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Phenix Live Flaming Wallpaper - Black Neon Leopard Free. Not only should these themes be showcases, but you can also download and use them for your free and commercial websites. Many thanks for the download. We' ve sent you an email with a link to download the topic. Complimentary for personal and commercial use.

Astonishing functions

Eventfree is an easy to customize and an Eventconference WordPress topic that is suitable for creating professionally designed events, blogs and company web sites. It' s fully reactive and fits all your equipment, making every single dot look great. Design is optimised and proven for quick loading time and has safe, minimalistic and neat coding.

The themes are well checked for cross-browser interoperability. Several layouts are available for our themes. It is possible to set both the standard layouts and the layouts for each post/page. These themes are fast reacting and optimised for different display sizes for iPad, iPhone, Android or any Windows phone. The topic is optimised for websites and content, which is easy for the user to recognise in order to find interesting words and to achieve a high rank on the website.

That' our subject offers symbolic elements of our game. There are many more symbolic symbols available in themes, so the option for symbolic symbols does not have to expire. Unlimited colour choices with our designs. Free topic update and maintenance can be done in a few working day. Technical assistance will be available within 12-24hrs.

Plus versions provide fast customer service as free designs. One of the best and most versatile multi-purpose, business, conference and blogs, Events is a breathtaking, professionally designed and versatile template that offers you the best choice of customisation options. It is also possible to change the default blogs look as shown on the screenshots. It is not our responsibility if third-party plug-ins have a problem and do not work well on your website!

Easy free digital download themes

Our lives are in an open environment where we can buy and buy quickly thanks to apps like Digital Downloads. If you start a company on-line, you want your e-commerce softwares to be intuitive and affordable. Fortunately, there are a few free Easy Digital Downloads themes that are easily installable and useable.

It has always been a battle to find free programmes and themes that are fully workable. Programming is a long and laborious procedure, and not everyone enjoys working for free. Fortunately, there are still a few kind-hearted programmers who offer free Easy Digital downloads themes for doing business.

Here is a listing of the best free digital downloads topics that will help you expand your digital businesses now. Design is straightforward to set up and lay -out is straightforward to comprehend. What I like most about the Lambada topic compared to other free downloads from easy digital is its design.

It' so easy to set up once you've set up your site - you can just let it go and concentrate on supporting your company. Inside the article page you have the possibility to purchase different version of the article. When you sell your songs on-line, you can provide different download file types (wav, imp3, etc.).

As soon as you gain a firm foothold in your markets and are willing to expand, you can start upgrading to the Lambada commercial edition, which provides many more functions and insight into your company. Thémedd is a contemporary designed topic directly provided by EDD. One of the most optically pleasing free Easy Digital Downloads themes available for download.

It is based on the pictures you make available for your downloaded articles and your corporate image to make an impact. Our pages follow the simple nature of the topic and give some article detail, such as who is the creator of the contents. A thing I don't like about these pages is that there is no comment area on the pages.

Authors have added a comment to the blogs posts, but nothing on the buy page. One of these themes is Vendd, which looks as if it was constructed in the early 90s/ 2000s. Though it is as simple as it will be, it is fully operational and one of the few free Easy Digital Downloads themes that are available.

This type of customer does not want to be scanned by large pictures and small text. The Vendd is one of the few free Easy Digital Downloads themes that feature this unorthodox file type. It' s strongly based on information and provides many ways to share your information with your clients. No matter if through their blogs layout or the detailled "download details".

Grid is a rarebones topic (in terms of appearance) that is well suitable for anyone with a particular alcove. There is not much on the homepage to explain exactly what you are trying to sell, so it is important that your clients know why they are there. As Themdd, another of the free Easy Digital download themes offered by EDD, it is very simple.

This homepage is simple text-based and provides only pictures and title as an indicator for the available products. They provide an example of a hip-hop musical reload in the demonstration. They do not indicate in which type or categorie the articles belong and no areas for description.

So the only kind of on-line shop for which I could see this subject functionally, without having a recess, is still photographing. Products pages provide a beautiful easy lay-out that allows you to enter a large descriptive text of the articles that have been auctioned. You can also enter ratings for the articles you have bought.

Apart from these two major characteristics, the sides of the products are rather naked. One thing that is lacking on the article descriptions pages, for example, is the possibility of entering tagging for the articles. That makes the search for certain articles difficult for the customer to find. The Checathlon is one of the few free Easy Digital Downloads themes created based on the traditional website templates.

The first time you go to the site, you'll be welcomed with a homepage that looks like a small businesses website or blogs. Easy Digital Downloads is a free download topic designed for the enterprise that has few items to offer. Home page Landing Page provides a lay-out that allows you to see a corporate profile before the product is available.

This page with the descriptions of the different types of our articles is a bit too brief to take the sales to the next level. A website that offers a traditional website submission will give you more room to provide your clients with points. Instead, you get a section for a paragram-like narrative, in-depth information, and some selected items at the bottom.

It is important to remember that we only deal with the free Easy Digital downloads. Checathlon is a good overall option for the 1-5 sellers of free products. The EDigital is one of the most progressive free Easy Digital download themes available. This design was developed for the on-line vendor who is already present on the on-line market place.

The homepage of this website topic offers a whole range of possibilities to make information and product available to your clients. Though this topic is on the Easy Digital Free Downloads Topic Schedule, you can be sure that you will be spending a reasonable amount of cash or your free hours setting it up. Your homepage is full of extracts from blog posts, endorsements and product reviews - so without these other pages your website will look unnoticed.

There are some areas where there are no pages on this topic. No areas for detailed information, your pricing is not immediately shown to the client, and the buy icon is at the bottom of the page. Odds are that if you're looking at free Easy Digital download topics, you probably won't want to pay any cash until you earn some.

When you decide on this topic, simply make sure that you have at least 20 different items for sale before setting it up on your website. As the name suggests, Shopping is a sparkling subject full of vibrant colors and round corners that give it an optimal punch. Immediate impact is that of a small domestic company that goes directly from the salesperson to the client.

The homepage of this topic offers a plain text-based explanation of the website and up to 9 advertised items. There is enough text room for up to 230 signs in the text box below the picture show. That' just enough room to tell your clients what the item is all about and get them on the item page.

As soon as you bring your clients to your products page, they will see a buy icon and a picture - that's great. Some things that are lacking are commodity information box, and I think the layouts could use an associated item listing. This free topic might be the right way for the small company that wants to offer up to 20 articles for sale.

If you want to get bigger in the near term, I suggest another of the free Easy Digital Downloads themes. A quota is a topic that focuses on the sale of photos. There is no other I can see that could possibly be marketed with this subject. It has a small, easy to use headers so that the sales are shown immediately.

There are no products described in this topic. Every item on the list has a name, a photo and a retail value. Grayscale colors in the subject are a great way to highlight and accentuate your pictures. If you are inside the products page, the topic does a great job of communicating your point of view.

Directly after the page is loaded you will see the picture, the buy buttons, your basket and the picture tag. Any of the free Easy Digital download themes mentioned here are a great way to share your photos now. With this special topic, you can only resell your photos.

So if you ever want to begin to sell your photographs for specific articles, it can be difficult to perform converting with this topic. SINGULULARITY is one of the few free Easy Digital download themes designed specifically for sales of softwares and related products. This topic is conceived as a website for small companies, where the main emphasis is on the company and not on the products on offer.

There are no shortcuts to the buy articles in the homepage design. Instead, it concentrates on directing clients to the landings page of a specific item where they can find in-depth information. You have the possibility to buy the necessary hardware or services on the download page. Make the pages for this pattern as simple as possible.

There' a photo, a short text and a buy-function. There is no up-selling, related or info boxes. Customers who are visiting a website with this topic must be purchased for their item before visiting the item page. It offers empty pages on which it would be up to you to reformat your own page to be able to resell to your customers via your services.

Every vendor considering the use of this topic should have a history of website design. The Basic Shop is one of the few free Easy Digital Downloads themes that seem to have been developed just for the affilate marketing group. This homepage contains a slide show, which shows the different sales articles in a unique line.

With a website that has been build with the affilate marketing person in the back of your head, you would be expecting several ways to make your purchase directly from the blogs. No additional possibilities exist to sell a specific item directly on the site, or anywhere where there are items related to the contribution. This would be a good topic as a blogsite with a low emphasis on selling directly your wares.

Any serious salesperson who wants to get their customer to buy directly, I would look at other free Easy Digital download topics. At a time of constantly increasing shopping volumes on-line, the way your clients interacted with your sites is just as important as what you are selling. They need your website to take good care of your clients while you're out there expanding your store.

Just select one of our Easy Digital Downloads themes and we'll take good care off the remainder.

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