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Select and download free Android themes. Turn your Android phone into a unique and fantastic device. The site offers a huge library of Android themes covering all types of devices and operating systems. The Jelly Bean Apex/Nova Android Theme. The Jelly Beans Go Launcher theme.

The best designs for Android phones 2018

Modifying the design is the best way to customise your mobile but now the designs have been revised.

An Android design has the capability to modify all these things, but an Apple or iPhone user cannot modify them. So look at the best designs for the Android cell phones. Top 10 themes for Android you should try: This is where we discuss the best Android themes, so we have to switch our launchers first.

The best way to quickly and simply customise your mobile is to use a launch system. ActivityLauncher 3 is the best way to customise our mobile phones. This gives us the latest functions like Andriod Oreo functions supporting on any telephone. So if you install AktionLuncher 3, you can find out about Google Pixel on your mobile device.

Recently, Mr. Bauzz launched the best personalization application in the store. There comes with a number of themes that are very good and stylish for any mobile device. More than 1000,000 designs for Android cellphones. Within 5 seconds you can adjust your start display, it is a rugged starter.

Setting up a new home page is very simple, just go to the themes and select your preferred one, then with a click you get a new look, new symbols and a background image. The Buzz Widget application is required if you want to use the Buzz launcher to modify the widget.

The Buzz Widget will help you modify the subject or look of your widget such as time, date, time, date, batteries, weather and more. To download the launch tool, click on the playlist symbol below. We all know that the Nova launcher is best suited for customizing, but you need to tailor it with your own customizations.

Google always updates the launch when it starts an upgrade for every Android operating system like Oreo, Nougat, Marshmallow and others. Adjusting is very straightforward for everyone, you can design your telephone just like any other telephone. Google Pixel 2 can look great on your mobile or Samsung Note 8 is a very basic job for anyone.

Here we can adjust the lookup toolbar styles, symbols with symbol packs, styles of docks, raster sizes, Widgets, Android Oreo feeling and much more. I' m using Application Launcher 3 for a while, and when I install Microsoft Launcher and I have the feeling it's a feature-rich launch. Almost all the features that Nova Launcher, 3 and more have to offer.

There are all the functions available, such as supporting icons packs, the possibility to resize icons, raster sizes, hiding applications and almost everything. And it also backs up the gesture to determine things like your older topic. You can also perform a back-up and recovery on another telephone. One of my favourite launches, it' s stylish, simple to use, sturdy and small.

It' a humble launch, but it looks different and more cool than others. To change the background images, you need to add an extra application called a wallpaper by Google. Select the Get Pixel Launcher for unrooted phone box. Please click here to get the Pixel launcher for not booted telephones. Checking all 10 best themes for Android Phone only on

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