One theme is a special type of extension that changes the appearance of the browser. In order to install a design, simply type bin/gpm index to display the available designs, and then bin/gpm install themename to install it. The Hugo themes are based on the excellent Go template library and are designed to reduce code duplication. The following is a collection of topics developed by the Fellowship. You' d rather create your own theme?

Reload or delete topics from your browser

Personalise Chrome on your computer with a funny design. This topic will appear at the edge of the web page and as a wallpaper when you open a new tabs. Open Chrome on your computer. Click More Preferences in the upper right corner. Click Topics under Aussehen. Or you can go to the galery by going to Chrome Web Store Themes.

Please click on the miniature views to get a thumbnail view of the different topics. If you find a design that you want to use, click Append to chrome. Immediately apply the topic. Open on your computer Chrom. Click More Preferences in the upper right corner. Click Restore to Defaults under Aussehen. Obtain help to restore your Chromesettings.


City Lights is a beautiful black synthetic topic specially developed for focusing. City Lights is a beautiful black synthetic topic specially developed for focusing. An easy to understand synthetic topic using the Material Design range from Google. 10,634 downloads & themes were received 149,509,000 time.

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Use topics that others have posted, or build your own to be shared with the world. The topics are not part of an officially released version and may not have the code/functionality optimised for your use. It is also possible to add a subtopic to an already created topic. The sub-topic will inherit the resource of a superordinate one.

They can also display a full topic index containing only the title. Built on the initial "seven" topic, Adminimal introduces uniquely functions like: State-of-the-art minimalistic styling, appealing layouts, user-friendliness enhancements, customizations, module-specific styling and more..... It is a state-of-the-art, high-performance HTML5 launch topic with component-based CSS and a highly reactive, portable first-generation grid display.

Creating your own standards-compliant topic will make it much simpler to begin with Zen than with Bartik or Stark. The topic has a great on-line documentary and lots of useful commentaries in JavaScript, PHP, HTML, Sass, and CSS. What's more, you'll get a lot of useful information on the topic. The Omega Five returns the increasingly beloved UI, which allows you to edit the appealing lay-out using the Topic Setting Request Sheet, allowing ALL skills learners to design and customize a fully appealing design.

Completely reactive layout(s) and high configurability of this layouts in each reactive key point. Possibility for one or more layouts. Then you can choose which layouts are to be used on the homepage, the various nodes categories, and for taxi terminology. Add sub-topics and cluster topics using the built-in surface. Functions for extended topics like the addition of a config. db, Gemfile or gupfile to created sub-themes to support extended frontend deployment.

Subtopic relaying, so that you can build a basic topic for your current design that drives layouts and basic style, so that subtopics can take ALL of your design configuration from the higher-level element. Umega can cope with difficult hoisting while you set up your sub-theme so that it is prepared to apply more sophisticated front-end engineering techniques.

You can use the AT Tool creator to create limitless designs, themes and even skins using the AT Tools-based AT Toolkit. They never directly interoperate with Adaptive Themes (at_core), it only provides the enhanced functionality used by your subtopics. Topic creator with the AT Tools team. Create page proposals and change the page layouts.

Define the columns per key point (and per proposal). Simply add new geographies, lines, and laysouts. Supports key point modules. Reactive display suite, paragraph, and panel designs. Reactive modes - 8 different modes integrated. Reactive locale task, pager, table, books navigator, etc. Slide shows and roundabouts integrated (Flexslider) with adjustable adjustments.

Colour modules supported (optional). The Rubik is a neat administrative topic. It could be an easy topic to use for a blogs ite, a small company, a web site or a lot of other sites. Its design was created with shallow headers, navigators, buttons and more. Take a look at our free topics. It is not a topic that depends on a central topic.

The company's clear lay-out and easy coding make it a great topic for small and medium-sized businesses that are up and ready to go quickly. Take a look at our free topics. Zero, which was published today (2015-19 November) and is a highly reactive first HTML5 release. The name of the MAYO topic is derived from a sentence "Make Your Own" and "MAYOnnaise", which I like ;).

MAYO, as its name implies, has been designed as a topic that offers the user an easier way to customise and build any topic. The MAYO was designed on the basis of experiences with the topic POSTURE. The MAYO topic can simply be changed on the topic setting page. On the Topic Preferences page, what can be adjusted?

Colour of most topic items (base, page, headline, side bar, nodes, footer). You can often specify text colour, linkage colour, wallpaper colour and borders for each item. Basic fonts and headings (either Serif or Sans-serif) and basic character sizing. Pages page layouts such as page width (fixed width or fluid layouts ), borders, page bar layouts and width, etc.

It' easy to just load and insert your own picture as the backdrop for the head area. Well, then this subject is for you. Colourable motif (like garland motif) with colour modul. A lot of colour patterns are ready. Support both 2-column and 3-column layouts. Support both fluid and solid width layouts.

You can switch and configure it on the topic settings page. The Marinelli is a 3-column, table-less lay-out topic with a broad picture frame and a "top-tabbed" link system. Built on a simple 12/16 or 160px 12/16 liquid post raster with fast response design option for portable workstations. Don't get in a comer.

The Pixture Reloaded is a re-colorable design that is supported by Adaptive Topics and takes over all its functions such as portable assistance, high configurability layouts, appealing menu layouts and many topic preferences. D8 PR has got a little freshen up in style, doesn't have a headers with fix heights anymore and is slimmer in colour choices.

Aim was to create a topic that looks clean er, is simpler to change, and requires less maintenance overall. The PR uses the colour modul (like Bartik). In this way you can change the colour of the topic according to your wishes. Default colour combinations exist and you can create your own by using the colour selection on the Topic Preferences page.

There are 18 different regional themes and you can define any region and define its own region in your themes preferences. Create templates with the Page Generator and create fast response page designs for them - this makes it very simple to have a one-of-a-kind design for your title page, taxi pages and so on.

Like all ATD8 themes, it contains many styles of abbreviations to optimize different choices for block, region, etc. Slide shows are basic topic sets and a piece of text that can be inserted into a block, node, or any other area. Adaptive Topic provides key features such as layouts controls and other adjustments. Comes with a very sleek and professionally responding styling that is guaranteed to amaze no matter what monitor sizes your people use.

Take a look at our free topics. The Ember is an appealing administrative topic developed for use with the Spark, Lightsning and Demo Framework distribution. Releases 7.x-3. x and 7.x-2. x are sub-themes of Adaptive Themes that include a high-performance new, highly reactive layouts engine with full handset capability. The Corolla uses the colour modules (like Bartik and Garland).

In this way you can change the colour of the topic according to your wishes. You have 6 default colour combinations and you can create your own by using the colour selection on the Topic Preferences page. In the 7.x-2.x x release, this was rejected in favour of support for the Superfish engine.

Follow the simple routes and get Footheme, our quick start topic for Corolla, Sky and Pixture Reloaded. Adaptive Topic provides key features such as layouts controls and other adjustments.

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