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Theycs - Portfolio WordPress Theme by feverpinetree WordPress Thecs - Portfolio Theme WordPress is well suited for all kinds of portfolio, photography and design agency websites. Horizonal theme design gives the theme a truly distinctive look and feeling. You have many possibilities to change style, color, background picture, font size, orientation, etc. Seven [23 Jul, 2018]: 1. Fixed & Improved: Make the theme option WPML-ready.

An error in the picture menue has been corrected. June 27, 2018]: 1. a fix was made that caused the page to crash when the bottom line was inactive. A small error in the mix box modul was corrected. June 15, 2018]: 1. enhanced video player to make it compliant with Google & Safari Autoplay policy changes.

An error in the searching symbol was corrected. An error in the marking of Google Maps has been corrected. Apr. 28, 2018]: 1. Added a "fullscreen" slider feature (only available on the phone). A small error in the video player was corrected. Apr, 2018]: 1. Added a classification flag for each short code so that you can include some CSS according to this classification name.

Activates the addition of short codes for example to the Introductory of Mix-Box, now you can add your own feeds for your mixbox. A few smaller problems have been solved. 1. Function added: enables the upload of user-defined fonts. Add an item to change the text size of the mixing boxes modul. Corrected a slide bar error that caused the clip to stop when another slide bar worked.

Corrected a problem that could cause the page to freeze to tags when using "mailto:", "sms:" and "tel:". An error in the bottom line has been corrected. #1 [18 Mar, 2018]: 1. Improves the scroll sensation when using the track pad. Some problems in the shop have been solved. Zero [05 Mar, 2018]: 1. A short code "Price table" has been added.

The " Auto Play Movie " item has been added to the Slider shortcut. A few smaller problems have been solved. 1. Enables the addition of short code module to post/project (available for horizontals only). Add highlight box to your blogs and portfolios lists. An error in the image management when using Firefox has been corrected. Three [ 09 Feb, 2018 ]: One.

An error in the mix box modul has been corrected that could cause the picture to be concealed. V1.0. 2 [09 Feb, 2018]: 1. 1st item (transition mode) added to the slider unit. Enhanced horizontally scroll, especially when using the track pad. Enhanced the menus on the mobile/tablet. Enhanced the look and feel of each individual item on the tray.

Corrected a page bottom line issue. Feb 1 [03 Feb, 2018]: 1. Improved font selector. Some topic settings added (disable silent menus, disabled footers, change bg colors of footers). A few small errors have been corrected.

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