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Talking to the creators of X Theme, their path was anything but easy. The THEMECO Topic X Stack - X contains several distinct themes within a single WordPress theme, and we call them "stacks". "There are currently four X stack. It's like purchasing a theme and having constant recourse to new styles! Below are a few link guides to the major demonstration for each batch, but we have produced several one-of-a-kind demonstrations for each batch, so be sure to take a look at them.

Inside the X eco-system, the enhancements consist of plug-ins developed by our people to work smoothly with X, and third-party plug-ins that we have partnerships with to provide you with great functionality that we have closely incorporated into the theme. Have a look at a complete listing of our enhancements to get more information about these stunning functions that are free with every single order, as well as this FAQ that explains how to license.

Many people have been asked what kind of characteristics they want to see in a theme from an aspect of AEO, e.g. theme, layout, feature sets, etc., and their proposals have been integrated directly into the theme. Topic Options Panel - Being at the forefront of WordPress authoring is something we wanted to do from the beginning.

For this reason, we have taken care to avoid using cumbersome extra administration screens and have instead chosen a high-performance, newly created custom theme option pane. Rather than using a theme that only changes at fix points from time to time, we've chosen a totally smooth (percentage-based) theme that looks great on all display resolutions (including "in-between" resolutions).

X Page Builders - X clients can select from Cornerstone, our unbelievable 100% Frontend Page Builders or Visual Composer for use in X. Both plug-ins are bundled with every validated buy. For this reason, we wanted to make sure that the degree of ownership over the nature of your website could not be found in any other WordPress theme on the open source web site.

Not only have we integrated over 600 free Google fonts into your design, but we've also designed it to load all the appropriate weight of each fonts dynamic, giving you more choices and better overall website experience. Customize size, color, character pitch, case, and more with X's nearly unlimited typographical choices.

Short codes - The loaf and the butter of every good theme. However, you are only as good as what is available to you in your subject. Each shortcut is contained via a special plug-in for simple servicing. The shortcuts contained are as follows: Navigate - Use tens of navigational features that include position, altitude, centering, embedded searching, and more.

Onepage Sites - Simply set up a page navigator with X on your homepage or on several pages to produce one-of-a-kind and appealing layout for your users. Use WooCommerce - Turn your WordPress website into a fully-fledged e-commerce showcase with the click of a button (at no extra cost).

X WordPress Theme is fully included in the WooCommerce plug-in for those who need it; however, if you don't need eCommerce functionality on your website, there will be no added effect on the power of your website. Because X was designed to handle several, totally one-of-a-kind stack styles, each stack has its own look and feel when it comes to integrating WooCommerce.

Now if you are looking for an eCommerce option, you have several totally different options to select from! WordPress is a board application designed by the developers of WordPress, so you can be sure that it is always compliant with your install and runs with the latest functions available.

X has taken it one notch further, combing every edge of what it has to provide to customize even the smallest detail to be totally individual and not just like another "add-on". It' s totally customizable and is not needed to run X, so if you don't have a need for boards on your website, don't be afraid!

Its design takes care of dynamic load of supplemental stores for your script, so if you don't use the plug-in, you won't have any supplemental coding to load that you don't need. BuddyPress " the website says, is a high-performance (yet elegant) set of socially networked elements that have taken the WordPress path to help you create a resilient and resilient online audience.

" The X has fully built-in BuddyPress style and functions. Like all our built-in plugs, clients who do not intend to use BuddyPress will not get any additional codes downloaded to their website....kiss just add your own codes and bye well! User-defined Backgrounds - Configuring a backdrop for your website will help you adjust the atmosphere you are trying to create.

X doesn't have a problem with any of these because you can customize any stack to suit your own personal taste. You can even define even one-of-a-kind backgrounds on separate pages, using multiple layers to produce full-width slide shows (a very imaginative application for portfolios). The supplied empty template files are ideal for creating your own custom homepage design, along with our strong shortcuts that ensure that your website never looks like someone else's using X. Page styles supplied are as follows:

Infinite side bars - It goes without saying on most topics these times and is no different on X. You have infinite side bars available to meet the needs of your work. Each stack in X has its own individual folder design. In addition, our quick and easy Create Pages page style allows you to create more than one Pages on your website!

For every asset you build, you can select whether you want to view asset holdings from all asset classes, a specific asset class, or a user-defined set of asset classes. A number of characteristics of the investment properties include: Slider Revolution - X not only provides support, but also contains the free Revolution slider plug-in along with the theme purchased.

Easily build and organize your own stunning slide shows with compelling transition and animation, all fully reactive. Easy Forms - Styling is provided for the most widely-used forms design plug-ins on the web, plus Contact 7 and Gravity Forms for fast forms design. Embedded Social Share - Making it easy to share your contents is child's play with X. The built-in features provide a fast, effective and smooth exchange environment that always has a customized feel and never gets started.

But we' ve added some user-defined scripts that take it all in and scale all the presented picture contents on your website dynamic, according to the dimension you chose for your design. Implementation of the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technologies, as well as the latest WordPress standard, ensure that your design gives you the best possible viewing experiences you can expect from a premier theme.

When you buy X, you get a range of demonstration files that illustrate how you can create tens of different layout styles and how you can take full benefit of X's powerful featureset. Have a look at our new enhanced demos - only available in X-Thema. xLightBox jQuery plug-in - To make your pictures as nice as possible, we've added the xLightBox jQuery plug-in in combination with the responsive softbox short-code directly into the design.

That $13 value is free when you buy X, and makes your photos look as good as ever because it's a fully reactive, minimum screen. User-defined mail format - Better organize your blogs by taking full advantages of WordPress user-defined mail format. Includes the following mail types, each with its own one-of-a-kind record of input for efficient and easy management of content:

Made with the help of sector professionals, including MEO. Willing to translate - X is willing to translate and is delivered with the supplied file. mo and . po. Please contact us for further information. Unrestricted styling - Put your faith in us: Practically any conceivable lay-out or style is possible with X WordPress Theme.

From right to Left - X contains batch-specific style sheets that allow you to move from right to left language and rearrange items as needed. It is more than just a topic, it is an experiment in itself. Upgrades - Our top priorities are to keep X up to date with the latest functionalities, and our staff is quickly fixing bugs and add new functions.

Childrens Theme Comparible - X is childrens theme compatibility, with childrens theme available at the time of buying the theme to make fitting simple and effortless. User-defined Widget - It's a snap to add your Flickr or Dribble feeder to your design with X's user-defined Widget. X WordPress Theme - Cross-Browser Compatibility - No Browsers Remain Behind!

The Best WorldPress Theme 2018 - X is truly the ultimative WorldPress theme, and we look forward to prove it to you.

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