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ThemeForest' Top 35 Most Popular HTML/5 Website Templates (2017)

Stand out features: Best sold HTML page style sheet ever. Lots of homepage style, lots of layout files. Elementary to intermediate form of contacts. New RTL backup. Stand out features: Single-page and multi-page HTML5 templates for creating any website. Fifteen heading and ten menustyles, seven footing style. Bootingstrap 3, less CSS, SASS languages including.

Functioning Djax Contactsheet, Widgettized MegaMamenu. Infineon offers 165+ templates, a large selection of lattices. Seven slide controls with 20+ templates, 45 blogs, e-commerce store templates, 50+ scaleable shortcuts. Stand out features: More than 100 HTML templates, registration templates for admin. Multicolumn Mega Mouse, two-level drop-down lists. Intermediate modes include HTML, Formulare and I-Frames, Auto-Show and Delay-Show option.

Stand out features: 20-plus page layout, ideal for web sites with a portfolios. Load Ajax HTML pages. Contacts page with Google Maps. Stand out features: Reactive HTML5 and CSS3 table-less designs. Fifteen page templates with Home, Team and About. jQuery expanded, Portfoliofiltering, support HTML5 user-defined medium. Anjax / PHP Contactstform. Stand out features:

Use HTML5 and CSS3 for easy access, Twitter bootstrap supported. First-class slider, all functions for shopping interior including. Stand out features: Created with HTML5 and CSS3. There are 3 menustyles, 3 pedalstylestyles. Stand out features: CSS3 HTML5, bootstrap 3 supported, less data contained. There are 3 menus, 4 contacts.

Stand out features: Power supply via bootstrap. #175+ HTML templates, one-page and multi-page demonstrations. Whites and darks menubar style, multi-page cover style. High performance short codes, working Ajax Contactsheet. EmailChimp and RTL capabilities. Stand out features: Multipurpose HTML5 HTML Plate, Bootstrap 3 Framework. Heldenszenen, price charts, PHP-Kontaktformular. Built-in MailChimp, embedded community content management.

Stand out features: Lots of preconfigured pages, eCommerce layout. Several raster layout, service modes. Twenty adjustable headstocks, paraallax effect. Input scrolling effect, slider in upper Widget area, CSS3-animation. Adjustable by the ton, retinal symbols, working feedback forms. User-defined Google Spreadsheets, HTML5, CSS3 supports. Stand out features: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap Frameworks, full featured CSS Assistant functionality.

More than 15 demonstration pages, eCommerce layout. Twenty-two colour schemes, twenty head demonstrations, nine foot demonstrations, twelve breadcrumb demonstrations. Font Awesome symbols. EmailChimpupport, working mailbox. Stand out features: Extended HTML5 templates, CSS3, jQuery. Stylish swingers, 360+ icon, jax contacts.

Stand out features: Multi-purpose HTML5 templates, CSS3, bootstrap. Includes 200+ custom layout, 600+ templates, 19 headstocks. Unrestricted colour scheme, 1000+ UI functions, 40+ shortcuts. RTL-enabled, RTL-enabled, as well as fully integrated software for SEO and eCommerce. Stand out features: Classical HTML templates, jQuery extended. Dozens of templates, store pages. More than 360 symbols, widgets for the latest news and Flickr. More than 360 symbols, admin / PHP contactsheet.

Stand out features: Functioning PHP/ Ajax/MySQL email registration forms for prospective clients. Stand out features: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 3, SCSS. This is one of the best HTML5 templates for trip and trip bookings. Includes 140+ HTML and 3 different style fields. There are 10 colored skin, different menus, eye-catching preloader. Eight headlines, seven footline style.

Over 180 user-defined imagery and symbol font. Google Image Library, Google Image Pop-up Window. Stand out features: HTML5 20+ page formats, several page transition. Four colour scheme, nine background, touch-optimised portable pattern. HD 60+ retina navigation symbols, retina symbols, retina symbols. Contacts request forms with validations. Stand out features: HTML5, CSS3. Seven page layout, portable web site HTML templates for iPhone, iPad, Android and more.

jQuery fancyboxes with motion graphics. Stand out features: HTML, HTML-Sheet. Multipage laysouts, 5 colored skin, 3 slide shows for each one. Functioning Contacts Formula with JavaScript authentication. There are two different thematic administration registration possibilities. Portfolios with thematic previews. Stand out features: Best sold HTML picture templates, HTML5, CSS3.

Fullscreen sliders / Movie / Images, all Ajax. Portfolios pages with descriptions and thumbnails, individual mail layout including. Functioning contacts forms, symbols for softwares. Stand out features: Multi-purpose HTML templates with modulated structures. Time line blogs and portfolios layout. Stand out features: Kreative Parallaxe, Portfoliosubmission. Created with HTML5/CSS3 using the bootstrap frameworks.

Full-featured alternate mail order service. Stand out features: The HTML submission that is best for physicians, healthcare providers, hospital and healthcare organisations. There are 6 homepage layout, 20+ page layout. Various galleries layout, video tutorials. More than 50 symbols, alphabetical term sheet. Stand out features: Multi-purpose HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap templates. Chapter headings, prefabricated layout. In 2000+ scaleable symbols, contents controls with call to action keys.

Functioning enquiry sheet. Stand out features: The HTML5 templates are bootstrap templates. Work with Ajax / PHP Contacts and Registration Sheets. Stand out features: E-commerce store signage, 245+ retinal-icon.  Ajax powerfull Contacts with Google Maps. Intuitive controls for portable equipment, bright and dim layout. Stand out features:

Good for travel and touring, HTML5 page style sheet, latest bootstrap. Eleven home pages, four colours, 2500 net-free symbols. CS3 Animation, browse through the chart. Wettervorsage-Didget, Twitter-Feed and Bootstrap Notify plug-in. Stand out features: Various navigational and page style items. Functioning enquiry sheet. Stand out features: Good for CVs, HTML5 and CSS3, user-defined bootstrap frameworks.

Four resume lifestyles, Google type. Stand out features: HTML5, CSS3. There are 6 homepage layout, 45 HTML file, 15 sample background. Download our /PHP / Ayax price table. #250+ societal symbols, #90+ societal symbols... # Stand out features: The HTML5 Responsive template for trip offices, can be used for restaurants, recreation and more. Based on Bootstrap 3, including CSS3.

New RTL backup. Stand out features: Booting trap-based, minimum, low profile hostingsheet. Reactive Web Host Manager Complete Solution (WHMCS) templates. MMCS embedded domains searching and registration dialog. jQuery powered and working Contactsheet. Stand out features: Reactive and motion graphics come soon pattern. Multiple items, Ajax Newsletter. Fast load. Do you know any really cool HTML/HTML5 templates (preferably with numbers of sales)?

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