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Download more skin packages as apps in Google Play. Let your smartphone look really unique with these great Android themes! If you have written this article, you should download some correction software. We strongly recommend that you select Mobile first so that you do not download designs that are not supported by your device.

How do themes work?

The main reason why we like Android is its open resource character, which allows us to adapt our telephones to how and how we want them to look, feel and act. From using user-defined launcher to altering the fonts of our telephones, from messing around with a multitude of widgets to a multitude of iconsets, we can say for sure that every part of our Android experiences is customisable.

Whilst we can customise every single item of our telephones, most of us also have a tendency to have a uniform look for our equipment, which leads me to the subject. Not only can a well-designed look bring elegance and style to your mobile but it can also make the overall user experiences more coherent.

Now we present some of the best themes that revolve around your mobile and upgrade it so that it gets a nice overhaul. How do themes work? Please note before we begin that these themes can only work with user-defined rams that include the Theme Chooser function.

But most of the beloved AOSP ROMs are available - like CM10/10. 1, AOKP, ParanoidAndroid, BAMF Pardadigm, Eclipse, XenonHD, VanirAOSP, LiquidSmooth, Baked Blackbean, SlimBean, Snapblack, JBSourcery, AffinitySeries, PAC-Man, Xylon, Rootbox, CarbonRom, CodeName Android and many more - have included the topic selection. Are there any topics? As with most applications we deploy, the main place to go is the Game Store.

Whilst you can find as many as a hundred different topics by looking and looking around, it is a laborious and time-consuming one. The Theme Chooser Themes from JRummy Apps Inc. make this matter much simpler and more effective by listing all available themes in a beautiful, detailled lay-out with screen shots and other information.

Themes can be filtered and sorted by pricing, ratings, number of downloads, compliant retrieval systems, etc., reducing the trial-and-error aspect of the topic selection proces. One more great way to find topics is to have Android gods, the XDA Developers Forum. There is a current threads, the Official MEGA CM10/CM10. 1 themed chooser, with about 800 themes, completed with screen shots and download information.

Regularly up-dated with the latest topics available, it is a comprehensive source for all Android topics. And how do you get them installed? The installation of these themes on your machine is a straightforward and uncomplicated procedure. Just download the design and have it installed on your machine as you would with any other application. First, use the system design.

Choose and implement the design you download from the Chooser application - even if it is not incompatible with your unit. Frequently, you may come across a "wrongly compiled" bug when using a topic, just restart your mobile and the chosen topic should be simple to use and edit. Of course, this is just a small sample of some of the topics I liked the most, and is by no means a complete competence on the best topics available at the Store.

As there are literally hundred of themes available, you should decide which one best suits your tastes.

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