Themeforest Wordpress Blog Theme

Wordpress Themeforest Blog Theme

Blog Brixton - An appealing WordPress blog theme from Gljivec The WordPress Blog theme is the heart of any good WordPress website powered website. The Brixton brand offers a singular styling that is beloved by thousands of satisfied clients! The Brixton Responsive WordPress Blog Theme. That' s why we chose to take it to another plane and introduce some great new functionality. Don't be afraid, all new functions can be switched on and off.

Brixton will remain your own unique product. Anyone who loves Brixton the way it is will keep your designs up. It is our belief that the initial styling must remain the same so that those who enjoy it will not be let down by the 4 Series. The decision was made to divide the PSD-TEMPLAT of the topic for free.

Let's see what some of the most thrilling new functions are: By integrating Revolution Slider, we wanted to add a new layer of interactivity to the theme when you need it. Who doesn't know the best known and most advanced slider in the WordPress word? The Slider Revolution is an advanced, highly reactive WordPress Slider plugin that beautifully presents your work.

Slider, carousel, hero scene or even a whole title page, with the powerful graphical draw & dropdown interface you can tell your own story in no time at all! But, as with all other functions, if you don't need it, you just can't view it, and your design stays exactly the same.

On the homepage you will find many more variants of the use of the revolutionary slide valve. Every side bar can contain one or more Widget(s). Some of the best instances where we can show what can be added to Brixton are: The magazine styled demonstration allows you to see how widgets are placed before and after the body of the blog.

Additional contents can be anything from a basic post-slide show to full featured videos for your own interactivity. You can also use the Revolution Slider to further subdivide the contents to create an even more "magazine-like" feeling. On the other hand, the theme looks like without the body of the blog, only with Widget. We' ve made several new Widgets for this version to get a more interactively look-and-feel of the theme.

Now it' time for some great new functions. Don't be afraid, nothing big in regards to your designs and all new functions can be switched on and off. To make sure everyone who loves it the way it is, your styling will stay the same. Let us see what some of the most thrilling new functions are:

Here are some of the sites that are clients created with Brixton: From 71 reviews on products, Brixton WordPress Blog Theme has got a hefty 64 five-star reviews. Our clients appreciate our topic and our committed customer service. We' ve just added the box edition to the Brixton line and I think it looks really great.

Follows the fashionable tipster style with a blend of refined style and style. Brixton gets you to the point, no needless slide shows and annotations, just the information you need, presented cleanly and minimally. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter Widget cover all your most important media without additional effort.

Created with great dedication by our small pool of gifted designer, with the wish to create the best possible Wordpress blog for you. The following is a fast paced graphical demonstration of some of the key capabilities of the Brixton Wordpress Blog Theme. And if you like the trendy hipsters combined with elegant style, we have just published a theme for hairdressers and barbers in a similar look.

Principal colour is defined in the theme's option with handy colour selection, so you have limitless choices when it comes to colours.

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