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Find out which WordPress theme the website uses by checking a URL with our free online WordPress theme tool. It is always preferable to recognize the wp topic from the page source (CTRL+U). An enormous collection of themes and templates awaits anyone interested in exploring.

Which WordPress topic is this?

Use our Topic Detector tool to help you find the topic that a particular WordPress website uses, include topic name, writer, and link to the website, just type the link into the field and press Return! Probably they use a design with a beautifully crafted pattern, the days of forecasting tens of thousands onto a design are over.

In seconds you can find out which design you are using! By clicking on a link you can click on the topic you want to see, they use our WordPress tools to recognize topics. Notice that in some cases where the design is highly altered, we cannot give back the design used by the site because the design is basically user-defined.

Under these conditions, you can search our site with over a thousand high-quality topics that are tested and recommended by people like you. this work.

WorldPress Topic Detector

WordPress is already renowned and known all over the word for its magical power. Everyone who has ever wanted to build a website, such as a private blogs or a company, has experienced how simple and straightforward it is to use WordPress without any previous web designing or programming skills.

Not only that, but the fact that this is such a vast site, containing a large selection of different themes, fashions, themes and plug-ins, gives it an advantage and makes it a real joy to use. For this reason, if you've ever seen the stunning subject of a website and wanted to make it your own, but you didn't have the experience of finding it in the WordPress Topic List, you can just go through this easy guide and get immediate information about what topic a website is using.

When you go to, you'll find a free utility that perfectly fits the purpose we want to achieve. You can now see all the detail about the topic you like, along with the full story of the writer and his website, the topic release and, since plug-ins are astonishing, easy-to-install utilities that can complement the functionality of your website, the plug-ins that are currently running on the site are also shown in the results.

You are now prepared to get the WordPress topic you want. Whatever website you want to create, or what features you want to give it, you can be sure that you won't have to spend any more manual searches in the WordPress Topic List. Now that you've been able to use WordPress to be creative, there's one less barrier in your way.

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