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Get stunning free images about the theme. Sign in to download your favorite template with one click and start customizing your photo page. The images used in the demo were purchased by PhotoDune and are not included in the download theme.

Lacquerable - Photography and Blog

Varnishable - Photography and Blogs / Photos Download WordPress themed. It is a sleek and clear styling with a great stylish styling and easy handling. The topic is specifically dedicated to photoblogging, photosharing and is well suitable for travelling, eating, lifestyle, sport, face to face blogs, etc..

This is a great way to create a website or blogs about photographers, photoshoots and of course download photos. Fotographie (Demo) = Via Topic Options > Options you have the possibility to deactivate the date and the name. The download area (Text+Button) on the articles page is deactivated by default, so if you want to use the topic as a photograph, you can activate it so that the visitor can download the full sized picture, the picture can be any-sized.

My Blogs (Demo) = By default my titles and dates are shown (you can show it under Topic Options > Show My Blogs Settings) and on the articles page the download area is deactivated to be used as my blogs. Submit (Upload) = Any user can upload an arbitrary picture, the picture can be of any desired format, and the posting will be immediately shown on your blogs if you wish, or you can set the Publish / Pending or Draft state so that you can check the story / picture before it shows up on your website.

This is a fully customizable plug-in for reactive menus with 45 customizable menus available. This plug-in will create a beautiful three-line menusubutton ( or a user-defined picture if you select it ) that allows the user to click to create a slide-out meal that is easy to navigate. WordPress response themes response themes optimised for tables and phones (resize your browsers and click Update to checkout).

Ready to be translated You can start translating the topic into your own languages. Design contains a.POT files for simple translations. Simple Setup.XML This WP topic contains a.xml archive that allows you to upload the example files to your website, what you see in my demonstration is what you get!

You can now use the WordPress or Page builder to create your homepage contents.

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