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Though I doubt that themeforest checks the code of developers. Review - Products and Services Review WP Theme by DJMiMiMi

Review is a full system for checking and validating your company's goods and providing you with information about the goods and sevices you wish to buy. They are able to generate as many ratings as you like and perform ratings for as many items as you like. As soon as you have published the ratings, your reviewers can give you separate feedbacks and evaluate products/services according to the same eligibility metrics you used.

The topic saves ratings separated by users and authors. Error corrected on the individual rating page. NOTE: Pictures from the demonstration are not contained in the demonstration contents, instead a wildcard picture is used (same behaviour as with demonstration pictures), in order not to infringe the picture-licence.

Checking: Multipurpose review & magazine theme of GhostPool

With The Review, you can make large critiques for a variety of contents, among them gaming, destination, movies, technologies, and more. Every rating element has its own central node page with tab page navigations on which you can view all messages, video, and pictures for this element.

Every element can be checked by both administrators and end user, all packed into a fully appealing, neat and contemporary look. Review allows reviewers to keep abreast of the latest review and contributions to these hotspots. Review comes with its own registration popup so your user will never need to see the WordPress log-in page.

You can also use the Social Logon plug-in without any problems so that your user can log in via Facebook, Twitter, etc. Review allows you to include fully reactive advertisements in the site headers and footers. You can also use an advertising tool to place your ad anywhere in your contents or in the side bar.

This check will ensure that your website looks crisp on high-resolution equipment by replacing regular definition with high-resolution pictures, and uses HTML5, CSS3, and symbol scripts that don't get distorted on higher-resolution screens. This review has been prepared taking into account the latest practice in the field of AEO. We' ve got everything we need wrapped up in HTML5 for better ranking of your results, tagging of all your contents, proper use of HTML tagging, key contents before secondaries.

Review comes with translated text so you can effortlessly convert your website into any desired languages. This review is packed with stock option portfolios. Featuring columns and brickwork display, article filter, different contents items, you have everything you need to present your work. They' re so simple to use, look great in any format, and make your contents look so much better.

All our codes are plain, neat and readable.

It is especially important if you want to modify the source file yourself. We' ve used the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technologies along with the latest WordPress technology to make sure your design gives you the best possible web experiences and quicker page loading time.

Better organize your blogs by taking full advantages of WordPress customized mail format. Problems using the theme? Topic gives you the option to modify the option for each single posting, each single page, each single asset in your portfolios, or you can do it global to modify them all at once. Supplied with a sub design, so if you ever want to make changes to the design source text, they won't be overridden when you upgrade the design.

It uses the Redux Framework, a lightweight, truly extendable option for WordPress topics and plug-ins. Allows you to adjust the website in real time with the WordPress Customizer.

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