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Onepage Pro - Multipurpose OnePage HTML Template by Maxim Topics The Onepagepro is a gorgeous, versatile one-page artwork with 3 amazing demonstrations. We' ve designed every single demonstration with care to make sure a neat and contemporary look is implemented. Superb styling and high performance make Onepagepro compelling. Below you can see full demonstrations and functions from different demonstrations can be used.

Without the generosity of these great designer and creative people, our subject would not look as good as it is.

About OnePage WordPress - One Page Pro - Versatile OnePage WordPress Topic from WellLayers

The One Page Pro is a neat, versatile WordPress topic on the website. The One Page Pro comes with 3 high end demo, corporate demo, CV demo and creative demo. GoodLayers One Page Pro offers the latest release of its super-strong and adaptable frameworks. We have been developing the heart of our topic for almost a year, collecting all customer feedbacks and putting everything into this area.

This is also supplied with the most efficient Drag-Drop page generator. It' s supremely versatile with tonnes of great functions like wallpaper wrapper choices, customized colour skins for article wrappers, three viewing modes (live, previews, block), jax page Builder save, pre-built pages and blocs and much more. The One Page Pro is also equipped with the Revolutionlider ( $19 value free!), the most powerfull drag-drop slide control.

  • With the powerful demonstration import tool, you can generate demonstration contents on your website with a simple click. - Reloop Sidebars - Build a sitebar and simply allocate it to specific pages/posts. - Default skintone - You can define a default skintone that you can use in the page creator's wrapper. User-defined skintone - You can define a default skintone that you can use in the page creator's wrap.

If you have three wrappers in one page, for example, you can make a skins and use it in each section. - Create-Thumbnail Picture Resize - allows you to customize a picture to fit your needs in your photo book, photo book, photo album, photo album, photo book, photo book, photo book, photo book, photo book, photo book, photo gallery, and many other picture elements. - Lightbox - We offer two lighting box options: iLighbox and Strip.

  • Advanced stylesheet - Simply set your own style sheet using the themes options. There is also a separate box for your own portable viewing with your own style sheet. - additional Java script - Just use your own Java script. - Upgraded / Upcoming page - Switch your website to upgraded or ball modes with a simple click.
  • Ability to customize your themes by importing and exporting themes option, widget, custom page templates. Pictures in previews are not available in themes Pack!

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