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The Cyber Monday Sale is over until next year! To those of you who may not know, ThemeForest is owned by Envato and is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell HTML templates and themes for popular CMS (Content Management System) products such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. Dealing with " meta " in the e-commerce world means that they take care of receiving payments when someone decides to buy one of your themes.

Envato's birthday sale!

Envato's birthday sale is over. It is our business to make it easier for you to realize your project with nice creativ asset. Get 50% off a selection of top topics, plug-ins, sound, visual and graphics objects from our most favorite category. Show all sales articles by marketplace: The Envato Studio freelance team offers tailor-made designs, developments, video as well as audiovisual work.

Effective from 12 noon August 22, 2017 until 12 noon August 29, 2017 until 12 noon August 22, 2017 until 12 noon August 22, 2017. Does not apply to express orders.

Why ThemeForest has low article revenues

While some articles are bought in huge quantities, others receive almost nothing. While you can be an editor with many successful articles, your next one may not be as successful as others. Instead, the stats department has created an essay for you about possible causes for low turnover. And we turned to the value of the media.

We know that the value that separates the higher half of a specimen from the lower half is the Median. We think that the average value is more representational than the modus and means for this subject, because it can show us the lower half of the article turnover. Too many articles are in the most favorite article designs to do a thorough research, so we decided to look at designs with a smaller number of articles:

When searching for the reason for the weak sale of an article, we did not consider the "eye friendliness" of designs, theme demonstrations and article descriptions, as they are very personal. In addition to the above, however, there may also be causes for poor sales: Authors do not endorse the article; Article may be outdated if article is older than 3 years; Article has not been update in more than 6 monthly period; Article has low ratings (less than 4 stars); Article is more "young" (uploaded less than 3 monthly in selected drafts, in other drafts this value may be different); Most obvious: Article is no longer available on ThemeForest.

It should be mentioned that some articles had only one ground to be put on the mailing lists, and some of them had several grounds. There are 112 articles in all, 56 in the bottom half and 40 in the middle.

These 56 objects included: Three articles without assistance (5. 3%); 11 articles over three years (19. 6%); 20 articles were not refreshed in more than six month (35. 7%); 19 articles with a score under four star (33. 9%); 11 articles added before 3 month (19. 6%); 1 article not available at the time of the search (1.7%).

This is how education works: the overall number of objects is 122, the number of objects in the lower half is 61 and the average retail value is 58. Our educational research has resulted in: 3 articles without assistance (4. 9%); 12 articles over 3 years (19. 7%); 12 articles have not been refreshed in more than 6 month (19. 7%); 13 articles with a 4 star review (21. 23%); 7 articles added before 3 month (11. 5%); 1 article that was not available at the time of research (1.6%).

Incidentally, during the research we found an Autor 5 who made 7 Wordpress topics. Most interestingly, his first material WordPress topic was added in 2008 and still made 4 sells in the last 6 month. Placeie's staff was very excited about this fact and we wish @contempoinc all the best for future business!

What do you think will influence your clients to buy your products the most?

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