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20-plus high quality free WordPress themes worth checkout in 2017. Many years ago, when I began to work with WordPress, the themes in the WordPress themes directory were "okay". "That means they weren't great, but they did the work well until it was finally getting serious and buying a premium topic. Topic stores have modified the gameplay and increased the standards of the themes you can find in the free repertory with free version of their product.

These free editions come bundled with functions that you'd only find in premium themes like WooCommerce and appealing designs. The times are over when a free download topic means being satisfied with a subordinate topic. Now, you can - and should - look for a well encoded look that is fully adaptable with the themes customizer.

Here is our best free WordPress themes listing that you can find in the WordPress Themes Directory, created by premium themed stores, as well as some published by third-party themes publishers. The Flash is a good-looking multi-purpose topic with a minimalistic aesthetics - perfect for commercial and company locations.

The ThemeGrill Demo Importer plug-in allows you to easily and quickly install ThemeGrill Demo Importer. It is also integrated with the Flash Toolkit plug-in (which you can freely copy from the WordPress plug-in directory) and SiteOrigin's Page Builder plug-in (which you can also freely copy and use), making this design easy to setup and use.

The other characteristics of this topic are an appealing look, a number of different blogsayouts, woocommerce capabilities, a number of different headers tyles, a number of colour choices, boxes and widths, 6+ widget areas and 11+ user-defined widgets, products filtering, optimization for performance and optimization for SMS. If you want even more of this, there is a $69 trial edition of this topic. If the look is deceptive, as the saying goes, then you' ll find your copy of Shapelly a great example.

At first glance, this free WordPress topic seems simple and, I loathe to say, doesn't seem to be much going on in regards to functionality. However, if you look under the interface, this multi-faceted one-page WordPress topic comes with a number of adjustment possibilities, not to speak of several homepage widgets that can be used to include portfolios, endorsements, parallax subsections, case studies, call to action buttons, and more.

We also support most free and high-quality WordPress plug-ins, such as WooCommerce, Jetpack, Gravity Forms and Contact Form 7 - soothing when you set up a website based on some of these favorite plug-ins. It is of course a versatile topic and with the right contents and pictures it is perfect for businesses, journals, blog and private pages.

Some of the other things you should mention are that it is reactive, SEO-optimized and mobile-friendly. The Sydney is an elegant corporate design with a beautiful full-screen slider headers (or static) and neat details like subtile text slides and motion-animation. A great corporate design choice, this design provides many customisation possibilities, such as Google fonts, limitless colour choices and gooey browsing.

It' s really simple to setup everything with the WordPress themme customizer. As with other modern topics, it is quick to react and willing to translate. Zerif Lite is one of the most beloved free designs for WordPress, with more than 100,000 installations in use. Its minimalistic styling, versatility of layouts and multitude of customisations make it easily integrated into any website.

Based on BootStrap, it has a full-screen headers and supports para-laxes. It is also compliant with WooCommerce, WPML for translations and RTL (from right to left). And it comes with the must-have standards you'd want from any modern subject: it's SEO-friendly, retina-ready and reactive. If you like the cousin of this topic or not, there is no doubt about the charme of this topic.

There' a lot of room on the homepage to show your contributions, but it's not overloaded at all, which makes it great for blogs and especially food-bloggers (if the demonstration pictures didn't reveal it!). WooCommerce is supported, a very well-liked eCommerce plug-in for WordPress that makes it simple for you to quickly and easily market your products (perhaps a set of recipes?).

It' s of course fast reacting and if you look under the bonnet it helps other important things like RTL and MEO. Some of the other great things to do: built-in menu to display your corporate identity, dozens of different blogs feds, text and picture logos option, side bar resize option (compact and standard), colour overlays for banners and sliders, and more.

Minimalistic multi-purpose themes are worth a penny these day, but what I like about Spacious is that it stays with the basics: it's fast, it helps e-commerce (especially WooCommerce), it's ripe for translations, and it has a nice slide sign. It comes with a bunch of adjustments you can make to your game, such as four page lays, two page styles, four different kinds of blogs displays, 13 broadside areas, five customized web sites, colour choices to suit your brand, box and broadsheets, and bright and darkskin.

Using the right pictures and contents, this topic would be a good choice for any website. This is a blogs topic, yes, but it makes its own set of policies. Starting from multi-purpose themes, it has a big protagonist (slider if you want) headers, but also allows a side bar that you don't see so often in themes these days. What's more, it's also a great place to start.

There are a number of customization possibilities, such as a full-width headers or box. It is also translatable, which is especially convenient when most WordPress editors use English as their second foreign currency. Of course you can use the WordPress themme customizer in the WordPress background to further enhance the look and feel of your website.

Further features: fast reaction and mobile-friendly. Oh, and look at the typeface-- it really does help emphasize that subject. The thing I like about this BootStrap topic is the use of paint. There' not much colour - a little bit yellowness here, a little lilac there - but it is actually used to give a certain character to this minimalistic (there's that term again!) subject.

WordPress themme customizer makes it really simple to adjust this topic to your liking - colours, pictures of heroes, optimization areas, etc. As with many of the free WordPress themes in this listing, Illdy is WooCommerce and Font Awesome compliant and also features support for favorite plug-ins such as Contact Form 7, Jetpack and W3 Total Cache.

Fluid a is a contemporary and raster-based WordPress topic that is quite beautiful! It' a HTML5/CSS topic, it's reactive and has more than 100 themes customizer options thanks to its frameworks. Pictures of the topic were all generated with HTML5, CSS3 and symbol font, so it's really quick to download.

Designers who want to further tailor fluids with a subordinate design will find neat coding, either hockable or plug-in features with clear description and more than 25 actions-hook. Intelligent typographic decisions can really make a difference, and Edge is no different. That beautiful subject makes the most of free Google fonts, especially Lato and Playfair Display, a great serifless combo.

You can customize your custom page using the custom themes customizer in WordPress and it' s perfect for your blogger (with the sidebar) and company (without the slidebar and some homepage optimizations). In addition, it is fast reacting, mobile-friendly and optimised for maximum performance. This is another beautiful WordPress topic that is totally free. Seriously, the default of topics in the Repository has really increased in recent years!

Anyissa is a topic for Blogger, and especially for Bloggerinnen with her (clichéd, I loathe to say it!) womanly style and her sleek type. There is a custom picture head with text and you can add your own personal brand. The topic also has a postal merry-go-round that allows you to select the categories you want to use and the number of messages to use.

Wonderful and stylish WordPress issue and blogs. Brailliant has a homepage with a set width where you can publish your latest blogs. There is also a Customizable Side Bar where you can view your comment, category, and current post. Indeed, everything in this topic is adaptable (as it should be!) thanks to the WordPress Administration Customizer themes, so you can customize the colours, the headers, the widgets at the bottom and more to your own styling and label.

Yes, it's a fairly easy topic, but if you're looking for a sober topic to show your words, and you're not going to open an on-line shop, you can't go wrong with it. Admittedly, I was sidetracked when I looked at the default themes for this one.

However, I ramble... It' an amazing multifunctional topic that comes with a whole host of advanced functions, plus the possibility to build a full-featured website with drag and drop widgets that allow you to easily append any kind of contents anywhere on your website without having to touch any codes. Adjustments include: full-width and in box layouts, picture sliders, simple icon up-load, over 600 scripts, the option to customize your own style sheet, and limitless colour choices.

It' s fast responding, easy on your iPhone, optimised for cell phone, eye and preparation for translations. WooCommerce, MailChimp, bbPress and the contact form 7 also support this topic. Featuring a breathtaking full-screen headers, Shop Isle is a fat eCommerce/BootStrap topic developed for WooCommerce shops. It' also quite versatile - you can use it as a one-page buisness site and make adjustments to use functions like para-lax.

The topic also includes WPML languages translations assistance, Photo Gallery Grids, Contact Form 7, Meta-Slider, SiteOrigin Page Builder and Jetpack. It is also sort of helpful to your company in terms of your search for SEO. Store Isle is also easily optimized with the WordPress customizer themes, so you can easily refresh your font, color, logo, link and design layouts.

The Olsen is a direct blogs topic for WordPress and offers a classic blogs post on the right and a side bar on the right. You will find all the common functions you will find in current topics: user-defined widgets, online community symbols, translations assistance and advanced search engine optimization. It is also fully customizable via the WordPress customizer themes, so you can refresh headers, menu, layout, footers and colours.

is a minimalistic blogs topic based on BootStrap. Functions include the possibility to fully customize the homepage, include font styles (Google fonts), colours, headers, background colours, logos, social-media symbols and more. The subject is also ripe for translating. Sensitive WP is another fast-reacting multi-purpose topic. It' s fairly simple as far as multi-purpose themes go and does not provide any WooCommerce assistance, so this topic is more suitable for agents and small business that do not have plans to yourselves selling on line.

Concerning adjustments, you can manage all the common optimizations in the customizer themes, incl. color, font, logo and more. The topic also comes with demonstration contents in HTML, which is convenient for those who don't like to set up a website forkeleton. This homepage is easy to customize and offers great animation and asymmetric parallel axis effect that you don't see often.

Based on BootStrap, this topic is fast, SEO-friendly and translatable. Adjustments include: limitless colour choices, soft link, parallel axis backgrounds, five animated portfolios, more than 100 themes choices, user-defined backgrounds, gooey menus, five sized and/or right side bars, sliders, section carousels, testimonial carousels, blogs area and contacts area with 7 form interface only.

Thanks to its simple adjustment in the back end and classy front end styling, this sleek WordPress topic is very user-friendly. There are all the default clippings you would want from any topic in Astrid: adjustable headings, topic choices via the Topic Customizer, and translation override. This topic is also fast reacting, which is a pretty good default for all new topics these days. What's more, it's a very good topic for the next few years.

She has a nice hardheader and a clear CTA on her homepage, which is great for doing bussines. It is also WooCommerce compliant if you are looking for a basic, minimalistic shop style. I' m a big supporter of Anders Norén's minimalistic WordPress themes and Hemingway is no different. It' a straightforward topic that' great for the blogger with its full width headers and default blogs on the right side and the side bar on the right side.

The thing I like about this topic is that, like Ernest Hemingway, it is a cousin of the name, it doesn't try to be conspicuous or exaggerated - the economic appeal of our designs is impressive. Functions include: reactive styling, pallax scroll, user-defined highlight colours, user-defined logos and video, flickr and dribble widgets. There are also some beautiful page layouts, and the coding is translatable.

Yet another Anders Norén feature, Hoffman is a wonderfully minimalist WordPress topic for the blogger. Featuring a sophisticated, reactive style and the use of symbol type, Hoffman looks great on equipment of all shapes and sizes, large and small. The topic is supported by the Galerie, Angebot and Video-Post format, all of which are presented in a singular and effective way.

Comes with integrated scrolling capability for the Jetpack plug-in and tiles galleries. The Hoffman contains five user-defined Widget for current postings with thumbnail views, current commentaries with Flickr, Avatar, Dribbble und Movie. There are also two page layouts, as well as supports for post-editor style sheets and for translating topics. Another WordPress topic created by Anders Norén!

The Lovecraft is a nice two-column WordPress topic for Blogger. Characteristic is a two-column layout with well thought-out typeface - it's really a pleasure to work with. The Lovecraft has built-in Infinite Scroll feature for Jetpacks, which means that new postings will be uploaded as soon as you get to the bottom of the page.

The design is engineered to easily resize to any size monitor - from a 27_? desktop to a 3. 5_ smartphone. 3. There are also editing style sheets, a full-width page style sheet, three user-defined Widgets, and translation-friendly coding. Okay, one last WordPress topic Anders Norén made. The Fukasawa is a minimalist brickwork blogs topic for the photographer and collector.

The Fukasawa has a gorgeous, minimalist design that shows your contributions, pictures, and movies in a Pinterest-style mesh. It supports picture, collage and photo file format and presents your art works in a nice slide show about your contributions. As with other Anders Norén themes, Fukasawa lets you upload new postings without having to reload the Jetpack Infinite Scroll page and view your pictures in a nice raster with Jetpack Tiles galleries.

And you can even customize the colour of the emphasis, add your own design and use the side bar widget area (including five customized widgets) to personalize Fukasawa. The Make is a free open code build topic that, according to its developer, has been improved over 5,198x. The greatest thing is the Make Layout engine, which is essentially a page build engine for WordPress.

It has been developed to work like a natively built WordPress Page Editors feature, so if you enjoy posting, it won't be much of a learn-bend to get used to creating pages. All adjustments can be made with the WordPress customizer themme. The topic is also fast reacting, as well as easy to understand and retinal.

If she doesn't help WordPress companies with her words or work on web sites, she likes to brunch, cycle and wander.

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