/plugins and topics many a time from different sources, but I find them the hardest so far.

I' ve done this work many a time and to other sides and was fine. Even if you make a reimbursement inquiry in Paypal, themeforest will block your accounts, WHY? Also, they cleared my reviews for a products I had bought that I had every right to put a asterisk if the products had troubles.

I can differentiate between two major problems as an editor of Themeforest: Personally, I realize that the reviews are getting more and more demanding, but the way the reviews are organised is just inacceptable. Nearly every client thinks that purchasing extra help means that fitting and article install help is provided, which is not the case.

Anyway, the writers are held responsible for all the issues here and nobody makes sure that the whole crew of professionals and engineers who give individual help to someone for hour or even day, gets about $15. 38 minus tax and Envato fee.... Poorest business in the industry, does not reimburse and needs forever to react to the backup tickets.

Hopefully a rival will come and offer the same service/products, but with 10x backup - I'll change in no time! Reimbursements also on topics that are downgraded for copyrights violation... that's like going to a dvdshop, purchasing a counterfeit disc and then figuring it out and not giving it back and getting your cash back.

Personally, I issued 100AUD on a topic that had problems from the first moment. Explaining to envelope that I needed a topic to begin working on a job today, I didn't have a moment to go through the tires of my supports to fix a problem....uninterested, they fed me from the writer without a timeframe when they will reply when they will reply.

As a last resort, I submitted a battle with my bank and Envato blocked my bank and denied me as a client. Terrific support. Love Envato's support team. You can find many good looking Worpress topics here. However, after purchasing 2 themes, they all mainly use bugs and you need some adjustment to get what you want.

Taille of cost and tim! You will find some errors and flaws after installing the Magnetic Topic. A few day wait for the author's reply! Topic creators from Vietnam! I' ve been using them for years, although you have to be cautious about what topics, etc. You pick them because the designers/developers may no longer be supportive, their service is strong and they offer what I consider to be the best topics in the industry.

Many thanks to Mae from the Customer Success Team for solving my refund claim issue. With ThemeForest, the trouble is that I never know if a topic needs running techno support to get plug-in upgrades. The Softa topic, for example, requires that I buy current technical assistance to get WPBakery update for the premier WPBakery plug-in.

That' s a bit exasperating and acidic for my point of View on ThemeForest, because it is clear that ThemeForest is fine when it comes to getting clients to buy more to keep the topic working. When the subject demands additional payment, this should be indicated in advance, not concealed. Otherwise, no topic designer should be permitted to use plug-ins that the users cannot upgrade themselves (free of charge).

Obviously the account manager didn't even read my message because his answers didn't make sence.

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