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ThemeForest is the most popular for Site Templates, HTML Templates & Other Web Plugins that buy and sell marketplaces. Below are some reasons to be very careful with your chosen topics.

What is the best way to post your HTML or Wordpress page templates on Themeforest?

This is a brief tutorial for novices on how to create and post an HTML or Wordpress page layout on Themeforest. Topemeforest is a great way to earn a massive revenue stream for a web development and web design company. Next you will find the section "Upload an entry" and select the appropriate templates from a drop-down list (e.g. "PSD templates", "Location templates" or "WordPress").

To fill the Name and Descriptions text boxes, you should find the Name & Descriptions section on the Templates Edit page. Your submission should have a clear name, and contain a brief text. Example: "SUPER -COPY0 - SUPER -COPY17 Agency PSD Template". Notice that each of the words in the name is capitalized (except for prefixes and conjunctions) and a hyphen is used as the separator between the name and the brief name.

Text placed here will be shown on the templates map next to the thumbnail in the results area. Here you should place the most important functions of your templates. Such as what kind of grids are used, how many pages you have created, whether your submission contains details of documents, and so on.

In order to make a descriptive text for your artwork, we suggest you use this stunning utility to see your text with your marks down on it. Thing is that Themeforest has no built-in utilities to work with your transcript descript. Themeforest' typically consists of eight block templates: "Via template", "Small preview", "Contained files" (or "Contained pages"), "Fonts used", "Symbols used", "Images used", "Changelog" and "Notes".

This section explains the most important functions and the extent of the templates. Small preview" section is a long advertising picture whose primary aim is to encourage the client to make a sale. This section, "Files Included" (or "Pages Included"), is a listing of the major data items that the client receives after purchasing.

In the section "Changelog" all templates and changes are displayed. Notes " is just a memory for a client. This means that all pictures in the artwork will only be used for previewing and will not be part of the retail package. This is how typically templates can look like: P>Name - cold and refreshing presentation of your choice for your cold apsum.

Wildcards allow you to quickly locate the picture containers and modify a picture view. Sample data base on Bootstrap 3 with 1170px grids. The graphical depiction of the artwork should be eye-catching to encourage the client to make a decision. A picture like this can contain the most attractive pages in a great mockup, animated UI element PDFs and so on.

Briefly, here you can visualize your templates functions. It' important to split your graphical descriptions into parts, because sometimes Themeforest downloads such long pictures wrong. As a rule, the width of a part of the graphical picture is 590 or 616 pixels and the length is less than 2000 pixels.

You can download our free graphical descriptive copy of the pdf file here. To fill the boxes "Thumbnail", "Theme Preview", "Main Files" ? (optional) "WordPress Theme" you should find the section "Files" on the page for the editing of templates. "The " thanumbnail " is used to draw the client's interest to your submission in a suggested mailing lists. There can be two parts: a templates icon and a workshop group.

You should save the previews primary picture ("Preview") in a zipped file "Theme Preview". You use the previews primary screen to draw the customer's eye to your submission in the results lookup catalog. On the basis of this picture, the client can decide whether to take a closer look at the original or not. You are strongly advised to watch out for a "preview" as it can potentially boost your selling of templates.

Typically a thumbnail picture will consist of four parts: a templates icon, a workshop section (e.g. workshop), a brief feature listing (e.g. what kind of raster you have used, the number of pages you have created, your templates have details, etc.) and a promotion (e.g. some pages in a fun mockup).

You should save the resulting "Preview" as a JPEG of 590x300 pixels and label it "01_preview.JPEG". The thumbnail should be stored in a zipped file "Theme Preview". Here You can find our free copy of the free pdf-file of "Preview" for ?You . "is only an archives containing templates previews (screenshots) and previews ("Preview").

Any thumbnails should be stored as PNG and should be called as shown below. Up to 900x900 pixels is the max image for thumbnails. "This is how the contents of the zipped file "Theme Preview" should look like. "Themeforest does not allow you to sell any of your documents without having them approved. They can be PDF, DOCX, TXT or even HTML documents.

Master file ("main files") are the most important part of your master, as your client receives these file after purchasing the master. "The Main File archives are only archives containing templates ("Template" folder) and documentations ("Documentation" folder). As an example, the Main File archives for PSD templates should look like this:

For HTML templates, you should store your projects in the " templates " directory. For Wordpress templates, you should change the name of the file to "WordPress Theme". For HTML documentations, you should store all necessary data in the "Documentation" directory. Please be aware that all contents (photos, artwork, etc.) should only be used for previewing and should not be part of the purchaseable package.

To fill in the boxes, you should find the section "Category & Attributes" on the Edit templates page. Notice that if you select the incorrect catagory, your submission will not go through the verification proces. Thamesforest does not authorize HTML and Wordpress submissions for resale without them. You can fill in the remaining boxes ("Compatible Browsers", "Files Included", "Columns", etc.) at your own option.

To fill the Day box, you should find the section "Tags" on the Editing templates page. Please note this box as a client can find your pattern using these keys. Correctly chosen labels can help you boost your revenue. Unless you know how to correctly choose your tag, we suggest that you copy some of them from competitive files.

Should you find the "Support Your Item" section on the Templates page and the Ask "Item Support? Keep in mind that a yes reply means that you are answering the survey and helping your clients tailor your submission. It is recommended that you find the "Set Your Price" section on the templates page and choose the pricing at your own option.

In selecting a prize, we suggest that you assume your competitors' submissions have offered the best bid. Then you should find the "Message to Reviewer" section on the Edit templating page and type something like "Hello again" in the "Comments" area. Simply search and click the "Upload" icon at the bottom of the page to edit your work. You have two kinds of preset updates: descriptive & pricing updating and file & tag updating.

All you can do is refresh the descriptions and prices, not the templates. In addition, you can only refresh file and tag updates, not templates descriptions or prices. Updating the templates descriptions, prices, files, as well as tag information will immediately apply the changes to the descriptions and prices, while applying the changes to the file and tag information after the validation procedure.

They should find and click the register card "Edit" under the picture "Preview" on the pattern page. Check the "Update Descriptions & Price" section on the Update template page and modify the descriptions and prices. It is recommended that you find the "Update Descriptions & Price" section on the templates update page and modify templates file and tag.

Once deleted, you cannot recover the original. They should find and click the register card "Edit" under the picture "Preview" on the pattern page. Then you should find the "Delete the Item" section on the page to update the item and add a brief note to clear the item. Themeforest offers you a wide range of services to help you find the right authors for your project. If you are interested in what a standard Themeforest authors' profile looks like, you can find it at ?

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