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We select some of the best new website topics from our collections every month. We select some of the best new website topics from our collections every month. Those wonderful templates make us turn our head! To ensure that they comply with the high demands on style and function, we diligently examine new contributions from our team. Ranging from multi-purpose topics to specialty templates, you'll always find something that will catch your attention.

The Envato market is always full of new free toys to be enjoyed. Anything you need. Best CMS templates for WordPress and Joomla, e-commerce templates for WooCommerce, Shopify and more... A vast collection of high value templates and topics. Do you know your model? View ratings posted by other members and use your collection to store and view your favorite topics.

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Fantastic landing page templates from ThemeForest

No matter whether you are trying to fuel a buzz for an imminent relaunch or need a custom tailored email campaign, a well-designed landing page can be inestimable. ThemeForest has a dedicated area for high value page templates only. This is our brief overview of some of the best page templates you can use in your next page layout work.

It is the primary objective of a Landing Page to turn traffic into clients, so the page lay-out is specifically engineered and equipped with a wide range of functions to enable this. The Lista Hosting Page is a premier hosting page for your newsletters or downloads, even just a single page hosting option, your best bet!

The ListaLandingPage uses the Zen read patterns well to lead the reader through the designs and eventually turn your traffic into a subscriber or buyer. The Clickr is a click-through landings page with a clear lay-out and simple messages -" The Oceanic Hosting Page is a premier hosting page for any type of application or downloaded item - even just a single page hosting feature - your option!

Welcome to X-tech - this Top-Landingpage was created with the view to the marketing company! There are 3 HTML pages contained in this templates pack. Hosting Pages are beautifully styled and use best practice methods to create Hosting Pages, incorporating powerful, apparent CTA (Call To Action) areas to turn visitor into customer.

Integro to be a HTML/ CSS Planting Page. There is a clear, proffesional styling with a definite call to action. Intelgro is a high-performance page with functions like Alive Adax Forms Submission, Pricing Table, Lightbox, Tooltips, 2 types of galleries and Image Sliders. And TheLanding is a single destination page with half or full page movie choices!

Simply adjust the page with the supplied commands. This ingenious little pattern is simple to setup, service and replicate it for new items and is a thief. Unveils the ultimative product-centered Landing Page. Featuring an eye-catching look, the Call to action high level of the site, and an effective split-intro - this topic will surely turn your site visitor into a customer.

Auto pilot is a landing page layout that is best suitable for all companies and sectors. A HTML and a PHP document (contact form) are delivered with the templates. There are three topics - real, celebratory and general. The Klix artwork is conceived for the immediate promotional and commercialization of your products. It is a mixture of a click-through landing page and a microsite.

According to your needs, the templates can be used as a stand-alone sqeeze page or as a microsite. Featuring a clear lay-out, slider products, picture galleries and a working subscriptions page, the templates can potentially be used to turn your customers into shoppers. The Kando is an HTML page/ one-page minisite page templates best suitable for all website page landings needs, e.g. business, portfolio, e-commerce, photo page.

Brand new page templates with contemporary and pro style. Altogether 12 HTML documents that you can use for the target page. Clear and easy to customize Landing Page.

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