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Sports - WordPress Club theme of ThemeCanon It is a highly adaptable WordPress theme developed for sport associations and communal centers as well as social and special interest organizations. Wonderfully crafted multi-page WordPress multi-purpose artwork, ideal for associations, local centers, sport and non-profit Web pages. The sport is neat, minimum, modular und versatile and therefore surprisingly adaptable. With 700+ Google Web Fonts, 585+ Font Awesome Symbols, 240+ Flag Symbols, it's simple to setup a voice command that can be used on multiple languages pages, either Textured or Full Breidth layouts, support for both right and left side bars, support for limitless color variation, Final Call style sheet, adds your own customized style sheet directly from the administration panel, Advanced yet easy-to-use draft and pop page builder lets you build limitless layouts,

Twenty-eight fully adjustable Pagebuilder blocks, Unique Headader Builder lets you mix and match more than 40 headers to create a custom headers that fits your needs perfect, Customize your wallpaper (in box layout) with either tile or full-size image, Make your wallpaper clippable optional - ideal for background-style advertising campaign takeovers, Integrate advertisements simply into your Pagebuilder or widget layouts,

Font Awesome symbols can be added to the Font Awesome menus to emphasize certain menus; make sure your menus remain viewable even if you use the options for Glutinous Headers, HD/Retina Ready, Responsible Theme, 23 user-defined shortcuts and 11 user-defined HTML Clips, 18 user-defined Widgets, 6 user-defined plug-ins packaged with the theme, 11 different default page styles, Smartfooter resize to fit current wide areas,

Allocate each page a one-of-a-kind side bar, devoted results page and 404 page, stunning wildcard page style lets you effortlessly build your own "Coming Soon" pages that you can use while the page is under build, activate the build modus to avoid that all unregistered visitors see the page contents, custom widget area managers lets you build endless widget areas that can be added with the page builder, 3 different galleries included.

Iso top galleries and Flex slider galeries, Special project presentation portfolios, 5 columns variation for iso top galeries and portfolios, Creating multimedia galeries with videos or sounds, Lightbox function to present your pictures, Mediacenter, good for downloading sounds, videos, talks and performances, 2 different blogs layout, Support for 5 different postal format, Amazon multi-post function allows you to summarize your contributions in one superior one.

Ideal for top listings and topic items, the Beautiful Time Line Page allows you to view your contributions as a milestone along a time line. Load new postings with AJAX for a seamless navigational environment, 4 different mail layout, custom layout for projects and peoples items, Large amount of built-in supports for embedable items (e.g. Vimeo, Youtube, Soundcloud etc.), Each posting can be displayed in a blogs with a feature enhanced picture, embedded or feature enhanced picture, opening items in a light box, Custom Mail Type "People" allows you to create and edit groups of individuals.

Ideal for cultivating the Teamlist, Testimonials or Supporter Lists, Custom Post Type "Projects" allows you to create your own custom project to be presented in the Portfolios, Custom Post Type "Items" allows you to create foods to be shown on your favorite foods pages, or using the foods page builder, comprehensive documentations and instructional video, documentations can be viewed directly from the dashboard,

Automatic updating check and "One Click" theme updating, Smart Administration Panels with textual help, Optimize your search engine optimization - constructed with a view to best search engine optimization (SEO) practice, Theme Search can be disabled if third-party search engine optimization programs are favored to minimise the chance of conflict, Custom Search Engine Options let you create Twitter or Facebook-like search engine optimization options on your website, Translation/Localization prepared with ready-to-go.

Po, Multilingue prêt à utiliser WPML, Multilingue prêt à utiliser une structur multi-site et des plugs gratuits comme e. Multilingual Press or Multiisite Language Switcher, demo contentfiles inclusive, children theme inclusive, export/import of your preferences, CleanTabs (value $6), Timesable (value $18), Revolution Slider gets combined with theme (value $15), WooCommerce compliant (free plugin) - join your own shop with this great eCommerce plug-in,bPress compliant (free plugin) - build and manage your own forums,

buddy press compliant (free plugin) - append to your website your own profile and interaction with users, The Event Call compliant (free plugin) - append and keep overview of your event list, Contacts Form 7 compliant (free plugin) - append to your website your own high-performance and customizable contacts, Mail Chimp (free plugin) - build and maintain your own mailinglists, Note:

There was a problem where the close side menus would return up the page, rendering scroll-to-links on small viewers inoperative. - INPLACED: Added options to suppress the track in Page Content page builder blocs. Content+Sidebar page creator bloc now also has the sidebar orientation options. Problem where Twitter widgets configured to show theme do not show them.

Problem where the event single utility displays a maximum of 10 event choices. Menue symbol wrapping problem. Problem where the Paste Picture pushbutton becomes empty. - ACCESSED: Optional to display text in the page builder text area using the default WordPress auto format. - SOLVED: Problem that prevents Facebook Open Graph from getting a customized logotype when it is displayed on a page without an image.

Obsolete TGM note the change regarding clustered plug-ins. You can now translate the menus of the theme using the following commands. Bundles of plug-ins can now be reinstalled or upgraded when the children theme is on. Fixed a problem where Widgets were not displayed the first time they were loaded in theustomizer. Now, the Add Page Wizard will support the new Add Page Wizard instead of the old Facebook-like tool.

Service updates for the Singles Event widget (removes bug messages about obsolete classes). - NOTED: Automatically checks for updates and 1-click updates for packaged plug-ins from the WordPress plug-ins page. Problem that prevents spreadcrumbs from displaying the right WooCommerce product group. 2- Topic that would not make the Revolution Slider editors work.

  • Updated: TGM plugin activation libraries up-dated. The Brickwork Warehouse now chooses All Categories as standard for the filters list. - please added: categories columns for user-defined contribution types: persons, work. Insignificant improvements to the Facebook Open Graph log. The unspecific scan now will return all mail type similar to the standard WP 4. 0+ behavior.

Problem that kept http: Press from viewing threads and responses. Problem with spreadcrumbs where the page hierarchy is inverted. ADDED: The selection of the page builder style sheet now has a width to avoid contents spill. ADDED: Contributions with Galerie Postformats now show pictures from the Post-Slider on the Timeline. Problem with the TGM bulk installser that prevents batch install of clustered plug-ins.

Pagerbuilder separator pad with rulerstyler now also shows user-defined categories. Problem where two Call To action pads with user-defined color on the same page would get the same color. Problem where the Extend/Compress page builder in Safari does not work. Fixed the localization of the text domain of the shortcode plug-in. From now on the page builder shows all available event types instead of only ten.

  • Fixed: Problem caused by WordPress 4. 1, where the overlays would lock the button for closing blocks in the page builder adding blocks dialogue. - Solved: Problem where the Add-Block dialogue overlays of the page builder do not overlap the whole page. Ability to suppress the current scrolling mode for scroll-to-menu elements. - UPDATE: Development of an upgrade hint for clustered plug-ins.
  • Resolved: Problem with page builder blocks: - Resolved: Problem where sort order of widgets in Area Manager would cause issues with certain servers configuration. - Fixed: Statistic Widget Codes refreshed. Note: Statistic widgets symbols may need to be re-assigned.

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