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Topics | Gravity In order to have a design installed, just enter bin/gpm index to display the available designs, and then bin/gpm install themesame to have it installed. The Grav Coders are designed with minimum mess and maximal overview! Influenced by the idea of the hobo coders. This is a customized copy of the Quark topic for Open Publishing. User-defined Bootstrap4 themes for open blogging, course hubing, and more.

Standard Portal 5 Topic. Standard Portal 5 Topic. An adapted copy of the Learn2 topic for use with the Learn2 with Git Sync Framework Pack. The topic is no longer in live evolution - its sequel is the Bootstrap4 Open Matter topic. This is a user-defined copy of the antimatter topic for Open publishing.

The Fresh is built on the Bulma platform and is simple to use. The Grav themes are derived from the Mache HTML themes by free-templates. per, symu. co. Starter themes for Grav CMS with advanced features and frames like Laravel Mix, Vuejs, Bulma. The Grav themes are derived from the X-Corporation HTML themes of µiCookies.

An appealing subject from, porting to grav. The Grav topic from the Clean Blog HTML submission of Start Bootstrap. The Grav themes are using the Big Picture HTML themes from Easy and minimalist response topic for portfolio. The Material Lite is an easy topic that reflects Google's material design standard. Minimum design that allows complete customisation.

Media is a straightforward and contemporary blogs topic using Medium's own web site interface, developed for Grav CMS. zSimplex Topic is a free-reacting HTML5 topic that can be used to launch a business or projects website. A Grav topic that is freely reactive, develops to help designers further their work.

The Sora Article is a minimum topic developed for the demanding journalist and migrated to Grav. The Gateway features an sleek styling with user-friendly features, making it perfect for a wide range of Gravs. The Afterburner2 is state-of-the-art, fast reacting and geared to maximum performance! Mashine is a free, shallow, advanced web topic with an industrial/entrepreneurial focal point.

The Cascade is a fast-reacting HTML5/CSS3 topic that scale well for cell phones. io is a meticulously engineered Landing Page artwork based on Bootstrap 4, created by Peter Finlan and created by Taty Grassini. The Receptar is easy, fashionable, responsive, high-DPI, fully customizable, classy Grav topic blogs. Featuring a divided, book-like style based on a contemporary cookbook with a focus on fine images and type.

Saturn- Free gravy themed, is a nice kosmic website submission. Made by Afnizar Nur Ghifari. Delver Topic is a portrait of the Delver Free PSD Topic by Michael Reimer. The PinPress is a flat page flat page web blog/magazine gravity topic and the ideal option for pros looking for a topic for a news story or a special place to be, company blog or company blog.'s Appi HTML Topic Twenty is a free and reactive design for Blacktie. The Twenty Fifteen is a gravity-adaptation of the most favorite 2015 topic in Worldpress. The Boxify is a grav-port of Peter Finlan's One Page Website Template for Codrops. Graph topic on the basis of the Multiverse HTML topic from

The Gravstrap themes help you launch a new Grav CMS page with bootstrap functionality and several ready-to-use plug-ins. It' also great to launch a new customized bootstrap look to build your own distinctive one. The Ceevee is a neat, contemporary, fully reactive page layout for your CV and your profile.

The Halcyon Days is a contemporary and stylistic HTML5/CSS3 style sheet with accurate pixels and sleek effect. O Topic for Grav. This is a gravity-adaptation of Fernando Báez PSD topic. Striated by HTML5 UP, it offers a clear, minimalist look, style for all essential page items, a resettable side bar (left or right), and HTML5/CSS3 coding developed for fast and simple adjustment.

Whoo is a neat, fashionable page site hosting site based on Styleshout. Designed to be fully appealing, it has been tried and found on all popular browsers and portable gadgets. This is a clear and easy topic for the blogger, with an appealing look and nice type. Yahoo pure CSS ports to Grav, with custom color themes, menus & layouts controls.

The Future Imperfect by HTML5 UP, offers clear, minimalist style, styles for all essential page items, and HTML5/CSS3 coding for fast and simple adaptation. Fast-reacting web site presentation with unmatched page scroll. This is a neat, ultra minimally reactive submission aimed at start-ups, application developers and other committed people who work relentlessly to bring their product to market.

This is another astonishing topic from Html5Up, port to Grav. This is a free, fast reacting grav topic from Bootstrap & port from CaribThemes. Gravity topic created with Foundation. Free Photo Grav themes from CaribThemes. FREE a FREE easy page of CaribThemes from Fractal from HTML5up. Yet another stunning one-sided topic from Html5Up, port to Grav.

Powerful Grav topic with the frontend of the Zurb Foundation frontendmework.

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