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We are a multi-functional team specializing in the development and development of amazing themes for small businesses to multinational companies that use multiple platforms. The Topic Update section allows you to add usernames and Envato API keys to your Themeforest to allow you to update the topic directly from the admin area.

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What can I do to modify my username? Where can I reset my username? What can I do to update my e-mail address? What can I do to cancel my membership? Would you like to edit your username? Erase your username and type in a new one! In order to minimize confusing the issue, we allow up to three username changes per year.

It' s okay if you have to modify it more than three different time, but you have to contact us so that we can help you. What can I do to cancel my membership? Where can I reset my username?

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CodeForest (Elite Author) Development and Development Company, We are specialised in webdesign and wordpress development. We are a multifunctional group specializing in the development and development of astonishing topics for small businesses to multinational companies that use a variety of platform solutions. We' re working really hard to give the best UI/UX designer experiences to the users. CodeForest's goal is to create the best possible designs that satisfy everyone's needs.

This is a sound resource for a remarkably nice HTML and WordPress content library. This is a great idea, a great idea and a great idea. A great idea, a great idea and a great idea. Supporting our clients and their invaluable input is one of our most important and integrated components. The best of our best thoughts come from your proposals, so we take precious customer input very seriously.

When you have an ideas or would like to make a proposal, please let us know that we are always open to your proposals and your comments. That' s why we have a committed technical assistance staff to help you when you need them. For help, please go to our special technical forums.


The Topic Refresh section allows you to customize your Themeforest username and Envato'PI key to allow you to directly refresh the topic from the administration area. In order to fill in the required boxes, go to the section in your dashboard titled Topic Options -> Topic Updater. "themme updater " is designed to make your task of refreshing the themes much simpler, i.e. to refresh them directly from your administrator panels instead of re-uploading them using the FTP upload process.

Once you have completed these boxes, you will be notified when a new WordPress themes release is authorized on Themeforest and have the option to upgrade it in your Upgrade Area, just like any other standard WordPress themed. The topic is not updated automatically. Checking the new themes will help you to be informed only about a new themes release.

Don't change any information about the topic name and it' s release in your style sheet files (style.css). You will not receive any notification and will not be able to upgrade the design, otherwise use the FTP methode. Marktplatz username - place your Themeforest username here. Classified API Keys - You can obtain it by either following the Get API Keys in your administration area button, or by following this URL:

Skipping the Topic Backed Up Before Updating - this allows you to choose whether or not to back up the topic currently in the selected topic or not. Save all your archive files in a ..wp-contentChurchope-backups... directory. It is also possible to refresh the design using the FTP methodology.

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