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One theme is a kind of Firefox add-on that changes the visual appearance of Firefox. Describes how to find, install and manage topics in Firefox. Biblical Narrative (TBN) publishes studies dealing with early interpretations and receptions of biblical material.

Using Dashboard Topics in the BI Services - BI Overview

Using Themes you can add a single colour motif to your whole dashboard, such as company colours, season colours or any other colour motif you want to use. If you are applying a given topic, all graphics on your dashboard will use the colours of the chosen topic (some exemptions are applicable, as described later in this article).

The change in the color of the reports visualizations on the Dashboard does not influence the visualizations in the reports. If you are stapling tiling from a reporting design that already uses a reporting design, you can choose to keep the design or use the design. In order to track this, open the Sales and Distribution Model dashboard.

At the beginning, open a Dashboard that you have already made ( or that you have editing privileges for) and that you want to modify. Highlight the ellipse (...) and click Disply. From the appearing Dashboard area, pick one of the predefined themes. Standard motif for BI-powered dashboards is lightweight. To adjust the color or design, click User Defined in the drop-down list.

You can use the customized settings to customize your own Dashboard design. It is also possible to store your customized design as a JSON for sharing with other dashboard designers. As with the built-in and user-defined choices, the colours are added to all the tile on the Dashboard when you upload the design.

Move the mouse over a topic and click Display Reported. Browse down and find the JSON filename you want. Click the downloaded symbol and store the downloaded data. In the Power BI Services, in the Custom Dashboard Theme window, click Upload JSON themes. Browse to the storage place where you stored the JSON topic files and click Open.

Choose Save from the Topic page of the dashboard. New design will be used on your Dashboard. When your reports use a design other than the dashboard design, you can choose whether the design of the underlying object should remain the same or whether it should use the dashboard design to ensure consistent viewing between different source objects. If you are attaching a page frame to a Dashboard, choose Keep Present Design to retain the design of the reports.

Pictorial material on the dashboard retains the design of the reports, along with the transparent properties. If you have generated the reports in Power BI Desktop, added a reporting motif, and then posted the reports to the Power BI utility, the only option that you will see is the option. Re-attach the tiles and select Use dashboard themes.

You cannot apply Dashboard themes to captured pages of alerts, IFRAMs, SSRSs, Workbooks, or pictures. You can display dashboard themes on portable device, but you can only create a Dashboard topic in the Power BI services. User-defined designs only work with tile captured from logs.

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