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Subscription to Themeforest

Subscribe to all the creative assets you need. lements is not a ThemeForest subscription. 29$/month for all topics on themeforest? if i paying 29$ per months, can i get unlimited topics from themefores? No, no.

Isn't the forest limitless? And even then, what you get from purchasing articles on products is not as much as from purchasing the article on a certain market place, e.g. supports, upgrades, etc.

Subscriptio- WooCommerce Subscriptions from RightPress

Subscriptio is a WooCommerce add-on that allows you to resell your subscription. WooCommerce extends subscription with repetitive billing so you can easily resell items such as journal subscription, on-line membership, e-learning packs and any other material or immaterial product. You can configure both basic and flexible subscription based offerings, allowing you to define the pay-per-view, free sample length, subscription term, and installation charge.

Each time a client buys a subscription, a subscription expiration process is initiated that includes the following activities in order of time: - Subscription purchase - Subscription purchase - Subscription purchase - Subscription purchase - Subscription purchase - Subscription purchase - Subscription purchase - Subscription purchase - Subscription purchase - Subscription expiration Store manager as well as clients can interrupt, reinstate and terminate a subscription. It is integrated into the WooCommerce membership (also designed by RightPress) to provide on-line membership with periodic payment.

Subscriptio provides support for semi-automatic and fully automated invoicing. At the beginning of each accounting lifecycle, in the case of semi-automatic accounting, clients are sent an e-mail, click on a Pay Now link and make their payments manually. With a fully automated accounting system, payment is handled fully automated and requires no actions.

When it comes to semi-automatic invoicing, Subscriptio works with all WooCommerce Collection Gateways enhancements. In order to be able to issue invoices fully automatically, subscriptions require special functions that are integrated in the payment gateway extension and allow subscriptions to handle repetitive transactions at their own discretion. However, the subscriptions can only be processed by the user if the customer has the necessary knowledge and experience. The Subscriptio comes with two integrated PayPal Express Checkout and Stripe PayPal Express Checkout solutions that allow fully automated invoicing after unpacking.

These have all the functions Subscriptio demands and also work as normal means of paying. Notice that the built-in PayPal Express checkout enhancement means that reference transactions must be activated for your PayPal balance to handle periodic charges where you have to PayPal for a month's subscription fees - please contact PayPal Technical Services if in doubt.

Fix - stripe gateways fault "Received unidentified parameter: statement_description".

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