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Texture - Construction WordPress Topic of ThemeMove Structure is the reactive WordPress topic for technical companies such as civil engineers, architectural companies, etc.. Based on the needs of the site, Structure provides the best possible clear and polished website for you. WooCommerce is also sponsored in these areas. The functions of the Visual Composer offer you the possibility to create your website according to your wishes by dragging and dropping.

Therefore, we have upgraded the structure to make it fully compliant with Wordpress 4.9. x and the latest versions of plug-ins. It won't be with Structure anymore. With more than 3000 satisfied clients who own buildings, constructions and other related companies, your web sites and work are fantastic. With this new release of Structure we have already added a new homepage 08 that fully supports Mega Menu for your new look and feel.

With Structure, all blueprints look great on any machine of any dimension. We' ve already examined the DIY store and know what an entrepreneur needs on his website. With our intelligent and easy website you will have the great expertise to customize a building site. So if you have a truly exceptional contractor, don't be afraid to visit the Structure demos to see how our over 3000 friendly clients were loved at first glance.

These are not part of the subject and are NOT contained in the definitive purchasing file. Optimise the coding that is compliant with the latest VC release. Mended:: Smaller bssugs. Added: Settings in Customizing for Mail Include: Mail layouts, mail features picture, mail writer boxes. Added: Settings in Customizing to control categories layouts, searching engine layouts.

The latest Visual Composer release. Maps shortcut for Visual Composer to modify maps styles, maps selection. Mended:: Colour of the text in the menue. Mended:: Smaller CSS Bug. Added: Contacts page layouts. Added: New page layouts for the services page. Added: New Contacts Layouts. Mended:: Mended:: Smaller CSS Bug. Mended:: Smaller CSS Bug. The Essential Grid is updated with the latest release 2.0.

Mended:: Smaller CSS Bug. Classical blogs look. Fully Wordpress 4.2.x. 10 compliant. Solved: Navigate in the weblog templates. Mended:: Smaller CSS Bug. Mended:: Solved: Crush browcrumb and headers on the phone. Mended:: Smaller CSS Bug. Added: Adjust breccrumb settings in Customizing.

Added: Colour settings for the Shift key in theustomizer. Solved: Gap in safety. Solved: Miniature view elevation on the Item Details page. Mended:: Fixed: Small CSS bug. Portable meal. Added: (HOT) A click on the automatic refresh for a new themes release (In Wordpress Admin Panel). Added: Under building site. Mended:: Delete the Visual Composer alert licence.

Fixed: Small CSS-blows. Enhance the Customizing. Mended:: Mended:: Mended:: Issue with the portable menue with the homepage 02, 03, 05. 6. Repaired: a small bow bss. Activate the scrolling bar colour modification in the Customizing. Fixed: Gooey menue and some small bugs in your browser window.

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