Themes Download for Android Mobiles

Topic download for Android phones

Android Space Moon CLauncher Handy Theme. Choose your own attractive design or one of our special mobile designs. Wiziapp only - No download restrictions, no push notifications! You can download Themer here if your device meets the requirements. You can even download them from the Internet if you want more options.

What can I do to modify the design on my Galaxy unit?

You will receive your unit with a number of preset designs that allow you to personalize your unit. Number of designs and choices you have will vary depending on your style. Topics are not the same as backgrounds. Topics modify colors, symbols and menu items, while backgrounds allow you to adjust the backgrounds or images on your monitor.

ATTENTION: The following stages may look slightly different according to your style and the existing design. You have two options for changing the design on your unit. Use the Settings submenu to modify the design of your device: As a result, you can access the topics available on your instrument and your models.

In order to pick one of the offered topics, just touch it and click Accept. You may need to download the design on some machines before choosing Accept. Your machine determines the level of accessibility and downloadability of new designs. Dependent on the OS of your machine, you may find the topics you are currently using or have downloaded under My Topics (you may need to scrolling up to see them).

A few units have the ability to save the themes in the upper right hand part of the display, or more themes to display more themes. You can still download themes for use on your phone from the Google Play Store or Galaxy Apps if you don't have full topic memory to use.

I' ve redesigned my design, but not all my symbols have been adapted to the design. Every topic has its own symbols for that topic. But if you have been downloading third-party applications or using an independent design, the designer of the design or application may not have created an image for that particular application/design combo.

I' ve upgraded my unit, but it has gone back to my old one. Your machine's look may be reset to the standard look based on the upgrades made. To use a style that you previously download, just complete the above procedure to get back to the style you selected.

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