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Browse through our extensive library of free, high-quality topics. Android Themer is a desktop theme manager for Android that lets you download and apply hundreds and hundreds of different themes to give your smartphone or tablet a unique style. You're downloading the Themer: The GO Launcher DIY Themer(Beta) is officially released. It'?s my subject, I decide!

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With Themer, your mobile feels like new! More intelligent, more private home screen with one click. Browse our comprehensive free subject collection - all with symbols, backgrounds, widgets, and more - and click Take Over. You' re going to love the look and feels of your mobile immediately. Our topics are future, minimum, grungy, extravagant and attractive.

It also makes your mobile more intelligent with Smart Categories that automatically categorise your applications so they're easy to find and use. Additional functions are a fully customisable apple tray - blank, slim and transparent, your design scrolls through and the full Zooper Widget Pro incorporation allows more design versatile. Characteristics: - All topics are free of charge.

  • We can adapt all designs, or you can use them as they are. - App Themer Actions get to know your application settings. Themer' will teach you what you like! Thémer is still in alpha stage, which means we're working really hard to fix errors, enhance power, introduce new functionality, and make it more compatible with more people.

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A Themer. Android Themer is a free application that can make your mobile more personal, fun, and enjoyable. It can customize your Android experiences according to your own personal preference, with free designs in your own set of hundred designs, each with its own customized user surface, including selections for symbols, backgrounds, widgets, and more.

Simple to use and use, this will surely be one of your favourite applications. Now download the Themer and personalise your Android like no other. Check out the Tom's Guide for more interesting applications and the latest Android updates.

themer: themer picks a range of colours and creates topics for your applications (editors, kiosks, wallpaper and more).

theme adopts a range of colours and creates text editors, terminals, themes for other applications and desktop/device backgrounds. Unless you keep your pointfiles under revision controll, you can easily deploy themer global with rpm -g instal themer. Transfer themer a colouret, any number of originals and an issue folder. themer can design from your own customized colouretesets (see "Creating your own coloureteset" below) or from colouretesets that have been released on your website (see themer-colors-default).

This also applies to originals. Suppose you wanted to recreate a topic and a wallpaper with the standard colour of themer. First of all, themer, the colour composition and the originals: Verify the gene/folder for your created designs. In order to make your own colour sets, you need to make a JavaScript script to export a colour object:

. Colours can be specified in any applicable stylesheet style. New topics. The JS directory is the same as the JS directory, }, }; then give the JS directory to your JS directory to the arguments of themer' themer' themer' -c path/to/my/colors.js .... In order to make it easier for you to select the colours for your own colour sets, most themer styles will use your colours roughly like this: if you leave off shades1 through 6, themer will instantly apply them to you by using colour increments. themer will support any applicable colour style, i.e. you can use chargrreuse, rgb (127, 255, 0), rgb(50%, 100%, 0%), #7FFF00, hsl(90, 100%, 50%), etc.

Instead of a themer colour record filename or rpm packet, you can also supply themer with any base-16 schema YAML filename. themer --colors path/to/base16-scheme.yml ..... You can find a listing of the base-16 schemas in the base-16 referenceository. In order to make your own templates, you need to generate a JavaScript script to export a rendered function:

where each is an item with the keys'accent0' to'accent7' and'shade0' to'shade7'. The operator can set user-defined resolution for making a background image. Resolution for an item of the following structure: Content: A buffer for the content of the filename to write>, }; your JS filename can then be given to a --template arguments of themer.

As soon as you have your artwork designed, you should publish it on your own site (with the name of theository beginning with themer-) so that others can use it! themer is based on trevordmiller/nova and chriskempson/base16. Conceptionally, themer is very similar to the base-16, but: Easy to extend with your own colour set and artwork. And if you choose to create your theme visual (and with a narrow feed-back loop), take a look at themer's user interface.

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