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This is a list of the best free Android Theme and Home Screen Apps that will replace your current Android Launcher and App Drawer layout.... All sorts of funny Android themes can be made with this one and a little elbow grease.

Plain neon blue Future Tech keyboard theme. Preordered - Simple Neon Blue Future Tech Keyboard Theme - Love Cute Keyboard.

Best 10 Free Android Theme Apps

The most important reason to buy an Android is the degree of adjustment it offers you. You may have a floor home display on some platforms, but this is not the case with Android. Launches are a great way to alter the look of your mobile phone, but a topic can really get things going and is a great addition to using a router.

However, we will not concentrate on the latter, as the best Android topic applications come to mind. They are similar to Android Launcher in that they alter the look and feel of the home page and app tray, but they usually have some one-of-a-kind variations.

Of course, the main feature of an Android Home replacement app is to substitute your home display so that you have more adjustment possibilities, which makes it perfect for those who want to personalise their Android equipment. This app allows you to apply the topic to Android and change between different topics in a few easy steps.

You can find a thousand themes in the playlist, ranging from a tens to a hundred, according to which launch you use. However, the best Android thematic applications have one thing in common: they all make your mobile phone stick out from the masses. Many of our lists themes are used by some of the best performers, although some can only be used with a specific launchers app.

However, several applications allow you to export topics from other resources if you choose the Pro release. We' ve also added some well-known developer who are specialized in topic applications for Android-based launcher. This are the best free Android Themes applications that supersede the Home Kreen & App drawer layouts.

Thémer is an app full of themes, among them the free and premier versions. It' s easy to browse through them all, and as soon as you have decided on a topic, the real action begins. Every topic is fully customisable, opening the way to countless opportunities. The app icons gesture are bundled with the Zooper widget as this is a launch tool, regardless of the infinite number of themes.

The design includes a rich 30-high definition backgrounds, a set of user-defined symbols, and a super-smooth user-defined apex skins. Like the name suggests, it gives you a Samsung feel on your home monitor, even when you're using a LG, HTC or Huawei mobile phone. The topic is free, but only works with Apex- or Nova-Launcher.

When you want a design that goes the clear way, you won't have a problem to find one in the store. Android Customization's Glass Icon Kit covers the entire range of the Glass Icon Customization. There are several hundred of them to chose from, all of them opaque to different extents, but the Glass Icon Kit from Android Customization covers the entire range. The package has something known as the Sensing Glass Flat hp themes and comes with glass icon, a wallpaper and a wallpaper.

Can also be used with a large number of launch vehicles such as ADW, Nova, Apex, GO and Launcher Pro. Vladimir Tymanov's Shadow themed was a castle to create our best Android thematic Apps listing, and it's been a favourite with fans for years. This is because it has elegant symbols and background images to give your mobile a stylish look.

Actually, you get over 550 free icon packs, and there are other awesome benefits like an icon mask function, an icon shader, and cloud wallpapers. The same topic is also available for a number of missiles, such as Nova, ADW and Apex. When you think the same way, you will appreciate the Black Technology theming of the CML group.

It is darkened with fluorescent lights for the symbols and widgets, giving it a Tron look. Background images, Widgets and over 60 app icon's are contained in this topic, as well as a 3-D meteorological wetget and several great living wall papers. This design is free, but you must have the CM Lancher to use it.

Steam punk topics are several, but his is our favourite. Combining stunning symbols with wood wallpaper, it gives your machine a distinctive look. Steam Punk is free, but only available for the Hola Launcher, although it can be easily import to work with other launcher.

Whilst there are no Iron Man themes where RDJ stares at you from your home page, there is the Red Iron Hero 3-D themed. Not for everyone, but by far one of the more slick topics you'll find if you wear the right 3-D launchers.

This case concerns the CM Launcher 3-D Pro. On the subject itself, it comes with a 3-D meteorology and watch Widget that comes with a set of user-defined symbols. Conversely, if red isn't your color and you don't like super heroes, you can appreciate their lighting stone 3-D or transparent heart theming.

We' ll be spotlighting some of the designers who specialise in creating designs for your mobile phone. Whilst not everyone can use their themes, the Best Android Themes Workshop does credit to its name. Quite literally, they have a topic for everyone, and although we won't be listing them all, we will be highlighting some favourites.

Now, there's a recurring science topic, a futuristic topic, and an ancient-theme if you want to turn the clock back in time. If you want motorcycles on your home monitor or animated character, they probably have a topic for you. These include Vampire, season themes and even the TajMahal.

While you may be able to bring in some of them with a particular launchers, most of these theme applications demand that C launchers use all of their functions. The ZT is another programmer who is specialized in topics and nothing else. The most popular themes of ZT are Black Diamond, Star Tours, Drop, Greceful and Twinkle.

As well as themes for your launch, they also offer text message stickers and themes such as the colourful GO neon message and Keep Calm. Any themes we tried could be downloaded for free, and some are imported into other launches with ease. Those behind these breathtaking themes don't have quite as many available ones as our first creators, but there is something to say about Q instead of Q.

Those themes will also work on a large number of launcher, which means that more people will be able to enjoy the game. Hybrids will give you a dollar back, but comes with over 3000 symbols, 20 background images, a thematic wharf and more. It is a $1.49 and goes a colourful way with over 40 high-definition backgrounds and 2600 thematic symbols.

We' ve only mentioned a couple of the best Android topic applications, but there really is a little something for everyone who wants to get into the Play Store. No matter whether you want a celestial launch video with cloud-based symbols or something more dark, it's out there.

So if you don't want to excavate, some launchers even have a built-in feature that helps you find and download applications, so if everything else goes wrong, review your launch setting.

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