Themeforest Wordpress Theme Download

Wordpress Themeforest Theme Download

Training LMS WordPress theme for eLearning and online courses of StylemixThemes Master's program was specifically created as the WordPress theme for training your educational company. No matter whether you specialise in on-site workshop or on-line course, Master's is the only subject you need to create a lively and convincing centre of study. Drawing on in-depth research in the educational sector, we have created a set of world-class tools that make your job easy - save your precious valuable resources and deliver outstanding results.

Get the best LMS WordPress theme today! Masterstudy is the LMS WordPress Theme, making it easier and more convenient to create, customise and maintain your website. Visual Composer plug-in is bundled so you can create pages in just a few moments with basic pull and drop utilities. The WordPress theme of your master's degree is completely appealing, so you can be sure that your contents will look great on any machine.

Master's program is designed as a learning management system for course list platforms such as Udemy, Training Center, Courses Hub, eLearning Business, College, Academy, University or School.... The most important front-end items are located on Vue. js: In WordPress Backend we use Vue. jump in the Masterstudy LMS Plugin: With Vue. vs. js, Masterstudy is super-fast and intuitively loaded for the end user.

Plugin functions of Masterstudy: LMS WordPress Master's Theme you now have 3 kinds of lessons: text, videos, slideshows. Master's program offers a comprehensive learning management system for the educational industry. There are two ways to do this: by selling your courses: Main features: Master's degree Additional advantages: User-defined side bars and widgets give you ultimate control over the layout of your course contents and the categorization of your course.

Pupils can write evaluations of classes to help disseminate knowledge about their course contents and help you and your tutor meet the highest possible standard. Masterstudy also allows you to design your own event and post your own blogs to motivate and excite your study audience as a WordPress theme for training. Because we want you to get the most out of your master's degree in WordPress, we provide 100% free face-to-face technical assistance and updating.

By installing our demonstration contents with one click you can get going right away! Get the best LMS WordPress theme today! Important: Please take a look at the demonstration and ask any question before you buy to learn more about the topic's functionality (you can use the comments forums or the forum: https://stylemixthemes. com/forums/ - for all pre-sale questions).

Accidental purchase or non-existent functionality cannot be reimbursed. Feel free to get in touch with us at Themeforest.

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