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Weber - Multi-purpose HTML template with Page Builder from multiplefour Awaken your work to over 400 breathtaking designs ections like Megamenus, Carousels, Tabs, Accordions, Galleries, Windows and more. Opportunities are limitless, the overhead is minimised by our new enhanced builder using simple Dragging & Dropping. Pictures will NOT be part of the bought archives, only for the trial versions (but you can get the trial contents seperately, more information in the documentation).

Batch multipurpose HTML with Page Builder from medium_rare.

The Stack is a rugged, highly reactive, versatile HTML5 HTML templates platform compliant with Bootstrap 4. Stock will strengthen your multipage company or portable application website. Do more with a responsiveness towards your properties, homes or restaurants. Putting re-usable HTML and module based HTML in first place, stack combines modern style with nice mark-up in every HTML templates in the package.

Variants take the pains out when setting up a website. Take advantage of our unique Page Builder to help you spend less work. It is the perfect platform for your website project, whether it is a CMS or a web site. With over 140 demonstration pages, 270 customisable interfaces and a variety of meticulously designed basic controls, this stack has everything you need.

With over 140 different contents laid out in stacks, 30 of which are customized home pages (from the home page to the dining room, product range and more), the stacks provide only a small insight into the possibilities of the highly sophisticated item and bloc libraries - from functioning online feedback systems, contacts and subscriptions to full-screen illuminated gallery and filtering product ranges, stacks are endlessly re-usable, making them the perfect entry level templates for your customer project.

Stack's extensive set of customizable items supports each of Stack's 240+ interfaces as well. It is a feature-rich system that allows designers to quickly and simply build their own custom block, allowing more space for design and interfacing experiments. Stack's commitment to excellence means never using either our own style, class of junks or layout-specific style sheets.

According to the BEM method (Block Elements Modifier) Stack makes the adaptation of elements and plugins logic and foreseeable. A thorough description of the classes and dates attributes modifications means that you no longer have to guess - it's all here in the Stack Index part. The Stack provides an impressive designer kit to build rich and attractive sites supported by sound engineering underpinnings.

Stack presents a neat and modern look in its pristine taste, suitable for a variety of applications; using the many color and type combination choices opens up a new layer of aesthetics; Stack is a breathtaking screen waiting for your touches. Using the Variant Page Builder, you can choose from more than 240 different interfaces: Adjust colors, arrange contents, create picture background, turn off symbols at the push of a mouse - the layout possibilities are almost unlimited.

Media Rare are known for being beginner-friendly, and Stack stands for an even greater dedication to barrier-free access. The Variant Page Builder will help you create fully functional pages by choosing from over 240 ready-made interfaces. Just customize the look and feel of your designs using the intelligent control elements on each pad, modify the text contents by overwriting text, adding your own pictures using the picture selection button, and much more - once done, your page will be export as plain HTML, waiting for deep customization.

The Stack has thorough and well documented technical manuals to help you tailor the pages to your needs, and if you ever get bogged down - we are always near you through our special forums. More than 35,000 clients appreciate the usability and versatility that comes with creating pages in the web browsers. Variants deliver HTML-only pages that reflect exactly what you see in the web-browser, not bad web styling or crackliness.

Prebuilt interfaces allow you to quickly create pages and manipulate contents directly on the page. Using Variants, you can quickly move beyond working with mock-ups to production-ready pages that are printed in plain HTML and suitable for delivery or your own customizations. Every stack license purchased includes 6 month of our highly acclaimed custom software development.

Our product pride is our special online forums (http://mediumrare.ticksy. com), where we help our clients every single working day to use the functionality of our template and solve problems they may have. Batch multifunctional HTML functions: Please note: While most pictures in Stack are included in the distribution pack, some pictures cannot be delivered due to license restrictions and have been strongly smudged.

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