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An indispensable guide to purchasing themes on ThemeForest An indispensable guide to finding - and buying - topics on ThemeForest! Are you looking for the WordPress-Topic? Below, I'll take a closer look at ThemeForest - one of the most favorite places to buy WordPress themes - and give some important hints to make sure you don't end up with a warhead.

If you are creating a winning website, the topic you choose is one of the most important parts of the jigsaw game. Ultimately, a topic is primarily accountable not only for the look and feel of a website, but often also for much of its function. To put it another way, purchasing a subject is not a choice you should make easily.

Instead, you should consider all your choices before getting started - and when it comes to choices, ThemeForest is a site that's truly unbeatable. Lean back, unwind and indulge yourself as I try to tell you everything you need to know about purchasing themes on ThemeForest.

Who is ThemeForest? ThemeForest, created in 2008, is the world's most loved WordPress themes marketing place, bringing together WordPress themes creators and hungering shoppers. To which ThemeForest belongs the eight-member Envato Markets product line (unified 2014), which also encompasses the well-known WordPress plug-in marketing platform CodeCanyon. Due to its widespread use, ThemeForest is one of the best ways for WordPress designers to make a livelihood - just create a WordPress topic, load it onto ThemeForest, and begin to sell it to a large base of skilled purchasers after it has been validated by our QA department.

Dependent on the turnover volumes, topic developer earns between 50% and 70% of every USD made. It was announced in 2014 that Envato had distributed a chilled $1.5 billion to its vendors, with 48 of its vendors each generating more than $1 million in revenue.

Viewed from the point of view of the topic purchaser - the focal point of this article - you are faced with the agony of making a decision. TopicForest enumerates an amazing 11,000 WordPress themes costing between $13 and $199 - giving it a larger price spread than most other major topic markets (more on that later). There are so many topics to pick from, it's hard to narrow down your choices - I know from my own experiences that it's all too simple to just sit around for a few long minutes (even days!) looking at a hundred different topics.

ThemeForest, however, comes with a number of functions to help you find your ideal topic. ThemeForest initially provides a useful query feature that allows you to find topics by your favorite keyboardwords. The topics are also divided into 14 top-level catagories (business topics, blogs, e-commerce topics, etc.) to help you find what you're looking for.

Once you have carried out your first query (or selected a category), ThemeForest returns a long listing of topics of interest. In order to further refine your query, you can select six different items from an almost invisible drop-down box directly above the displayed list: Similar to the drop-down box to the right, there's a second drop-down box (not very apparent either) that lets you organize topics by date - something that's especially useful when you want to go back to a prior query and see what's new.

In order to shorten your search even further, ThemeForest also provides a user-friendly filtration system that you can find to the right of the results page of the primary topic. Search the lists by categories, tag, price, revenue, and overall score. After you have sort and screened your lists according to your own unique needs, you should work with a much smaller number of topics.

If you really don't have enough spare moment for all this (or if you've already tried it and haven't got anywhere for whatever reason), you can always go to the latest ThemeForest bestseller page or browse some of the top authors' portfolio by locating the best-selling themes and click on the name of the writer that appears in the right sideline.

Once you have selected the selection criterias you want to use to limit the candidate, it is your turn to review the choices. Each ThemeForest topic has a Lifetime Preview - an priceless feature that lets you see it in operation on a pre-configured website that demonstrates its key functions and workings.

You can also use the Life preview to test some of the theme's adjustment options, such as modifying the colour schemes or trying out different layout and background options. Warning: Try to rate the topic without being affected by the pictures. The majority of thematic trailers offer highly targeted, high resolution stick pictures that can be misleading.

I' m in love with themes that are only built on the amazing pictures the designer used in the demonstration, and I wager that I'm by far not the only one at my lowest price who does. Obviously, if you installed the themes on your website, the pictures will have disappeared and the themes will look much less impressing.

It' also a good idea to check the sale information on the topic page. Here the writer lists the most important functions and shares all bonus - for example, some topics contain several premiums that are sometimes more than $100 or so high. Numbers of sold - if a topic is sold in tens of millions, it is probably a good topic, and the developers will have the ressources to further update and improve it.

Buyers' reviews - good topics attracts high reviews and the other way round (also look at the number of reviews). Recently Upgraded - a WordPress topic that has not received an upgrade for some time is more vulnerable to weak points in vulnerability and incompatibility problems. An eternity since the last fix also indicates that the topic has been left and may never be given another fix again.

This will also give you an idea of how fast the builder is reacting and how he generally deals with problems. It' simple to think: Hey, I already know how to use WordPress - it's not that difficult. I' m not going to need any help, so what does it really mean? However, unfortunately, sometimes there are problems, or you may not be able to arrange the topic as you would like.

Under such a situation, the topic designer is by far the most skilled contact point. Although the provision of after-sales in ThemeForest ( still a relatively contentious issue) is not mandatory, most programmers will at least offer some degree of help - because a) it's probably the ethical thing to do, and b) the provision of top tier technical help is a sure way to boost revenue.

Up until recently, most of the topic assistance took place in the commentary section of ThemeForest. The purchasers would write down their issues, and the creator - or a representative of the creator - would react to try to solve them. Therefore, before purchasing a topic, it was often advisable to review a topic's commentary to see how prompt and informed the after-sales service was (which is still worthwhile now, albeit to a much smaller extent).

However, all this shifted in August when Envato introduced a new supporting guideline. Writers can now schedule six month sessions for their topic - you'll see this in the top right corner of the topic's products page - to prolong purchasers to a full year for a small charge (something to consider, especially if you're just getting started with WordPress).

During this time, the writer is obliged to answer queries on the functioning of the subject, its functions and the establishment of certain functions. However, it should be noted that the assistance does not involve installing or customizing (this is still, as it should be, the sole responsibility of the Topic Buyer).

When you are not sure which topic to buy, I suggest you take a look at the bestseller guide. Those are the topics that have already sells a thousandfold. This does not mean that they are necessarily the "best" topics on ThemeForest - and it definitely does not mean that they are necessarily the best topics for your own website/company.

However, they have a tendency to have some things to themselves, such as a mix of stylistic design, a wealth of features (something that can work against them in some ways, because the more features a topic has, the more vulnerable it is to complicated and/or slower load speeds) and powerful users reviews.

It' s certain to say that for a topic with a high number of user, its developer have received much feed back, have made significant efforts to eliminate all nodes, and will be encouraged to further develop and improve the topic for years to come. One important thing to keep in mind when looking at the best-selling themes on ThemeForest is that they are almost all versatile.

That means they're all packed with a variety of customization choices, the ability to build more than one layout, and various built-in features you won't normally find in their easier equivalents (such as built-in drag-and-drop page creators, slider controls, and picture galleries). Often to the point where they are sufficiently diverse to be used in almost any marketing-which often makes them a favorite with web designers and freelance construction companies.

Here is a brief look at some of ThemeForest's most favorite WordPress themes - all of which have generated well over $1 million in revenues for their creators. - ThemeFusion. - Themeco. - of Theme Nectar. In spite of the large number of clients who buy from ThemeForest, it is not always appreciated, and there are some disadvantages to purchasing from this platform.

In the past, ThemeForest has given almost every WordPress programmer a way to resell themes, and not all are the same. While ThemeForest now has a staff to check the topic's QA (which hasn't always been very strict), QA is still a problem - especially when you look at many of the older topics on offer.

WordPress Best Practise is not the code for all topics, which has earned ThemeForest a poor name with many major software vendors. However, if you are following the topic-finding tips in this article and are not too far away from the track with new, untested devs, you should not be concerned about improving it.

A further critique directed at ThemeForest is Subject Lock-in - a scene that often arises with some of the super-different multi-purpose themes we've already discussed (and NOT with ThemeForest for many multi-purpose themes). Choosing a multifunction topic gives you virtually limitless freedom in layout, customisation and functionality.

However, in order to be able to use all these possibilities, the topic usually strongly relies on tailor-made shortcuts. You are experiencing issues if you want to modify your design below because the new design you select does not recognise these shortcuts. A final and unfortunately usual event to keep in mind with many ThemeForest themes is that some new developer are uploading a themes, making a lot of sale and then moving on - i.e. they won't develop and update them further (especially if these themes aren't too popular/lucrative).

Once the topic is well done, it doesn't have to be a big deal, but it's a good idea to consider using it for the next few years, as you may find that it becomes instable and/or obsolete at some point. A further good indication is the number of hits the topic has made - as some topics are more likely to be pursued.

Obviously, there are many, many other places to buy WordPress themes on-line, and it's almost always worth checking your choices before you decide. MOJO Themes and creative markets are perhaps two of the best known of these ( read more about this here).

There are also many highly regarded WordPress themed stores - some of the best known are Elegant Themes and WooThemes (note: we've discussed these two in detail here), StudioPress, Themify, and ThemeIsle. If you are interested, we have compiled a vast listing of almost all the different grade choices available here.

And if you are working on a budgetary, the WordPress Topics Archive is the place to get high value, reliable and free topics! When you are looking for a new WordPress topic, it would be silly to exclude ThemeForest. While you may be hearing some rumble about problems with sound but if you adhere to the top ranked, well-established topics, you can't really do much mistaking - these topics are selling well for a certain purpose and that's mostly because they're at the end of the range.

Naturally, the principal argument in favour of ThemeForest is its choice. And with more than 11,000 WordPress topics, there is something for everyone! Just take a look at the ThemeForest marketplace statistics! Have you used - or have you ever used - ThemeForest? The Thoughts? is a UK based free-lance blogsman with a love of on-line business, digital media, e-commerce, content publishing and everything related to WordPress.

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