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But it's not all sunshine and rainbows over at ThemeForest. Topic bloating is the first question to think about when discussing ThemeForest against something else. ThemeForest vs. Elegant Themes vs. StudioPress vs.

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In order to maintain this free of charge feature, we earn referral fees through some of our members. In the past, it was hard for customers and companies to build sophisticated Web sites without costly designer. Now, there are many website templateservices available that provide expert website design for a split second. All of the best website templates will be covered in this comparative paper so that you can find the right solution for your needs.

Prior to starting your quest, you must be clear that these website templates do not really hoster your website - you are in charge of having your own domain(s) and selecting a web site that offers web site hosting, be it or one of many other web sites. Read our comparative Best Web hosting solutions for our top selection.

The permissions you have to use the best Web templating service available for the different topics are very different. There are some, like StudioPress and Elegant Topics, that allow you to buy full licences for their topics and use them on as many sites and domain names as you want; others are much more restricted, according to the kind of price pack you buy (e.g. RocketTheme).

If you are a website builder, remember that the price schedules for some of our checked products do not allow you to resell your artwork. Make sure that you review the General Business Considerations for each Web Template Server that you are considering. Lastly, let's run through some other considerations you should consider when selecting a website submission tool.

WordPress many departments have only WordPress layouts. Are you going to create an e-commerce shop and need an e-commerce submission? Are you running a web shop and need several layouts? Want to use your artwork on more than one website? We have summarized all these issues for you in our review and advantages and disadvantages to help you find the best possible support for your needs.

Please be aware that we use the words topic and pattern as interchangeable. A ThemeForest is a large networking site that allows a designer to resell their artwork, but unlike a 99design, there are fixed rates (no bidding). You' ll have instant messaging experience and you' ll have instant messaging tools to help you get started. As a reward, you'll have instant messaging tools that are filled with users ratings and feedbacks.

Your purchased item includes a set timeframe for receiving tech assistance from the subject writer, which is expandable (in most cases), and you have the ability to add a professionally installed or expanded license for resale to the item. You have many possibilities to browse by topic and limit it - you can browse by CMS (e.g. WordPress), feature, pricing and users ratings.

Adaptability and functionality varies greatly, and not all themes are "quality-checked" by ThemeForest, so be sure to check the users' ratings before buying (and make sure the mean rating is high enough!). Pricing varies greatly depending on ThemeForest, but the licence conditions do not. Every pattern gives you the opportunity to purchase a standard $19 - $100+ licence that will entitle you to a one-way licence for either you or your customer.

Theme Forest will charge between $900 and $3,000 for an expanded licence for the same disposable artwork (including the artwork and a "buyer's fee") if you are a website builder looking to resell your package. StudioPress is not only a great WordPress submission tool, but also winning for the best web submission tool.

They are all built into the Genesis Framework, widely known as one of the best WordPress framework, offering quick load, safe, portable and easy access to source codes. Your originals are easy to transcribe on portable equipment (i.e. they are responsive) and their combined cost competitiveness and simplicity is unmatched.

Navigating the site is simple, and its Topic Selection function makes locating the right templates an entertaining and comfortable experience. All templates are delivered with 100% lifelong developer lifecycle update coverage (and current clients receive strong rebates on prospective purchases), and they offer you many plugins and widgets to build your website.

These services work only with WordPress, which may reject some clients, and they have no built-in advertisements in their template (although, if you know what the source is, you can add it). Just like the Elegant Topics below, StudioPress also provides a high degree of user-friendliness when it comes to licencing. By purchasing any subject, you get limitless use of subjects, which means that you can use them on so many sites and domain names that you own.

You may also resell sites that you develop as a programmer using their template, but the purchaser does not have full control over the StudioPress automated update and maintenance services. StudioPress retains the copyright to the subject matter. The Elegant Topics is an all-in-one kind of website where you have easy and fast online entry to all of its 87 Topics for a yearly fee of $69 for the domestic base.

Configuring your website with your template is simple and straightforward. Stylish theme styles only work with WordPress. The Elegant Topics is one of the most lavish licensed service. Each price plan gives you full control over all their topics, and you can use one or all of them on an infinite number of sites and domain names that you own.

You may also resell sites you make with your own template, but the purchaser does not have full control over the automated updating and supporting of Elegant theming. You cannot regard the subject as your own invention. Each plan comes with full topic coverage, periodic upgrades and a 30-day cash back warranty.

There' a great deal to like about Templatic, another WordPress pure templating tool. Most of their designs have an integrated ad slot, and they are able to adapt the ads to your audiences. Your e-commerce submissions are first class, with all the enhancements you want to be selling on-line. They' also doing a good job incorporating your page content into the style sheets so your Facebook visitors can add comments to your page via their Facebook account, giving you more presence on them.

Each template is encoded and engineered for the highest possible results, and about half of their template is fast responding. Our top pick and top pick are not as stunning as our top pick, but there are many more topics to pick from. The Templatic solution provides developers update and maintenance only for one year after purchasing.

There is also a limitation on how many sites you can integrate your designs into. Multi-use plan gives you the right to resell your projects to your existing customer base. You can also use the installation services provided by Templatic: TriveThemes is our number three website template agency. These are the services you want when your website is designed to turn traffic into customer, or when you are creating and maintaining this type of website for your customer (note that they only have WordPress templates).

Your design is easy but sophisticated, but does not provide nearly as many template as other service. It is possible to buy individual template for only 49 , but you will not get all the functions. You have a 30-day cash back warranty and receive outstanding ratings from customers. ThriveThemes allows you to buy a standalone design for a single-user licence (e.g. $49 for the "Rise" theme) or an unrestricted licence for your own use ( $67).

If you purchase individual topics, you do not get authorization to use that topic on your customers' Web sites. However, as we mentioned earlier, when you purchase a particular topic, you won't get full ThriveThemes functionality. The Thrive themmes member price plan gives you unrestricted acces to all template, plugin, update and technical assistance.

Because of the large scale of our Best Website Templates comparison table, it will appear on a seperate page so you can refer to it more conveniently. Have a look at our Best Website Templates comparison chart (or click on the picture on the left) for detail on the businesses and related benefits that we check out in this article.

The following is an alphabetical list of all the submission web pages we have checked. The DreamTemplate website is a specialty website that offers flash and streaming content as well as a range of website, CMS, MS Word and PowerPoint content. At $59.95 a year, you can get all 6000+ of your artwork and use up to 50 themes simultaneously on any number of Web pages for $59.95 a year - a great option if you're creating or maintaining multiple Web pages simultaneously.

DreamTemplate's themes look a bit obsolete, and you need to use HTML editor and Photoshop to turn your template into a fully functioning website (i.e. no WordPress, Joomla, etc. related templates). Finding your way through its 6,000 template pages is awkward - the website could use better results. DreamTemplate's one-year plan gives you full template control, and you can use 50 template files on any number of sites.

Are you a website builder, you can use these 50 template for your customers, but if you are over 50, you will need to buy an extra $59.95 each. Every member gives you limitless sites for 50 submissions. The RocketTheme offers template files that are WordPress, Joomla, phpBBB and Magento compliant. Only a few topics are available for selection and most of their topics are cross-platform dual.

Although it seems that each site has its own set of topics, in fact there are far fewer than you think. The RocketTheme has a "Club" listing that allows you to select more than one theme for your site, but you can only use it on one site (a site license).

So, if you have several locations that monitor you, the charges begin to rise as you try to do so. Pricing for templates ranges from $49 to $300 and is reasonable, but we suggest you look elsewhere for a better choice at a similar cost. It is not the templateservice for those who need flexibility to simultaneously gain multi-platform and multi-site license rights.

First of all, the fees you are paying for a particular submission or member account only cover one site. If, for example, you buy the topic "Acacia" in Joomla size, you will not receive the WordPress document "Acacia". You' d have to buy that seperately. Also, the same regulations govern your Joomla subscription - you can get full control of all your Joomla content from a central location (e.g. Joomla membership).

Like mentioned above, Rocket Theme club memberships give you the right to view all your RocketTheme templates on the platforms you are subscribing to (Joomla, WordPress, Magento or phpBB). The Template Monster has the widest range of template options from which you can select from all the tested service options. There are many possibilities to select from - responsive redesign, flashing, e-commerce and more.

They provide layouts for almost any conceivable platforms, such as WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, Magento, etc. The price for individual licenses for artwork ranges from $15 to $300. But where TemplateMonster can get really costly are all the additional charges they levy for things like putting your own logos, modifying the colour schemes, access to plugins or enhancements, many of which are other included features in their price.

Knowing what you want in advance can make TemplateMonster an outstanding tool, but you need to watch out for any extra charges that can be bewildering and high. If you want to use a bought submission for more than one website and domain, your only choice is $3,000 to $4,000 (but if you're a programmer, you get authorization to use the submission for your customers' websites).

Like some other service providers, there are no subscription or club providers that give you multi-sheet membership for a small charge; you buy each one-way sample for a fixed charge of $15 to $300. However, it is somewhat ambiguous how much individualization you can make with this flat rate purchasing. Here is an example of additional cost options for a base WordPress submission that is $75: In this example, which is pretty much standard for Monster template, a customized WordPress submission that provides good functionality, you will run $331.

This is for a one-way bill. WordPress - only some of the most sophisticated and professionally designed WordPress themes we have ever seen, and they provide many customisation possibilities for your work. Prizes are on the high side for a single subject that ranges from $49-$139, but like some other service providers you can also charge a fixed royalty for accessing all 55 themes.

Altogether, Woo Themes is definitely value to see if you can buy the higher one. Although WooThemes prices are slightly higher than some of its rivals, they provide limitless use of websites and domains for all bought artwork - and you can resell your final products at no additional cost.

Quite literally, several hundred thousand website submissions are available to you. When selecting a website submission, there are many factors to consider, not just how it looks (though that's important). Your final submission could have a big influence on the overall performance of your website, so make sure you consider all your choices before making a final choice.

What website templates do you lean on? Have you found a favourite one?

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