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Conditions for the Partner Program Hi, we're envelope. We have already had one meeting at Envato Markets. Just think of it, you earn a steady revenue just by directing new people to one of our Envato Markets websites. If a new subscriber hits your Refer a Friend button, logs into an affiliate program, and makes a purchase of an article (or purchasing envelope credits) through one of the envelope marketing websites, you will earn a percent of that person's first purchases of envelope credit or the first sale of an article.

Your fact to read this here at all means that you have agreed to our Environmentally Friendly Marketing Policy. Those supplemental conditions are applicable to our partner program and are an integral part of the envelopeato marketing conditions that are specific to envelopeato members who link new members to one of our envelopeato marketing websites. If we say "you" in these conditions for the partner program, we mean you, the partner.

Any other words you define or explain in Envato market conditions have the same meanings here. When there is a contradiction between what we say in these conditions of the partner program and what is said in the conditions of the Envato market, what we say in these conditions of the partner program applies. Continue reading to learn more about your accountabilities, how everything works and how you can earn a Refer a Friend with us.

Any member may act as an Affiliate by following the procedures described in these conditions. Please just keep in mind that there are some things you need to keep in mind if you want to become an active participant in the affiliate program that are discussed below. By referring new visitors to one of Envato Market's websites, you will get a percent of the first Envato Credits you buy or the first Envato Credits you buy!

Recommendation code: Each member has an automatic recommendation key that will be created with your name. You can find this recommendation number on the recommendation page. Just insert a hyperlink or picture key on your website with this unique identifier. When a new member of your community hits your Refer a Friend page and then signs up for an affiliate site and purchases an article or Envato Credits through one of the Envato Web properties, you will earn a percent of that person's first purchases of Envato Credits or the first purchases of an article.

Proportion of the recommendation program: Proceeds from successful participation in the affiliate programme are listed on the payment page. As we use cookie to keep tracking individuals who have visited your site, they must use a cookie for us to keep tracking them. When an individual does not accept or delete his/her cookie, we will not be able to keep tracking him/her, so we will not be able to earn revenue from that individual's activities.

Clicking on your recommendation and then later on someone else's recommendation links is the one that matters. Users referenced through your recommendation links must not be affiliated with you, your organization, or your firm. Clicking on a hyperlink gives a visitor three month before the cookies expire.

When you register and make a buy within this period, we will refund your affiliate program revenue. No income is generated from the partner program after 3 month. The income appears in the declaration of your members (see the next section on the withdrawal of income). It does not matter if a visitor has already accessed one of Envato Market's websites or has an active Envato Web site profile and then clicking on a recommendation hyperlink.

A link to the Envato-Markt from one of the Envato-Markt websites or from a hyperlink within a hyperlinked website is not permitted. Part of this is also jumping off hyperlinks from other websites to create a refral. In particular, the use of the partner program is governed by a fair-use principle that gives Envato the right to check every single recommendation.

Please take a minute to learn how the recommendation procedure works - it is summarized here! This section explains how to earn an affiliate revenue through our affiliate program, and provides important information about making and withdrawing funds to and from your affiliate program. Revenue payment: Affiliate Program revenue is paid into your member's invoice in accordance with the payment installments.

To this end, you authorize us to charge you for your new referral fees, to offset your members' billing against your revenue, and to share your revenue with you. In order to prevent mix-ups, only your income from recommendations will be paid to you. You may not withdraw or refund vouchers that have been redeemed from funds you have deposited as a purchaser.

Your income will be paid out on the basis of certain thresholds. You can find out how much you need to have on your Envato Marketing bankroll before we can send you a payment in our Author's Guide. Date and method of income payment: Ask us to keep the income until you apply for payment.

If we do not choose to disburse you with your revenue, we will retain your revenue until we get a disbursement claim. Upon receiving a payment reminder, we will reimburse your revenue at the next payout of the earning lifecycle. In order to get your revenue, you must tell us the right information and payment methods.

Faulty payment: If for any reasons we are unable to make payment to you, including: we do not have the proper payment information; we cannot communicate with you through the contacts you provide; you request payment to a third party or institute that is forbidden from making payment to the Act; or if there are restrictions in the bank system, we will retain your income; 17.

Wherever we make a payment to you as an Affiliate, you will be liable for all charges incurred in translating the amount of the payment from US Dollar to your chosen foreign exchange. It is your responsibility to pay all charges and tax associated with your recommendations and recommendation payment that we make to you, regardless of where they are made.

However, where legally prescribed, we may retain or retain your membership related income taxation (including source tax). In this case, we will provide you with the documents prescribed by statute concerning the deductions or retention (e.g. documents enabling you to obtain discounts or credit notes or to administer your fiscal affairs).

In the event that a Merchant website site of Envato Marketing is required to provide a reimbursement or reversal of a payment that directly relates to your affiliate program revenue, we may, at our sole option, retain that part of your affiliate program revenue. Do not recommend a user by causing confusion (or possibly confusion) as to whether your Web site is hosted or supported by us (e.g., by copying designs from our Web site); by providing a link from any Envato Markets Web site or from a Envato controled Web site to obtain recommendations; or by using any Envato Web site or Web site to which you have access to any Envato Web site; or by using any Envato Web site as a link to provide any Envato services.

These include jumping off hyperlinks from other sites to post a recommendation; any use of Envato Marks, Brand Features, and IP, other than banners and logo's that Envato makes available to partners (see the recommendation page; the purchase of a web name, keywords, or pay-per-click advertising that uses any Envato Marks or Variants and Misletters; the copy of article description (unless you collect a customer service pass and obtain our consent); and any use of Envato Marks, Brand Features, and IP that Envato makes available to partners (see the recommendation page);

do anything that amounts to a violation of law, for example, without limitation, data protection, copyright, and spamming; do anything that may be perplexing, delusive, or delusive to you ( for example, from a Web site that may be perplexing to you whether it is an Envato site); engage in any behavior, in our sole judgment, that does not conform to our standard of "fair play," such as cheating, new account confusion, or provision of a hyperlink intended to assist you in obtaining a connection to a "fair play" site.

Affiliate Program may not be used in accordance with these Affiliate Program or Envato Market Conditions, and we reserves the right to determine whether or not your use of the Affiliate Program conforms to current law and/or these Affiliate Program or Envato Market Conditions. In the event that we determine that your affiliate program membership does not meet the requirements, we may, at our sole option, retain your revenue and deactivate your affiliate program for you.

It is our sole judgment whether or not your use of the Affiliate Program violates any law or these Affiliate Program Policies (as appropriate, of course). Go to the recommendation page where you can create your recommendation number. If you have any queries, you can request a free upgrade to the Envato Partner Program and Envato Market Conditions at any time in the future.

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