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The Striking MulitFlex is an extremely powerful and flexible Wordpress theme with a robust framework that is scalable to large websites and web requirements. Offering true WP multisite capabilities, it is a WPML-approved design and provides customizations for Woo Commerce plug-in integration. Eye-catching MultiFlex & Ecommerce Responsive WP themes by captinlin SUPPORTS 8 COMPLIANT, WOOCOMMERCE 3.4. THE 4+ COMPATIBILITY & HAVE INTEGRATED THE LATEST REV SLIDER V5 SERIES INTO OUR THEMING!

100 PERCENT WITH THE LATEST STABLE PHP 7-7.2. Authorized design and we have additional wpml-related features! Striking MultiFlex is happy to announce an upgrade and please check out our support forum for more information about the latest Striking MultiFlex releases.

Fully compliant with the latest version of our software package. At this point of the letter, we have published the upgrade via our Application Programming Interface (API) so that all our customers can use our design upgrade feature to upgrade. The WooCommerce Plugin - To prove our interoperability we have added a Woo-based shop to our demonstration site - MultiFlex 1.2.9.

The Striking MultiFlex has many user-defined woo-related preferences in its key topic items that can be displayed on the demonstration site. The Striking MultiFlex contains a complete kit of installationable trial contents on our WPML natively one-touch trial contents installser - we are a proven WPML-compatible theming. We have created tens of millions of multilingual pages with Striking MultiFlex and we are also 100% RTL compliant with full RTL in our design, so every feature of the design can work in RTL as well.

The Striking multi-flex comes with a simple "One Touch" demonstration installer with the 3 different demonstration contents available, plus a full user-defined Revolution Slider demonstration pack! EYE-CATCHING MULTI-FLEX LOCATIONS! This is a very small selection of Striking multiflex websites -> typical topic designers like to show what they have made, but we think it's much more important to give you samples of what you can make - some websites are by DIY's and others by web pros, with a lot of topic functions in use, as well as many different Plugins.

Whether some are blogging, other e-commerce or e-commerce websites, and others are creatively orientated - whatever the intended use, Striking MultiFlex can be used to build an intelligent looking pro website, regardless of your knowledge level: In order to see the commentaries of genuine user and see the plug-ins used on each page (between the above pages there are over 200 different plug-ins), please go to the following thread: in our forums.

CELEBRITY! One well-known statement in many a testimonial is the strong endorsement of Striking. Striking's ethics on supporting are so good that they have been published on third-party blogs discussing WP issues as a role models for the correct implementation of supporting (Striking itself has been given many good independently ratings since its launch in 2010).

Queries are handled by our Striking members on a day-to-day basis in the Striking Forums. There are also hundreds of custom excerpts of source codes in the forums, with fixes for almost any fitting you' re likely to come across. REMEMBER that we do NOT offer ANY kind of help here in the Striking Comment threads - this means that only potential buyers' queries and all other queries will be forwarded to the help forums at this link:

The Striking MulitFlex is an ultra-high performance and highly customizable Microsoft Outlook topic with a robust and scalable web site and web requirement management platform. Offering real WP multisite capabilities, it is a WPML-approved WPML-designed and offers customizations for Woo Commerce plug-in integrations. Have a look at the demonstration to see for yourself why it is the best answer to your web designing needs.

The Striking is a truly multi-purpose topic and can be used for website styles that range from photographing to gambling, automotives and property, blogs, portfolios, ecommerce and college and college sites for their sites! It has a very versatile look and can be adapted as required. There is no more extensive management surface you will find - simple enough for a novice to understand immediately, but fully manageable with each Striking style item so you as an expert developer can easily modify the look - and Striking contains a subordinate style for the WP designers.

When you are a novice, but see a piece of coding in the forums or elsewhere on the net that you want to test, the administrator panel contains user-defined JavaScript (Javascript) and JavaScript (CSS) tags where you can place such coding to modify design style without hardcoding topic file.

This topic is highly plugin-friendly and an incomplete listing of supported plug-ins can be found at: http://kaptinlin. com/support/support/discussion/9024/need-to-know-noed-noed-noed-to-know-out-your-responsive-sites-for-eur-new-showcase and our gallery below shows some premier CodeCanyon plug-ins loved by our user base. Since its founding in 2010, Striking has received over 10 function enhancements and Microsoft Office update for Microsoft Office applications.

If the WP is updated, Striking is updated. Do not worry about purchasing a subject that is vacated or discarded after 6 month. Listening to the topic's feed-back, we've added many of the customer's desired functions where it' convenient and doable. Kindly check the Supportforum section under Update. In the course of our research our topic has been optimized with new functions and improvements:

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