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Support ticket for Themeforest

TickLab - Knowledge Base | Ticketing Troubleshoot your support work flow and increase your customers' experience with our comprehensive support ticket system! TicketLab developed into a WordPress ticket system. With information we' ve collected for over 5 years in our premier support, we knew exactly which functions were most needed in a topic designed to take your customers' experience to the next stage.

Creating a Helpdesk full size templates. Let's take a close look at what customers would need to get world-class support from you or your business. Customers need to know what to look forward to, so we've made sure to provide a number of shortcuts to help you present your work.

When you try to market your sofware, you will find our changelog and file hierarchy links very useful for you and your developers. In order to make sure that you make the most of it, we have included a blogs section in the topic that you can use as a stand-alone unit of your ticket system to set up something like a blogsite. exampledomain[dot]com, or just create a page with it.

Next, your customers would hopefully go ahead and buy, so the next important thing, and a very important one on the way to your article's commercial end, is to supply them with a rockin' knowledgebase. From my own personal experiences here at BigBangThemes, I can definitely tell you that customers want information that is delivered to them in a format that allows them to get the information they need in the shortest possible times.

Creating high-quality tutorial videos and using them with the help of the highly interactive shortcuts we have added to our WordPress topic is a fast and simple way to support the effort of your support group. Cannot stress enough how important a well-established knowledgebase is. It is the basis for a sound helpdesk website and an important part of the daily operations of your support group.

To be a support operative is totally astounding. That' s why we made it so simple to quickly turn an answer or even a query into an F.A.Q. element or even a knowledgebase posting. Of course, the last part of the purchase and use of your products by your customers, and the one with whom your customers will have the most direct connection, is the WordPress support ticket system itself.

It was a tough task because we wanted to make sure that we went one better than what conventional support ticket management or WordPress support plug-ins do. Because we wanted the customer to have the feeling of being a highly appreciated member of your brand's communities, we have developed two totally different products that you can select (but more on that later).

Second thing we wanted to do is make sure that we take over the old and somewhat cumbersome WordPress interfaces and provide a great looking, new looking agents Dashboard. We wanted support team members to relax and enjoy the user experience because we definitely learnt (the tough way) that the luckier a support team member is, the luckier the customer will be after the ticket is sold.

The one of TicketLab's greatest features is that you have an optional feature that fundamentally changes the way your customers request support, but that won't interfere with your support at all. I' ve already said to you above that one way is to offer your customers an individual way for an agent to talk to customers in personal time.

It has the benefit of maintaining the confidentiality of information between the business and the customer, while providing a much better feeling for those of you who are looking for ways to monetize the support offered. Alternatively, one that works great for those of you who want to use TicketLab more like a WordPress forums topic.

Within the topic, we have set up a discussion board that will be beneficial for those technology firms that wish to advertise our work. This way you can not only offer high level customer support, but also use the forums as an intelligent way to expand your knowledgebase and your support engineers (blink!).

Supportforen have been able to hold the course over a period of years as they have two very good things for themselves. First, customers are much more likely to browse a board for customers with similar issues - and resolve them before they even click the ticket at all.

Second, the fact that people naturally need to help if they can, so you will find that customers who have run into a problem usually take your full working day to really explain in detail any troubleshooting or alternate solution they have used.

We are still working on the improvement of TicketsLab, and there are still many upgrades we are working on that will take the issue to new levels and raise the bar for customer care. BigBangThemes' choice is essential to ensure ongoing and invaluable updating, world-class support and world-class customer service.

Do not hesitate to contact us directly with all your pre-sales enquiries here in the Comment section and address all your tech support enquiries to our support team. You can now add your own ticket priority, with the exception of the "Low Normal High" default. - The option to divert customers to the dashboard instead of the ticket board page.

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