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For each of the above options, you can select different mobile designs. By default, all sections are designed to look good on your phone. Find out how you can view the theme of your website in a different format when users access it from mobile devices.


You will see one of the mobile designs based on your recent design and mobile phone model. If you view your blogs on older mobile devices, the emphasis is on quickly downloading the blogs and showing important information about your contents. To deactivate mobile themes in your blogs, go to ? Mobile in your WP Admin dashboard and choose "No" for the "Activate mobile theme" checkbox.

Every visitor will see the entire topic of your blogs, but remember that this is the case: For mobile users, the link at the bottom of each page allows you to go to the full edition of your blogs. Click Show Mobile Site below to return to mobile viewing.

User-defined headers, text colors, backgrounds and images are tagged with the latest mobile device browser technology. In order to activate this feature, go to your customizer at ? and activate the checkbox "Include this style sheet in the mobile theme". Use ".mobile-theme" at the beginning of your CSS selector to address only the mobile topic.

A mobile topic

Our paradigm is that mobile and non-mobile are often two different experience, so viewing the same contents in different, separated forms will take a great deal of work to ensure that your site's contents are easily accessible, regardless of which devices your users use. Any mobile user can be provided with any topic - maybe a custom look and feel of your normal website or a totally different one.

You can also specify a constants parameter called MOBILE_THEME_IS_ACTIVE so that you can test within your page types and designs to conditionally display certain elements depending on the detected user agent. Under Dashboard > Themes, the Mobile themes headline displays a drop-down listing of all the themes currently running on your website. Select one to modify the appearance of your contents for mobile phone and other mobile device use.

A new dashboard page called Mobile Theme Switcher is added to this pack that works in a similar way.

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