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Travel booking Travel | EXPLOORE Travel by the RubikThemes Theme | Tour Booking Travel WordPress Theme Express Travel, which takes your new hotel, travel, automobile or cruise ship shop to new levels. A complete system of reservations and bookings is available at Excelore, supported by extended filtering criterias and categories. ExPLOORE's reservations system is sophisticated enough for versatile accounting needs, but easy enough to be used without programming skills.

Using module-specific shortcuts, you'll find the right tool for the task, such as car, cruise, hotel, and tour shortcuts that provide a variety of features such as tab search that are stylistically customized to slip into the theme with just a few mouse clicks. What's more, you'll be able to find the right tool for the task, using the same shortcuts as for the module itself. Create team pages with minimal effort or create great schedules with a time line or use indentations or even enumerations if you like.

View time line information of our offers for your trip and collect lead with e-mail based remarketing integrated into the heart of the theme itself. Explore has cover hotels websites. Featuring a feeling of luxuriousness, the route demonstrations were meticulously put together to provide a contemporary website with all the elements of booking a stay.

Four full demonstrations to select from, presenting your hotel adventure exactly as you envisioned it. Allow your passengers to use the advanced filter and searching feature to find the ideal trip they are looking for. Browse for locations, facilities or user-generated reviews in combination with breathtaking, action-packed Parallax heroics.

In-depth information on the offer by site allows you to view cruise offers in detail with all features, as well as our uniquely timed takeover. Choose a cruise and then design the Day Overview to give your clients complete information so they can make the right choices. Using a number of criterion filtering options, EXPLOORE's search capabilities have been fully enabled so your end user can enjoy the most complete search engine available.

Today, searching within the construction of your website is as important as your brand or name. Users who have trouble finding what they're looking for, or who can't find what they're looking for that matches what they think is necessary for the job, lose it in seconds.

This is why we have spent so much research and so much effort in the efficiency of our on site research with our software package. Extended eligibility criterias, users scores, users scores, filter and simple text searching were all considered. Select from a number of different models, hotel, car, cruise and more to utilize a wide variety of mail options to suit your needs.

Correct galleries in the bottom line option. Corrects double sending e-mail of the contact form. Fix the As in the tour roundabout pushbutton. Fixed date-time picker of the booking hunt. Standard settings key. Page break page lookup page. Added: Slider for head contents in accommodation, tour, car, cruise. Added: Additional items for line items (accommodation, tour, car rental, cruise).

Book a cruising without cabins. Seitentitel backgrounds for accommodation, tour, car rental, cruite. Short for SLZ Tour Grid, SLZ Tour Grid with SLZ Crevasse Grid styles. Short word SLZ Tour Schedule with several pictures (slick slider). CSS, Contact Form 7 Actions and Page Option. Solved: Bug in option for shared links and themes.

Added: Added preference to auto fade out trips that have already been completed. Solved: Store the position on the card when editing a trip, auto or cruise in the administration. E-mail form for service (hotel, sightseeing trip, automobile, cruise) when making reservation. WooCommerce v.3.0 is now supported for the reservation function. Added: Show asterisk number on detailed page of your name.

SLZ Hotels Grid - Adds the three columns options. Find a room. Added: Sets different route rates with different data. Added: Sets different route available places with different data. Added: Added preference to deactivate the room style in the room. When making the reservation, generate a category of products corresponding to the service (hotel, tourist, car, cruise), as well as assistance for coverage.

Trip searching. Speed dial for tour category and object list. Adjustment of the reservation methods - the user can select the reservation and/or the contract forms. Reservation of accommodations. Added: Specify different rates for different accommodation data. Reservation Forms - Deactivate the date that is not available in the calender. Added: Preferences for societal functions in the bottom line and headline in the topic options.

Added: Topic Option > Reservation Setting - Reservationungsmethode, via the currently active reservation or request forms. Frequency - Multiple selection of weekday, date of the months in tour and cruise. Fade out cabin type on cruise reservation sheet if cabin type is empty. Search for the marked article in the Accommodation Grid, Car Grid, Cruise Grid and Tour Grid short codes.

Added: Tour date by post and cruise seasons. Added: Baby box in accommodation, tour, car, cruise. Added: tour sorting, cruise by date of depart. Added: Optional per capita in accommodation, cruise. Added: Insert the hotel's e-mail address into the postal reservation. Added: Topic items - disable accommodation, car, cruise and tour by state.

Added: Topic Settings > Page Title Settings - Set the breadcrumb for user-defined mail types (Accommodation, Auto, Crusade, Team, Tour). Please validate the e-mail when making your reservation. Modify the monetary symbol on the reservation screen when you modify the theme item settings. Review the reservation area by time. Added: Support deposit for reservation of trip, lodging, car, cruises.

Percentage of tours, cars and cruises detail pages. Set the API for Google Map keys in administrator. Added: Adjustable side bar for tours, accommodations, car, cruises archives pages. Added: Added permission link settings for user-defined mail types (tour, accomodation, auto, cruise, crew). Percentage of tours, cars and cruises on list. Book your trip, accomodation, car, cruises by adding to your Woocommerce shopping basket.

Added: Topic Option > Google Map API . Resolved: Reservation of tours, lodging, car, cruises. Solved: Find your route, accomodation, car, cruises. Hopefully this topic will be useful to you. You like this topic, please evaluate it.

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