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Wide range of website themes, from ready-to-use to fully customizable. The Stonecold - Flat & minimalistic portfolio template from iigdepe The Stonecold - Low & minimalistic portfolio templates with low and minimalistic templates. Tomorrow, humans will enjoy a shallow and minimalistic notion. Templates have a nice over-effect for the object. They also have a filtering function to remove any element.

In order to use a filtering element, simply open the index.html and search for the category "filters-button-group".

Say " data-filter=".webdesign", this buttons filters the items only show / show classes within various items. Next, this submission has a working Contactsheet created with PHP and Ariax, so when someone completes the Contactsheet, a PHP scripts sends emails to the receiverutomatically, but you need to modify the receiver e-mail in your e-mail.

Simply open sendmail.php and modify "" in your e-mail. In this case, store the data set. Receive a message when the mail is sent and make sure your mail server is good. There are seven HTML files and one PHP document in every stamp. We also have created stylesheet files for style, font-awesome.min.css is used for symbol fonts generation, ol merry-go-round is used for make sliders, bootstrap.min.css is used for basic style making frameworks.

Then, I have an extra skript for the jump function to handle each function, 1 jquery.min.js, 1 boostrap.min.js, 1 imagesloaded.pkgd.min.js, 1 isotope. pkgd.min.js, 1 owl.carousel.min.js. See the following files for more information. Bootstrap 3 supports this pattern, so it is fast and supports portable devices. Any pictures on the thumbnail, is not included in the downloaded image files.

Class PHP Template by ChrisFitz

The PHP templates category allows you to fully detach your PHP and HTML without compromising your HTML or working with tens of extra scripts. Possibility to run.jar executables using PHP's exec() feature is necessary to compress PHP style sheets and Java Script executables. Refreshed the validation checking source to verify the validation of the existing data for caching.

Another additional optionally available argument has been added to the display() command, allowing you to merge your existing and future versions of your website's style sheets and style sheets into a stream. Sets the cache for merged data until one of the merged data is changed. Combines CSV and Java script executables to'combined.css' and'combined.js' $css = array('global.css','style.css'); $template->display('Page Title','template-file.html', $css,'jquery.js','combined'); added options to use the YUI compressor to zip CSV and Java script executables when using the above one.

The possibility to transfer stylesheet and Java script executables via the display() functions either by character strings or arrays through the templates classes has been added. You can now transfer your configurations to the classes when they are called: $config = array('root' => 'template/', 'cache' => 'cache/'); $template = new template($config);

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