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It' called Total for a reason. Create a professional website for your landscaping or horticultural company with the Total WordPress theme using Drag & Drop Page Builder. First Steps & Theme - Envato Hosted for you Describes briefly the process you need to follow to set up your new Total hosting area. To close the WP Bakery Page Builder (also known as Visual Composer) application, click the Start button. It is included with your design and does not need to be activated.

If you are asked to do so, you must download or upgrade the necessary plug-ins that come with your design before you can download page styles or completely customize them.

You' ll usually see a hint at the top of your page when plug-ins need to be added or updated: If you do not see this message, go to the next section. You can see how many plug-ins need to be added, enabled or upgraded at the top of the screen.

Every installation or upgrade must be performed individually. Under each plug-in with a necessary day that isn't already in place, click and then click Back to necessary plug-in installer when it's done. Some plug-ins may take a few moments. Refresh the necessary plug-ins, such as Slider Revolution and Visual Composer, individually if available.

Enable the necessary plug-ins if they are disabled. Bundles of plug-ins like WP Bakery Page Builder (Visual Composer), Revolution Slider, LayerSlider, etc. that are part of your design are administered by the design and cannot be upgraded by hand on the major plugin page. It is safe to reject and disregard any mount or registry notes for these plug-ins, as they will be refreshed when the topic is refreshed through the above mentioned procedure.

When your website will have an on-line shop, you will need to download and use the WooCommerce plug-in. When your demonstration needs this plug-in, it will appear to the right of the Qode Importdropdown menu under Qode Input, otherwise you can reinstall it by following these steps: When you have logged in directly from the Total theme page on, you have to choose if you want to build your website from the ground up or if you want to take one of the ready-made themes as your starting point.

Advantage of a fresh start is that you get the most clean results and only the contents you made. If you use a demonstration, you have the advantage of ready-made layout that you can adjust to a certain extent, but you have to remove all demonstration pages and postings that you will not use later when you are willing to start.

Select the demonstration you want to download by dragging and dropping the image. Click the Preview tab to search the demonstration on-line first if you want. It is recommended that you select only one demonstration to download to avoid conflict. Select which parts to be imported. To start the export, click Export.

A few overall demonstrations request that you import Revolution or LayerSlider sliders by hand. The page will prompt you in the page layouts with a hint window that indicates that the desired slide bar is absent when one is needed. To find your trial and get the software pack, please follow the instructions below.

These contents can also be found in your theme downloading pack on your theme forest page. net downloads page. Please see our net downloading page. To find the single imported file you have to unpack the file. For importing Revolution Sliders: The WordPress Customizing tool allows you to adjust most aspect of your design, such as color, font, layout, as well as the effect of elements.

If you are working on pages, posts, or portfolio elements that have been generated with WP Bakery Page Builder, you can modify the contents of an item by moving the mouse over the item and click the stylus symbol. An important notice for those of you who migrate or import contents from a Web site that Bridge has not used: Mail type such as portfolio, testimonial, etc. from another topic cannot be import into Bridge and must be recreated with Bridge's mailtype.

Pages that have been designed in a different theme that Visual Composer did not use do not look the same when you import them into Total, or they display contents and need to be redesigned. So if you had postings like an event or product made with a plug-in on your old website, you need to have those plug-ins installed before you can import your own HTML!

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