Find out more about Brizy and what it means for ThemeFuse in our blog:. Our design and development work focuses on high-quality WordPress topics. ThmeFuse is a software company that designs and develops high-quality WordPress themes. A powerful multifunction theme, The Core is ThemeFuse's flagship product.

ThmeFuse (

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Please translate the main topic of Themefuse.

Core is a high-performance multifunctional topic and ThemeFuse's flagship feature. It is supported by the Unyson frameworks (also a ThemeFuse creation), which is open Source and highly accepted by other themes creators running more than 100,000 Sites. Several of the functions of the The Core Topic include:

We will go through the setup of the topic, the installation of the necessary plug-ins and demonstration contents in this step -by-step guide. It is possible to retrieve the-core-parent. zip from your ThemeFuse user interface (or Envato user interface if you bought from ThemeForest). Click in your WP Dashboard under Appearance > Themes on Appearance New and then load the zipped file.

Once the topic has been installed and activated, you will be taken to the Auto Setup page. To use this example, we will select the first item that will provide the necessary plug-ins and demonstration contents. You will be taken to the installation page for demonstration contents, where you can select which demonstration contents you want to download.

We go forward and set up the first option: Nucleus. Then you will be forwarded to the frontend and your website should look like in the demonstration thumbnail. We will concentrate on the translation of some of the most important parts for the purposes of this tutorial, such as: user-defined mail type (such as portfolios or events), menus, WooCommerce product pages, contacts etc.

After opening, just move the mouse over the character chains on the right side and compile them one after the other. Meanwhile, the purple symbol string is created by the end users (like the page header or the contents of a post), while purple symbol string is your plugin's and your design's own string getstext. Because ThemeFuse' core topic contains many pre-defined contents categories, this tutorial will concentrate on the following:

Several of the user-defined mail items you can build with the main topic are Event & Portfolio. In the future we will begin with the translations of the portfolio page and a portfolio item. The only thing you have to do is move your mouse over each character on the portfolio page and click on it to insert the corresponding Romanian version.

This also applies to the translation of a portfolioelement. Anything can be translated, even the text of the shortcut key. The Core uses the demonstration contents to fill a hierarchical/multilevel submenu. If you move the mouse over the individual items, you can compile them all. You use the same technology to browse sub-menus and compile their contents.

Now you can compile any fields, captions, and pushbuttons in the forms. Just click on the stylus symbol to have each item rendered. WooCommerce is the key topic, so you can quite effortlessly append your website purchasing functions. At the bottom I have completed the translation of the shop's homepage by just click on the symbol of the drawing pen and edit all the products string, badges, currencies, etc...

The next step is to move forward and we' ll be translating the Single Product page. Note that for some character string (like the "Add to Cart" or " Description" tab) the lead symbol is gray (instead of blue), i.e. it is a string from a plug-in or topic. That was just a brief overview of how to get the core topic of ThemeFuse translated.

Once you've set up the design and added your customized contents, just append another langauge and begin to translate any character strings on a page, complete with form, shortcut, or page creator output. Choosing the right template for your company is child's play with the large selection of themes contained in the core themes, and by making your website multi-lingual you will extend your range from the very first moment.

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