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Spare yourself the hard work of finding great items and discover the ninety degree recommended items in your Wordpress Plugins collection. The Envato WordPress Toolbox There is no question that ThemeForest is the most beloved place to find high-quality WordPress topics. Payment of a one-time charge for a topic is easy and those who buy topics also profit from lifelong updating (unless the topic is taken off the market). With the Envato WordPress Toolkit plug-in, you can display your ThemeForest purchase in the WordPress dashboard and choose whether to get an update or not.

This article will show you how to deploy and use the plug-in. In contrast to most other free WordPress plugins, the WordPress plug-in repository does not include the WordPress plug-in plug-in as well. You have to go to GitHub to get the plug-in. Once you have finished downloading the plug-in (by right click on "Download ZIP"), there are a few easy ways to get it to work.

In order to connect your WordPress page to your Themeforest accounts, you must create an appropriate password. Log in to Themeforest, go to your desktop and click My Preferences. Installation and activation of the plug-in. Envato Werkzeugkit, a new option, appears in the administration side bar. Select Store Preferences.

Your Topic Buys will now be displayed on this page after they have been updated. It will now inform you about topic upgrades - provided you periodically review the tools kit preferences. You can click Auto-Instore next to each of your designs to refresh them later. You can also go to the Toolskit Preferences page to add designs that you haven't yet submitted to your site, remove unused designs, and see release notes.

It is also possible to create topic backup. It' a pretty easy plug-in, but also a useful one. The Envato WordPress Toolkit was launched in 2012 and hasn't really evolved since then. There is no auto-updater yet, so hopefully this is a feat Envato people will soon be adding.

Be sure to always use a children's topic! Upgrading your designs should not impact the customization of your website as long as you are using a subordinate design. And if you've never created a sub-theme before, read our instructions on creating a sub-theme.

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