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With the Envato Market Plugin, you can view your ThemeForest purchases in the WordPress Dashboard and choose whether to receive updates or not. Postage | Ultimate appealing Magento topic with special issues A dark version is available! - Busy products index cards, if checked, the Descriptions index card is not displayed. - Little problems with your style sheet. - added Home-Version 15.

- 16 Home Version added. - Headers type 12 added. - Addition of thumbnail picture and item name for previous/next products. - Configured to show/hide flags images in the selection of languages.

  • When the " Show User Defined Registers " checkbox was YES, the User Defined Registers were not displayed. - If the broken products register card is selected, the register card is not displayed. - Breaker headers 10 on portable browser. - Some megamenu style problems. - Add zooming mode to right side of picture on side of picture.
  • An option to move tab pages above the cost of the products has been added to the Products View page. - Added item is placed in shopping basket, which is glued on page View Products. - A thumbnail title has been added to the products view page. - New Options for Modifying Text Labels added - Sale & New.
  • Incident with the user-defined tabs of the products. - Change PHP problem in the production artwork. - Incorrect bootstrap components. - Improved styling of item menus. - Several small styling problems solved. - Insignificant daily deal styles. - Filename update of the stomachto release to 1.9.1. - More minor problems with the CSS styling. - The Home 3 update is available. - A user-defined notice pad is added above the headline.
  • Added an item to activate the sticky header on the phone. - Label for sale of products with discount percentage added. - The CMS Block tab for user-defined products has been added. - A new custom styles box has been added to the themes preferences. - the csv file was added to the topic's localization folder for translation.
  • Personal product tabbed pages were displayed when you opened the items from the home page, when you toggled them to tucked within the category. - Could not alter item pricing when added to shopping basket when you selected item option. - Somewhat problems with the CSS style. - New Home 2. - Dark release added.
  • Fixed an unfortunate problem with adding an optional small thumbnails hiding feature when the item has an actual picture. - Pop-up window for the comparison products has been added. - Multi-web site catalogue search. - homversion 2(new) content was not displayed. - HiRef links did not work in the products tab. - iwd websitecheckout enhancement styling problem.
  • Somewhat problems with the CSS style. - Option to modify the layouts of the products page has been added. - Cannot open the detailed page if the superordinate category was not associated. - The Login popup of the IWD enhancement onlineepagecheckout did not work with 4.0.9. - The system did not display any products while you were changing the slide control for the colorimeter.
  • Correct issue where multiple images were displayed when you selected the patterns and then resized the area. - Smaller problems with the CSS style. - Top line type 13 - added logotype centre view. - The option to add logos to the sticksy headers has been added. - Set the width of the original picture of the products to its original width if Keep Aspect Size is Yes.
  • Add patches to the Magento 1.9.2 themes pack. - Correct issue where pricing was incorrect in filter products block. - Corrected minor problems with CSS style. - demo version 17 added. - Refreshed header type 13. - There is now an additional possibility to resize the picture on the detail page.
  • Synchronized wallpaper in memory headers if full-page Ayax is enabled. - If you selected the customizable color fields, the zooming of the picture did not work. - Sticking bread crumb was fractured while rolling the page with head number 12. - Small problems with the CSS style. - Demo version 18 added. - Type of headline 14 added.
  • Included trademark on the right side of the products page, it is necessary to add the shop according to vendor expansion. - A user-defined pad is added above the contact sheet. - In the home 18 the brickwork worked wrong. - Linux PHP malfunction in the right side of the detail page without vendor-supplement.
  • User-definable pattern selector picture overwritten with portrait picture galleries on the detail page of mocilla. - minor problems with the style of css. - Problem with Blog Administration page lacking a CSS filename. - Changes have not been made to the theme's design settings for head 12. - Scope of social symbols on the products rating page. - The size of the reversed picture was different when you selected the pattern.
  • Footer Newsletters entry field Stil output. - A Wish List of my Tischstil edition on safari. - The problem should be considered in the manner of the order page chart on portable equipment. - Mini thumbnail images for grouped elements. - Little problems with the style of css ( M1, M2). - CSS small styles (M1, M2). - Type of header 5(M2) added. - HOME versions 8, 18, 10 of 1. x versions are available as HOME 5, 6, 7(M2).
  • The porto_child theme(M2) example has been added. - Some PHP errors (M2). - Classic small style styles (M2). - Headers type 6(M2) added. - headline type 7(M2) added. - home added 8 like 14 for Magento 1.x(M2). - Hom v9 added, like hom v6 for Magento 1.x(M2). - Hom v10 added, like Home v7 for Magento 1.x(M2).
  • Home added 11 as Home added 17 for Magento 1.x(M2). - Smaller problems with the style of css ( M1 ). - I was unable to close the moveable menue on the homepage Typ 9(M2). - deleted porto_child topic file from the topic package (M2). - Minimal styles using small buttons (M2). - Delete custom product tabs added (M2). - Sticker head function added (M2).
  • Cart Sticky function on the detailed page (M2) added. - Product tabs in 3 different genres have been added: Accordion, Horizontal, Vertical (M2). - We added an ability to move the products tabs to the right of the image (M2). - The head and footer of the check-out page is added (M2). - Updated RTL Childrens themes version (M2). - Category Page yield when using theatch " Porto themme ( Package for Configurable Swatches).zip"(M1).
  • CMS contents were breached in Home 8 (M2) release. - the setting Move Product Tab did not work if it was accordion(M2). - Very small styles of CSS M2. - home added 12 versions, like 12 of 1. x version(M2). - Home added 13 versions, like 15 of 1. x version(M2). - Home added 14 versions, such as 2 of 1 x version(M2).
  • home version 15 added, like 3 of 1. x version(M2). - 16 Home Version 16 added, as 16 of 1 x version(M2). - home version 17 added, like 9 of 1. x version(M2). - Add home version 18, like 11 of 1. x version(M2). - In the header type 8(M2) added.
  • In the header type 9(M2) added. - In the header line type 10(M2), the following is added. - header type 11(M2) added. - New and sale label (M2). - Include a user defined notepad (M2). - My Move Products tabs did not work when it was accordion (M1). - Some example CMS content (M2). - CSS small styles (M1, M2). - Add an item to show/hide flags pictures in the switchor.

Now you can put your own flags in /pub/media/wysiwyg/smartwave/porto/flags/ directory(M2). - The width, height attributes have been added to the page speed (M1) picture element. - Enhanced example pictures for side speed (M1). - Small problems with the CSS style (M1). - lazy_owl "(0 or 1) was added to make loading pictures in filter products(M1) mode sluggish. - We have added the property "lazy_owl"(0 or 1) to lazily charge products in Zeon Manufacturer (M1) mode.

  • Lazy_owl "(0 or 1) has been added to make loading pictures in filter products (M2) rotten. - Something wrong with the CSS style (M1, M2). - In the header type 15(M1) added. - Header type 12(M2) added. - A new option "Show category list on the left" has been added under System > Configuration > Postage > Postage > Postage - Settings Panel > General(M1).
  • Check the box "Show category list on the left" in Shops > Configuration > Postage > Postage > Postage - Settings Panel > General(M2) added. - Found new demo version 19(M1, M2). - Style 15 reaction type problem (M1). - Smaller problems with the CSS styles (M1, M2). - Adds a new Sticky tab to System > Configuration > Postage > Postage > Postage - Settings Panel > Article View(M1).
  • Brand new Sticky tab added in Shops > Settings > Configuration > Postage > Postage > Postage - Settings Panel > Article View(M2). - You did not use the Custom Item page when creating a new master class for other transactions (M1). - the new tab type "Sticky Tab" was not displayed in System > Configuration > Porto > Porto > Porto - Settings Panel > Produkt View(M1).
  • Having minor problems with the CSS style (M2). - minor problems with CSS style (M2). - Pigment-changing option for the price slider in LayeredNavigation(M2) added. - Mapplaza LayeredNavigation Extension Problem with Magento 2.0.x(M2). - Extension problem with Magento 2.0.x(M2). - This is the CSS style problem for products' image hovers in the production raster when the margin radius (M2) is disabled.
  • Filters switching was not displayed when you changed the Grid/List modes on the Categories page (M2). - The Toolbar Styles problem on the Categories page for the RTL version (M2). - Smaller problems with the CSS styles (M1, M2). - The new Demo-Version 20(M1, M2) was added. - Another header type 13(M2) added. - New Header Type 16(M1) added. - Minor problems with CSS styles (M1, M2).
  • added empty star on product detail page if it contains no ratings (M1, M2). - Ability to activate topic added (M1, M2). - The " AddThis " symbol for dynamic share on the Product Detail Page(M2) has been added. - minor problems with CSS style (M1, M2). - the activation of the topic has been refreshed (M1, M2). - Other options "Maintain aspect ratio", "Image width", "Image height" for the product media gallery in stores > Configuration > Postage > Postage > Postage - Settings Area > Product View(M2).
  • Correct a js jar message of the expansion must have been modified for the problem that the topic colours in the designer panels are all FFFFFFFF. - Top link colour for Demo 18 in the designpanel (M1) has been modified. - No color changes can be made to the Megamenu dropdown fonts (M1). - The color of the classic menu colour scheme cannot be correctly modified (M1).
  • Problems with the Checkout Page Style (M1). - This is a PHP problem in the galery. phhtml file (M2). - More minor problems with CSS style (M1, M2). - New header type 17(M1) added. - Added an item to modify the spreadcrumb location in the M1 panel. - User defined block added to the product detail page (M1). - Change the grid columns of the Upsell products in the settings bar (M1).
  • To change the sales block location in the settings (M1), an item has been added. - Fixed new header type 14(M2). - Change the page layouts of the product detail page and the category page in the settings (M2). - Fixed a new custom block on the product detail page (M2). - A new option to modify the grid columns of Upsell products has been added to the settings (M2).
  • Modified the sales block location in the settings (M2) by adding an additional item. - More minor problems with CSS style (M1, M2). Topic 6 & Update the topic patches for Magento 2.1.6. With importance modification, 6 has enabled "Adjust optimised picture size". If some of the upper headers left the text colour is blank, the user will have to select a size adjustment function.

Solved: Style problem in the detailed page of the Add-to-Cart-Sticky function. Fixed: In some cases, the right and right arrows in the picture zooming boxes of the detailed page were not centred upright. Fixed: Added fonts symbols in the right side bar not being displayed as primary colors in the detail page of Dem 8. Solved: Problem with different backgrounds when adding shopping basket popups.

Little problems with your style. Solved: Problem with using traditional theme style in classical 12 level menus. Fixed: a problem for full width demos(M2), it was increased by the width of the box while loading the page. Update: Reorder demonstration order for the Magento 2 release, all demonstration orders are now identical to the Magento 1 demonstrations. Refreshed: Right side bar of detail page smaller in full size display only.

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