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Multipurpose Wordpress & Ultimate WooCommerce Topic by M Topic Postage is a response Wordpress + eCommerce topic that is highly adaptable, simple to use and fully reactive. Appropriate for all types of commercial, corporate, portfolio, blogs and e-commerce websites. Postage comprises 30 homepage designs and skinings and has a wide range of variations to suit every use. Texts and shape, still images, single video; super menus and 3-step drop-down menus;

extra pages:

Added a topic item to deactivate the logon dialog under Topic items -> Woocommerce. - Solved a problem downloading items after the items were sorted on the pages of the item history when using endless scrolling or downloading of more. - Updated topic settings to allow you to choose font styles for the paragraphs, footers, and footers in Skin->Typography.

  • Fixed "display:flex" does not work in safari, IE 10 problem. - Solved a bug where some composite items were not scanned. - Add: "Overwrite current content" option in demonstration immporter. Enabling these option before starting the upload will delete duplicate contributions (contributions, pages, appendices, etc.) with the same ID and add new contributions so that your new trial upload can show the right one.

Postage Lightbox VC Item Bow; - Fixed:

Wishlist symbol error; - Fixed: several 1 h tags problems; - Fixed: Postage picture box VC item bug; - Added float left/right options for sharing the page socially. - The option to change the header page location to left/right has been added. - Resolved Shopping Cart 1 release 1, continue with the check-out problem. - Postage event VC item bugs resolved.

  • Visual composite plug-in update. - updated viewer composite plug-in. - porto product category element bugs resolved. - This is the latest release of the included plug-in now. Update plug-in for the revolutionary slide control. - Troubleshooting the problem with the side bar creator bugs. Update plug-in for the visually minded musician. - fixed problem with smaller topic option. Update plug-in for the visually minded musician.

Added scrapper cushion fill feature to the headline of the gooey headline in the top level drop-down list of the submenu. Logotype in Topic Settings > General > Logotype, Icons added. Added icon fonts in Topic Optionen > Script > Typography. Added Footstep Wallpaper Pallax to Topic Settings > Haut > Footer. Back to the blogs section under Topic settings > Post > Single post added.

Added a new postal merry-go-round in the topic options > Mail > Mail > Post-carry. Update revolutionary slide control, postage shortens plug-in. Update your phantom records. - Trouble with navigating the harbor roundabout has been resolved. - The problem with the contents blocks typ of the searching machine has been solved. - Resolved the problem with the bricklayer design of the portfolios. - Corrected problems with the vc line elevation, the columns were the same elevation.

  • Fix for small problems with CSss and JP. Added postage function, short text boxes. Added shortcut button for user-defined icons. Add user-defined CSR and Java script coding choices to contents type and expression. Added footing widgets within the section Bottom line settings. Added bread crumb limitation check. Added Folder, Member, FAQ archives and subtitle choices.

Refreshed optical componist, postage links, postage Widget plug-ins. Refreshed fonts for single line symbols. The short code for the postage area has been refreshed. Refreshed pedal line templates. Refreshed headers page navigational templates filename. Refreshed page headers templates filenames. Up-to-date member and folder templates. - Corrected problem with character sets for Google fonts.

  • Little problems with chess and ys solved. Upgraded postage contents, postage links, ultimative addon plug-ins. Added new slide show slide show portfolio style with thumbnail views. Added preference to modify the displayed picture in archive in portfolio items. Adds the site name to the investment folder. Added page name preference under View Option.

Added postage lightweight box short code to containers. Added logos and icons to topic settings > General > Logos > Icons. The Show Titles checkbox has been added to Topic Tools > Post > Single Post. Added slide show types under Topic Optionen > Portfolio > Single Pill. Addedtfolios page, Members page, FAQ page items in Topic items.

Added more items under Topic items > Breadcrumbs. Added poststyle settings in Topic Settings > Mail > Blog & Archive. Added the length of contribution extract under Topic Policy> Contribution> Single Contribution. Add the selection item for selecting the subtitle of the investment under Topic Optionen > Portfolio reference > Portfolio reference > Archive.

Added worldwide blog blocks under Topics Option > Post > Single Post, Topics Option > Portfolio > Single Portfolio, Topics Option > Member > Single Member. Added page name skins under Topic Option > Page Skins > Breadcrumbs. Enabled colour, wallpaper colour in Topic Option > Interface > Main Menu > Top Level menu item added.

Head border option under Topic Option > Shell > Skin Topic > Shell > Shell > Shell added. Foot column option added under Topic Option > Floor > Footer Type > Floor Type. - Life-constantly problems solved. - The problem with filter portfolios, members and FAQs has been solved. - resolved the problem with the number of user-defined products tab pages. - Fixed the problem with the motion graphics.

  • Resolved the problem with the progressbar animated tooltips. - Several javascript and bss problems solved. - Corrected the problem with the drop-down filtering of the Voocommerce Apax Filters. - Small-sized issues have been resolved. - Solved problem checking out Whereocommerce. - The problem with the switching between languages has been solved. - Small problems with Java Script solved. - Corrected small problems withss. Added: Updated: Mended::

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