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Photo Reeal| Photography WordPress for the photography of SynergieDigitaleInc The Reeal is the new Photography Worpress topic. Like the name already says, it was developed especially for photographs. Therefore you can present your portofolio in different ways with the topic Reeal - Photography or divide your work into different types of people. It' an appealing subject, equipped with all the technology you as a professional can use.

If you are an enthusiast, a pro, an agent or a design artist, we have a look for you that is just a click away. Every day our staff works to make Reeal better. It is our aim to be the best Word-press topic for photographs!

The Candid - WorldPress Photography Topic of ArrayThemes

An empty screen for photo-based contents. You can quickly and simply make gorgeous, photographically inspired tales and compelling storylines with your own creative power. Featuring an eye-catching brick-style homepage and a high-quality typekit design, you can provide your guests with a truly unforgettable surfing adventure. You can use it as a Fotoblog, as a portofolio for your work, as a prescription blogs, as a mode blogs or as a magazin.

Contemporary and minimalist styles are perfectly suited to any contents. Wonderful types on your desk and cell phone. Put in simple terms, better type provides a much better surfing and display environment. Abril Display is a neat and challenging typeface developed specifically for newspaper, magazine and electronic publishing applications.

Designed to be agile and reactive, your website adapts to any display sizes, from desktop to cell phone. Each page and function has been optimised to work on any machine. Typography, pictures, navigation and page style have been fine-tuned to give your visitors a smooth, convenient browser viewing experience. What's more, you'll be able to create a more personalized user interface.

It has a brick wall styled dynamical lay-out that can be set in one, two or three column to suit your work. Infinite Scroll is also supported by Infinite Scroll, which allows your users to upload more of your contents without having to leave the site. Secondaries offer rugged, high-impact typographic and image, gallery, and more styling that makes it easy to produce compelling work.

The Candid comes with several customisation features to help you personalise your website. Candid can also be used to create an attractive, minimum inventory to present your latest photographs, designs, sound effects or videos. Combine pictures and the Carousel's lightweight box galery to present a range of pictures from your latest work.

In order to make the set-up as smooth as possible, we have integrated a useful Getting started Dashboard. Here you can see the help files, see and download suggested plug-ins, search FAQ's, check out the latest updated versions of Candid and enable your Topic Lic Lic. Updating this dashboard on a regular basis with useful hints and fixes. Can you help me if I have a problem with the subject?

We will be glad to help you in answering your question about Candid during set-up or general use. We' ve put together a fairly practical help dossier to help you get up and running, and we' are watching our Supportforum carefully to give fast responses. The latest topic up-dates. Candid is updated on a regular basis with bugfixes and functional enhancements.

Find out about the latest changes to Candid by looking at the readyme here.

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