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Étiquettes : Wiki, Hilfe, Help, Help Desk réactif, HTML-Template, Knowledge Base, Support Desk, Support Template, Theme, uikitVoir toutes les balises. Wikilogie - Wiki & Blog WordPress themes by GloriaThemes wikiogy is a wordpress topic that is a page of news, blogs and encyclopedias. With the encyclopaedia topic Wikilogy WordPress you can generate periodic and specialized information. Log, dictionary, content, archives, databases, knowledge bases and directories such as Wikipedia can be created with Wiikilogy. There are many functions and items in the design;

you can modify the design using the expanded Topic Option pane and the Page Builder function.

You can use it for all your blogs and contents! They have a WordPress encyclopaedic plug-in system, WordPress alphabetic index and WordPress archival topic with WordPress Library topic wikilogy. The Wikilogy is the best topic related viki, wikipedia and encyclopedia topic on the shelves. Please contact our customer care department for further information. Our customer care services are very convenient.

Please click here to go to our technical assistance area. - Add: Added utility tip item for content. - added: Authors lists item. - added: character string part. - Add: Mailinglist system for the content. - Add: Bootstrap 4 backup. Awesome 5 font assistance. - added: Wikipedia Script page Wikipedia page Wikipedia Social Link. Identify the issue in the associated content.

Table of Contents. Children's topic. Table of Contents. Demo-contents. Demo-contents.

Knowledge base KnowPress/Wiki for WordPress from ividappleyard

KnowledgePress is a WordPress knowledgebase with which you can build an individual knowledgebase with items and information. It' perfectly suited for a support/FAQ system and unbelievably simple to maintain and upgrade. We' ve thought long and hard about how a knowledgebase should work, and each page has an embedded shortcut "Quick Edit".

Available in five different colors, KnowPress allows you to quickly and easily customize it to your individual look or your make. KnowledgePress is an easier way to build your own information based knowledgebase /iki / data bank without requiring engineering skills or specialist know-how! Updated: v1.3: We have published an updated that contains a solution for most (hopefully all!) of the problems mentioned in the last few commentaries.

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