Themeforest Video Template

Video Template Themeforest

And TheLanding is a simple landing page with half or full page video options! Brooklyn theme is easy to install? The Layout Editor with live preview, step-by-step instructions and video narration. Magnifies the video in a lightbox: Modern design is perfect for full-screen images and videos.

Movie Forest - Video HTML template after template_path

The Video forest is the largest package of all time, containing 10 practical and truly interoperable homepages along with an sleek look. The Video Forestry Template is fully accountable for what works flawlessly on all types of advanced equipment. Cleaner and colder looks make Video Forest one of a kind in the whole wide range of video games. Beeube' s main focus of our designs is to create a fully-fledged video website for our customers....

CactusThemes' VideoPro - Video WordPress Topic from VideoPro

Please evaluate and comment on this appealing video topic if you like, so we can make better of you. This is the most powerfull WordPress topic for video web sites. Building on our True Mag story, the largest video story on the web, VideoPro has more uniquely designed capabilities to help you create any type of video website.

No matter if it's games, movies, messages, entertainments, science... VideoPro can do it! contains Cactus video; Cactus Actor; Cactus Landingpage 1.0.1; VideoPro - Shortcodes; contains Cactus video; Cactus Actor; Visual Composer 5.5.2;

VideGo - Reactive Video Site Template from CrunchPress

The VideoGo is an attractive HTML template for video pages that has been created for video-focused websites, blogs, journals and websites. There are also eCommerce shop template. The VideoGo is created with Twitter Bootstrap, with an attractive styling that makes it a great solution for all your equipment. Key features: jQuery advanced sliders and jQuery effect. A few of the page layouts contained are:

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A new function: The Inspiro is an extremely versatile WordPress Warehouse topic. Here are some samples of websites you can design (all these layout can be readily imported). We' d like to make it easier for you to use the Page Builder using Dragging & Dropping, so we have added four preconfigured styles that you can simply click to get into Inspiro.

Homepage slide show support YouTube and self-hosted video wallpapers. Simply type the YouTube video url or post your own video and the design does the work. The Inspiro comes with a gorgeous video light box built into the homepage slide show where you can show YouTube or Vimeo video. That makes this WordPress Warehouse topic a good option if you have a video of a video that you want to show on the title page.

Now you can view video or pictures in a light box in Portfolio posts anywhere: on the portfolio archives page, in the Portfolio Showcase homepage broadget, on portfolio mail pages. Light box function in the portfolio archive: Light box video in a separate portfolio post: Appending a video to be shown in a light box is very easy.

If you have shortcuts to video assets on your website or on a special video host, you can either type a youtube or Vimeo video or use the SelfHosted video option: Customise colours and lettering in the design directly from the themes customiser. Build your own side bar with the available Widget.

And you can set your homepage to show the slide show at the top and your latest blogs at the bottom. Homepages can be simply generated using integrated broadgets such as Portfolio Showcase, Portfolio Scroller, Single Page or other available broadgets. The Gallery function lets you make individual contributions with photographs and art works in different formats, and display them in a raster format.

Once you have the Jetpack plug-in enabled, activate the Tiled Gallery function and you can add nice tiles to your posts: There is a new functionality in release 2. A one-sided broadget for the homepage. Allows you to use the Widget as a main page flag for a page and display the presented picture as wallpaper.

The Inspiro topic allows you to create your own store and begin to sell! Design is fully compliant with the WooCommerce plug-in. Are you looking for more WordPress topics? The Inspiro is on our best listing of WordPress topics.

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