Themeforest Wordpress Theme Tutorial

Wordpress Themeforest Theme Tutorial

Multipurpose Online Documentation, Knowledge Base & Creative WordPress Theme from pixelsacehq Easily create professionally looking on-line handbooks (documentation or knowledge base) or set up a forum where your client can help themselves. You can use WordPress theme with Manual: EIN/AUS after the change date. EIN/AUS Dokumentation Page Redirection to results. EIN/AUS Subsequent change date. Activate page redirection in the results.

IN/OUT hash search. EIN/AUS menu scroller. EIN/AUS Schnellstatus under knowledgebase mail titles. EIN/AUS after the change date. EIN/AUS side bar from the knowledgebase individual pages. The design will be compatibly with the latest add-on plug-ins like awoo, and more. - FATURE ODD 1: - FATURE ODD 2: More VC abbreviations. - EXECUTION FIX 2: Problem with the Redux Framework slide control options.

  • Featured Advd 1: - FIX Bug 1: Hash searching for faq and document. - ADD FACILITY 1: Check/Uncheck the Live search function Mail Navigation/Breadcrumb (Live scan shows Mail navigator for Mail, Frequently Asked Questions, Documenation & Knowledge Base), please go to "Manual Options > Query > Check /Uncheck this function.
  • 2 FATURE ADD: possibility to modify the text "Show all results" & "No results" using "Manual Options", please go to "Manual Options > Find > Alive Search" to modify the text. - Linux error 1: Fixed problem with searching when changing the page locale. - FEATUREADD 3: Possibility to adjust the head of the page.
  • Featureadd5: Added more custom page settings. - Featurure Adjustment 6: Added more custom option for the inventory page. - Featured addu 7: Possibility to use VC Page Builders when building portfolios. - Feature-added 8: Improved searching machine, i.e. displaying data sets for certain user only according to the user permissions.
  • Featurure addu 9: Possibility to include a brief postal address before the heading on the enquiry page. - Featurure Card 10: possibility of a targeted searching from the advertisement to the particular postal code. - Feature 11: Knowledgebase - possibility to secure the categories with passwords and to set the users levels. - FeatURE ODD 12: Knowledge Base - Possibility to give feedback on articles when the users click on the Thumbs Down symbol (click on Disclike Post).
  • Feature Addendum 14: Knowledge base - The possibility to move the side bar of the knowledge base from right to left side and back for the individual page. - faature odd 15: faa q - possibility to set passwords for the categories and to set the users levels. - Featured HDD 16: Frequently Asked Questions - Possibility to include Frequently Asked Questions heading picture.
  • fataure odd 17: Ability to substitute the fast reacting "bar icon" (hamburger menu) with text like... - improved 5: document section. - Featurure Adjustment 4: Like/Dislike text, custom accessible messaging and others can be manually operated. - Feature Update ODD 6: Attach the Troubleshoot function to fix the "Busted!" error when trying to read a particular item in the document and read the text string "Busted!

"Featurure adde 11: Optional deactivation of the name of the writer and the publication date on the lookup page. - Featured HDD 12: User-defined page of results, e.g. headers controls; user-defined wallpaper, titles and subtitles. - footage odd 14: Modify the location of the side bar in the document category. - Featured database 15: possibility to modify the text "view all" for the knowledgebase.

  • Front Fix Problem 4: View pedal row pictures in a posting while performing the WordPress find by default. FIX Problem 4: Show pedal row pictures in a posting. - ButtonADD2: Select the item to show the form in the head window. - Product Enhancement 3: Optional ability to show a basic advanced query or a basic manually performed query in the navigation area. - FeatureADD4: Destination view options (both hamburger menus and query form) in the navigation area.
  • Note 5: Optional activate/deactivate the head area that appears immediately after the icon and menubar. - Product Ad 6: Optional activation/deactivation of the Blogs line item side bars. - With Feature Add 7: Ability to enable/disable spreadcrumb on each KB page. - Apply 8 feature: VC SHORTCODE 1 "FAQ categorie (Widget)".
  • Adds 9 feature: VC SHORTCODE 2 "FAQ Single Category Records" - FIX 1: KB TAG problem. - HIGHLIGHT 1: Displays ONLY OR subordinate OR subordinate OR subordinate category roots for the top page of the knowledgebase. - feature add 2: port folio - user-defined redirection hyperlink added to portfolios detail page.
  • Feature Advisor 3: KNOWLEDGE-BASE - View items by product type in the KB pin header. - Featurureadd4: Displays the user-defined number of contributions under Kategorien for the homepage of the knowledgebase (template page) and speed dial numbers. - audio fatureadd 5: Shortcut both icons and text to "icon with text" in VC.
  • theme service 1: woocommerce. - APPEND FACILITY 1: One ON|OFF contribution to the blogs. - Featurureadd2: knowledgebase allows to vote for regular user OR only for registered user. - form feature. Featurureadd3: The doc allows you to vote for regular user OR only for registered user. - Feature-added 4: like/dislike/impression resets features.
  • QUIX 1: Search problem. - Fix 1: Problem with "Destination Post Type Search -> Standard Live/Normal Destination Search". - The FEATURE ODD 2: Text modification function for using Objective Search. - FATURE ODD 3: Displays the user-defined name/title for the attachments. - Feature AADD 4: Ability to show the heading of the page in the header of a page.
  • feature odd 5: User-definedreadcrumb homepage link for docs. - FEATURE ODD 6: User-defined url of thereadcrumb homepage for the knowledge base. - FEATUREADD 7: Ability to execute any necessary JavaScript when the page is loaded via jax for the document contribution. - FOR FEATURE ODD - for all contributions of the subordinate categories in the superordinate ON|OFF-function.
  • feaature odd 9: possibility to enable or disable the full functionality of visually compiler on the document page on|off. - Feature address 10: Activate/deactivate the display of the headers logos. - AG2: Corrects overlaps in livesearch by incrementing the CSS z index value. - Part 3: Specific searching for postal types. - Fax 1: Problem with searching for documents via FIX 1 after running a hatch scan.
  • ) FIX 1: Heading paraallax picture problem with deactivated scan. - Feature addu 2: Deactivate/sort function for welfare contributions (Manual options). - FeatURE ODD 3: Custom Tag Slug Name for the knowledgebase. - Featurure Adjustment 4: Adjust the 404 page. - Feature Saddle 5: Customize go up icon. - Featured advd 6: Possibility to include a wallpaper for the message toolbar in the bottom line.
  • Featurure Adjustment 7: Complete Customizing::: Configuration of the document head for the categorie. - Feature addu 10: Contribution to the documentary paper. - fataure odd 11: possibility to modify the mail advertisement by name for the documentary. - Featureadded 12: New Portfolio Template. Disable next/previous link" in the topic settings.
  • Dancing 2: Activate social security contribution" function on your portfolios pages. - Fixed 1: Function of the portfolios page "Deactivate portfolio::: - Fixed 2: Flip searching "Flip placeholder text" problem. - feature odd 1: Documentation pages that can be accessed via a hyperlink. - Feature Edit 2: Abbreviated Code::: - Enable/disable the ON/OFF function for activating/deactivating the query field at the top of each Knowledge Base entry.
  • removal 4 on/off function, removes the sidebar from the FAQ page. - ON/OFF function to activate/deactivate the lookup field on the page of the document group. - Featured Adjustment 8: Manual Framework :: Implemented image of features. - ADD 9 FEATURE: Manual Framework::: - 10 ADD FEATURE: 10 ETD IDGET ::

Displays a user-defined knowledge database broadget. - Featurure Adjustment 11: Full Footer Layout Adjustment. - Press FIX 1: KB Mail disappears in the target languages. - Fix 2: Problem for the publication contribution (FAQ/knowledge base/documentation) that does not have a categorization. - FEATURE ACCEPT 1: Access documents by roles. - Featured 3D : VC - Featured 3D : VC Shortcode de la VC - Featured 3D : VC - Featured 3D : VC Shortcode de la VC Shortcode du groupe de connaissances du client.

  • FEA ATURE ODD - fea ature odd 1: - fea ature odd 2: reset logohigh, upper edge function added. - feaure odd 6: on/off document ing page redirection to results. - Feature addu 7: ON/OFF fast state under the heading of KB article. Problem displaying the logotype. - New layout of the homepage. - Efficiency 1: Post-type homing system.
  • Off/On Destination Lookup for the Forms Area. - FEature Adds 4: Fully adjustable headers wallpaper area. - Add 5 Feature: Associated contribution to the knowledge base. - Features Add 6: Knowledge base wideget available: - Features add 7: attachments function for knowledge base and doc. - Added Features 8: sort codes available for the Page builder.
  • The Feature Ad 3: Activate the job attribute for the knowledge base. - feature Add 4: hover icon colour changing function. - New Feature 1: Globally changing colors for left and right side. - feature accept 2 - display head picture for each article (more icons available). - compatible 1: Make the design compliant with the WP plugin "wpStickies" - extension 1: document right menus.
  • Product Features Add 1: Show hidden document menus. - Extension 1: Pages of documentations. - Feature Ad dition 1 : Court-circuit d'enregistrement de la knowledge - Next - Feature Ad - 1 - Feature Ad - 1 - Feature Ad - Next - Feature Ad - 1 - Feature Ad - 1 - Feature Ad - 1. - FEature add 3: Possibility to insert the home page heading wallpaper. - feature association - 4: Turn on and off the lookup page on the home page.
  • Issue resolved 1: View more than 5 infant posts under Doc. - Added 2 feature: Possibility to insert tracking code via the topic radio button before you exit the heading or closing the object tags. - Fixed 1: Problem with shorting the document. - Features of Add 4: Possibility to include a headers wallpaper in each article for the knowledgebase.
  • Added 1 function: Choose the least number of help fields to appear. - Key Features add 2: Custom URL slot for the knowledgebase. - Features Add 3: Activate/deactivate comment for KB. - The Feature Add 4: Stylish fontsupport.

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